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This Employment Agreement (“Agreement”) is executed at ____________ on __________

by and between:

Shamima Trading (Pvt.) Limited, a private limited company incorporated under the
laws of Pakistan, having its registered office at Office No. 1203, 12th Floor, Emerald
Tower, G – 19, Block – 5, Clifton, Karachi (hereinafter referred to as the “Employer”,
which term shall include, wherever the context so requires, its legal representatives,
administrators and permitted assigns)


Mr./Ms./Mrs. ________________, s/o /d/o /w/o _________________, holding CNIC

number ________________, adult, residing at ___________________________________
(hereinafter referred to as the “Employee”, which term shall include, wherever the
context so requires, his/her legal representatives, legal heirs, successors-in-interest and
permitted assigns)

(Employer and Employee may hereinafter individually be referred to as the “Party” and
collectively as the “Parties”)


A. The Employer is in the business of trading of various commodities and the

Employee is of the view that he/she can provide his/her services to the
Employer for the advancement and/or sustenance of its business;

B. The Employee has requested the Employer to employ him/her for the
designation of _____________ and the Employer has acceded to such request;

C. The Parties are executing this Agreement to reduce the terms and conditions of
the employment into writing as under.



The Employer hereby engages and the Employee hereby agrees to be engaged by
the Employer for provision of his/her services detailed below:

. [Please insert the job description here]

Probation, Confirmation & Termination

2.1. The Employee shall be employed on probation for a period of 6 months, during
which period the Employee and the Employer shall be free to terminate the
Agreement without providing any reason or notice whatsoever. The Employer
may, during or after the probation period, either extend such probation period as
may be required or confirm the Employee in writing as a regular employee.

3.2. After the confirmation pursuant to Clause 12 above, the employment may can
only be terminated by the Employer giving one month’s without any prior
written notice and extra salary stating the reason, or paying one month’s salary
in lieu thereof, or the Employee giving two months’ prior written notice stating
the reason, or paying the amount equal to two months’ current salary in lieu
thereof. If , unless the termination is effected by the Employer due to a
misconduct of or fraud on part of the Employee, of which the Employer shall be
the sole judge, in which case neither any notice shall be required to be served nor
any no salary shall be required to be paid.

4.3. In case of termination of the Agreement, the Employee shall return to the
Employer all of the Employer’s physical belongings, lists of clients or customers,
correspondence and all other documents, papers, records and any other
properties which may have been prepared by the Employee or have come into
his/her possession in the course of his/her employment, as the Employee shall
not be entitled to, and shall not retain, any copies thereof.

Duration & Place of Employment

5.4. The Employee’s employment shall be commenced from _________ and shall end
on the date on which the employment is terminated in accordance with the
Clauses 23 & 4 3 above. The Employee hereby acknowledges and agrees that
although his/her normal place of work shall be at ________, the Employer
reserves the right to relocate him/her on reasonable notice to such other
locations within Pakistan as the Employer may require from time to time.


6.5. Following the confirmation pursuant to Clause 2 above, the Employee shall be
entitled to a thirty (30) working days’ paid leave in a year. It is hereby agreed
between the Parties that the unavailed leaves of the Employee in any given year
shall be carried forward to the next year, however, at no point in time shall the
number of leaves available in any given year exceed a period of thirty (30) days.


7.6. The Employee undertakes that he/she shall not at any time after the date of this
Agreement use, divulge or communicate to any person (except to any legal or
regulatory authority, if required by them) any confidential information
concerning the terms of this Agreement or any and all matters pertaining thereto
without the prior written consent of the Employer.

8.7. For the avoidance of doubt, confidential information shall include technical and
business information relating to proprietary ideas and inventions, ideas,
patentable ideas, trade secrets, production, costs, profit and margin information,
finances and financial projections of the Employer, or any other confidential
information concerning the business or affairs of the Employer, its affiliates,
subsidiaries and associated undertakings, which may have come to the
Employee’s knowledge or possession during his/her employment with the

Conflict of Interest

9.8. The Employee shall neither, directly or indirectly hold any financial interest in
any form including but not restricted to investment, loan and borrowing in, nor
provide any service to, any entity having or intending to establish business
relations with the Employer, or may potentially be in competition with the
Employer, without prior written consent of the Employer.


10.9. The Employee undertakes to:

a. Devote his/her entire efforts and time to the business affairs of the

b. Not to engage in any other employment without prior written consent of

the Employer;

c. Protect the best interests of the Employer at all times;

d. Be bound by the Employer’s policies, rules and regulations at all times

and comply with all the directions of the Employer;

Health Insurance

11.10. The Employer hereby agrees that it shall arrange and provide an appropriate
health insurance plan to the Employee for the period of his/her employment.


12.11. The Parties hereby agree and confirm that this Agreement, alongwith the terms
and conditions mentioned in the Employer’s policies, handbook(s), rules,
regulations and the appointment letter provided to the Employee, constitute the
terms of employment of the Employee. In case of any discrepancy, this
Agreement shall prevail.



Signature: __________________________ Signature: __________________

Name: __________________________ Name: __________________

C.N.I.C No:__________________________ C.N.I.C No: __________________


Signature: __________________________ Signature: __________________

Name: __________________________ Name: __________________

C.N.I.C No:__________________________ C.N.I.C No: __________________