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Case Study Working Group

Weekly Meeting Summary

Date: 11/08/18, 11:00 AM

Present: Aminata, Sukai, Lamin, Fatou, Buba


1. Review database table for case study resources.

2. Discuss research findings and develop working definition of a case study.

Brief Minutes:

1. We revisited our research task from our last meeting. We will spend this week
researching and reviewing documents and discussing our ideas of "What is a case study?"
on the bulletin board. Everyone is expected to be involved in the dialogue and during
next week's meeting we will draft a final working definition for the group. We also
decided to have Buba video tape the portion of the meeting during which we discuss the
research and draft the definition. We think that this would be helpful not only as a good
fodder for our presentation to the class, but also as an example of how collaborative
group work can be enhanced when group members share resources online and use a
bulletin board to communicate prior to meeting. Our meeting will be in MB2.

2. Aminata will complete the database for Monday and add the PDF articles to it.
Throughout the week everyone can add resources and examples to the database.

3. We also discussed the presentation and decided that we needed to outline the goal of
our presentation and to focus on the issues that we want to present to the class. We
agreed that the basic goal of our presentation was to develop a list of recommendations
for developing electronic cases. Topics in the presentation included:

 What is a case study?

 What are the advantages and disadvantages of online case studies?

It was decided that next week we would decide on 5 topics to focus our research and
presentation on and each person will be in charge of one topic. During the following two
weeks each person will be responsible for 1) researching their chosen topic, and 2) adding
resources and examples to the database that would be helpful for their topic or for the
group as a whole. For our following meeting (11/29) each person will be responsible for
summarizing their research on their topic and presenting their findings to the group.

3. We have a total of four weeks and only two more group meetings before we are
scheduled to present our work to the Class. We decided to schedule the remainder of
our time as follows:

11/29/18 meeting

 review & share research findings and summaries

 reflect on our group experience and select important issues to highlight during
 plan presentation for the following week (no technology??
Tasks for this week:

 Resource Database (Aminata) due Monday

 Research question: What is a case study?
 Review resources in database and participate in bulletin board discussion
throughout week (all)

Agenda for next week:

1. Draft working definition of a case study.

2. Draft group goal for our presentation.
3. Develop list of 5 focused questions to guide research and divide up between
group members.

NOTE: next week's meeting will be held in MB2.