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Taylor Kirk

I currently attend Carson High School in Carson, CA.
I also take college courses at El Camino College in Torrance, CA.
● UC/ CSU GPA 4.167 (weighted) and LAUSD GPA 3.957 (weighted)
● Class rank: I stand 15th in a class of 335, 1st out of all African-American students at

For Fall semester 2018 I am currently enrolled in the following classes:

AP English Literature
AP Psychology
Principles of American Democracy
Performing Artists (Advanced Theatre)
Spanish 2 (college class at El Camino)

I have completed the following AP and college classes:

AP English Language earned a grade of A
AP Environmental Science earned a grade of B
Spanish 1 earned a grade of A

● International Thespian Society- Thespians is a theatre based honor society. We host
fundraisers for the arts at our school and also put on events that the community can enjoy.
I have been a member since 9th grade year and will graduate with honors this June. In
11th grade, I became Thespian’s historian where I captured and documented moments for
publicity and to reminisce through an end-of-the-year slideshow. This year, I am also on
the board as Sergeant at Arms to keep order during meetings.
● Young Black Scholars- YBS is club that promotes high achieving Black students. I have
participated in learning valuable information about college and scholarships. I attend
weekly meetings where we have had guest speakers who work in different career
● In casts for spring musicals, plays, and DTASC festivals- I participated in The Wiz
(musical), Beauty and the Beast (musical), Fools, and Guys and Doll(musical). Though I
have done shows and festivals for Carson High School, I have also done several
productions outside of school such as Spamalot, Sister Act 2, and original productions at
churches. I memorize lines, blocking, and the order of the show. I show up to after school
and weekend rehearsals on time in order to be in prepared, engaged, and dedicated to the
● Worship Team at the Rock Church- Every other week, I sing on a praise and worship
team at my church and occasionally lead songs. We also travel to other churches to join
them on their stages to lead praise and worship. I am required to learn songs, lyrics,
harmonies, and get to morning rehearsal on time.
● True Images- This is a faith-based club that meets once a month and sometimes more. I
engage with other teenage girls as we discuss how we can live for Christ. We learn, grow,
and develop our faith.

Volunteer Work and Community Service:

● RealKidz Volunteer at Cottonwood Church- I cared for children 6 -8 years old while their
parents were in church service. I taught Bible lessons, led praise and worship, and played
games with the kids. I was required to learn to work a soundboard and an Apple
computer when I had to be in charge of technology such as music, videos, and visual aid
for Bible lessons.
I plan to major in theatre and double major in African American Studies

Honors and Awards:

● Awarded Most Promising Sophomore Thespian (2016-2017)

● Awarded Academic Excellence in English (2016-2017)
● Carson High School Certificate of Recognition, Competition for Drama Teachers
Association Southern California (DTASC) (2015-2018)
● Gold Honor Roll for Maintaining a 4.0 GPA, Carson Senior High School (2015-2017,
2018-first semester of senior yr.)
● Honor Roll for Maintaining a 3.8-9 GPA, Carson Senior High School (2018)
● International Honorary Thespian Award (2018)
● Freshman/Sophomore Volleyball Team – Carson Senior High School (2015-2016)
● Club Volleyball Team – Next Level Sports Complex, Garden Grove, CA (2015-2016)
● Baskin Robbins Team member (August 2017- June 2018)
● Taylor’s Thrift- I created my own thrift shop to sell merchandise on Instagram and
Depop. (January 2018- present)