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Case no.

Complainant Accused Court Judge Next date Current Status

Name Name of hearing
1002/17 Dimple Hemant Patiala Dheeraj Mor 27.02.2019 NBW issued
Mahana Lamba House against the
Court accused.
Arguments on
notice are
heard. Put up
for furnishing
surety bonds.
1100/17 Dimple Hemant Patiala Dheeraj Mor 27.02.2019 Accused
Mahana Lamba House present. Notice
Court framed against
Matter put up
on 27.02.2017
for cross
examination of
and furnishing
surety bond
and filing
application u/s
143(a) NI Act.
14242/17 Dimple Hemant Patiala Dharmender 27.03.2019 Accused was
Mahana Lamba House Singh absent despite
Court issuance of
summon again
and again. Put
up for report
and further
proceedings on
178/17 Dimple Hemant Patiala Nupur 20.12.2018 NBW received
Mahana Lamba house Gupta back
court unserved.82
CRPC issued
accused on
filing PF.
Accused is
declared as
7726/17 Dimple Hemant Patiala Pragati 20.02.2019 Accused
Mahana Lamba house Hemant
court Lamba absent.
repeated calls
accused has
not appeared
before the
11252/17 Dimple Hemant Patiala Ambika 16.07.2019 Ld.PO is on
Mahana Lamba house Singh leave for today.
8736/18,1545/17, Dimple Hemant Patiala Manisha 7.03.2019 Accused was
3036/17,1544/17 Mahana Lamba house Triphaty absent.
and 10871/18. court

6708/17 Dimple Hemant Patiala Ambika 14.11.2018 Accused is

Mahana Lamba house Singh absent.

Dimple Hemant Patiala Manisha 20.10.2018 Process under

1797/17 Mahana Lamba House Triphathy 82 CRPC be
Court issued against
accused on
filing of PF,
returnable for
11497/18 Dimple Hemant Patiala Vijeta Singh Complainant is
Mahana Lamba House Rawat directed to file
Court PF. The
may be
dismissed u/s
Dimple Hemant Patiala Manisha 16.04.2019 Summon
6678/18 Mahana Lamba House Triphathy issued against
Court the accused ,
not received.