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Tips for IELTS Academic Writing - Task 2

Types of Essays you may get

1. Problem/solution essay (Example Topic) We use technology in everything we do, but it is said that, technology has its own drawbacks as well. What are the serious issues of using technology. What solutions do you suggest to overcome them.

2. Argumentative essay (Example Topic) It is argued that students who study in government schools are brighter than private school students. What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying in public/private schools.

3. Opinion essay (Example Topic) Space exploration is much too expensive. And the money should be spent on more important things. Do you agree or disagree?

Tips for Writing Good Essays

1. Analyse the topic

Read and understand the topic.

Underline the key words.

2. Have a plan

Jot down a short plan in points form.

Plan should have an introduction, body (points forms), and a conclusion.

Have two columns for +/- in your plan.

3. Write down vocabulary you remember

Note down the words you think that can be used in the essay.

Write down similar meaning (synonyms) words if possible.

4. Note down useful sign-post words

Note down the useful words you can use in the essay

Linking words: as well as, in addition

Contrasting words: whereas, on one hand

Express views: I believe that, I would argue that, In my opinion, As far as I'm concerned

Make contrasts: despite that fact that, at the same time, while

Refute an argument: there is little evidence to support the

Give example: For example

Conclusion: In conclusion

on the other hand



In my experience

To sum up



A good example of this is

on balance

-Yazeedh Arafath-

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5. Write in paragraphs

Write an introduction paragraph for the essay.

It is better to write each set of (+/-) arguments in separate paragraphs.

Each paragraph should have a topic sentence (first sentence of the paragraph).

Do not have too many paragraphs.

Have a conclusion paragraph.

6. Use different sentence structures

Simple sentences: e.g Space travel costs a lot of money.

Complex sentences: e.g Though we can buy technology, we cant buy happiness.

Active voice sentences: e.g Computers have changed the way we live.

Passive voice sentences: e.g Nowadays students are taught using computers.

Give examples: e.g For example, we use smart-phones even to order pizza.

Mention your own experiences: e.g I use my phone to check emails everyday.

If possible give quotes/sayings: e.g It is said “Time and tide wait for no man”

7. Proof reading

Leave enough time to read the essay.

Do error corrections/correct spellings.

Write in clear hand writing.

Possible topic areas may include:










Social values




-Yazeedh Arafath-

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