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ETC– UNWTO Joint International Seminar

Tourism Destination Branding

Unlocking the secret of your destination’s competitive identity




’Unlocking the Secret of Your Destination’s Competitive Identity’

STOCKHOLM, 18-19 JUNE 2009

Venue: Clarion Hotel Sign

Ostra Jarnvagsgatan 35
SE - 101 26 Stockholm, Sweden


This seminar will explain how to develop a destination brand, step-by-step based
on the soon-to-be-published ETC/UNWTO Handbook on Tourism Destination

It will bring the concept of destination branding to life in an interactive way, using
case studies from countries, regions and cities to illustrate key points.

Participants will have the opportunity to work together with experts to build
elements of a destination brand.

Thursday 18 June 2009

08.30 - 09.00 Registration of the participants

09.00 - 09.15 Opening Session

Thomas Brühl, Chief Executive Officer


Sandra Carvao, Deputy Chief

Market Trends, Competitiveness & Trade in Tourism Services
World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

Rob Franklin, OBE, Executive Director

European Travel Commission (ETC)

27 May 2009 1
09.15-10.15 Introduction to the Handbook & Branding in general
- including What is a Brand ? ...and... what is not a Brand ?

Tom Buncle, Managing Director

Yellow Railroad International Destination Consultancy

10.15-10.45 Survey of Current NTO Branding Practice

(ETC/UNWTO member survey 2008)

Tom Buncle, Managing Director

Yellow Railroad International Destination Consultancy

10.45-11.00 Coffee Break

11.00-13.00 Can You Brand a Destination ? Destination vs. Place Brands

Including case studies of success and failure
e.g. Bosnia, New Zealand, Namibia, Scotland, South Africa, Wales.

Tom Buncle, Managing Director

Yellow Railroad International Destination Consultancy

Case Studies

• SWEDEN: National Branding and Tourism Branding - How to link

the two
Ylva Björnberg, PR & Brand Development Manager, VisitSweden

• IRELAND: Country, Destination & Place - The three ages of

Peter Nash, Head of Strategy Development & Insights,
Tourism Ireland

• BRUSSELS: Brussels - ’Born to be a brand’

André Vrydagh, Consultant City Branding & Marketing
Brussels Conventions & Visitors Bureau

13.00-14.00 Luch Break

14.00-16.30 How to Build a Destination Brand - Step-by-Step

Tom Buncle, Yellow Railroad International Destination Consultancy &
Gareth James, Secretary, European Travel & Tourism Action Group (ETAG)
and Yellow Railroad Associate.

Using brand This workshop session will include discussion on:

techniques outlined - Different brand-building models
in the - Branding on a budget
ETC/UNWTO - Research requirements
Handbook on Tourism - Brand architecture
Destination Branding - Role of Stakeholders / Brand partnerships
- Brand management
- Brand lifespan
- Role of logos and straplines
- Brand toolkit
- Implementation – marketing
- Brand monitoring and evaluation

27 May 2009 2
16.30-17.00 The Future of Destination Branding

Conclusion + Next Steps: Where to go from here ?

Dinner / Evening Programme

19.00 Transfer from Clarion Hotel Sign to the City Hall.

19.30 Nobel Dinner at the ’Stadshuskällaren’ at the City Hall.

22.30 Transfer from the City Hall to Clarion Hotel Sign.

Friday 19 June 2009

Midsummer Excursion & Stockholm Sighteeing (optional)

13.30 Transfer from Clarion Hotel Sign to the midsummer celebration at


14.00-15.45 Guided tour at Skansen, followed by midsummer celebration.

15.45 Transfer from Skansen to Clarion Hotel Sign.

17.00 Transfer from Clarion Hotel Sign to Nybroplan.

17.00-19.15 Stockholm Sightseeing in the archipelago.

19.15 The boat will arrive at Stallmästaregården, where midsummer

dinner will be served.

23.00 Transfer from Stallmästaregården to Clarion Hotel Sign.

27 May 2009 3