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Project Outline

Section 1: HR Dashboard

1. Required Qualifications of Employees

2. Current Qualifications of Employees
3. Competency Matrix
4. Gap Evaluation between the required and the hired employee capabilities
5. Devise plans to minimize this gap
6. Dashboard representing this data in graphical form

Section 2: Current JD & KPI Dashboard

1. Information about current BSCs

2. Use information to determine ideal performance
3. Devise strategies to evaluate current performance
4. Evaluate the gap between the required performance and current performance
5. Identify potential reasons for this gap through consultation with the employee & other expert
6. Create a dashboard representing this data in graphical form

Section 3: Sales & Marketing Dashboard

1. Information Required from Sales Team:

a. Website
i. Leads Matured
ii. Trends of visits
iii. SEO Rating
iv. Visibility of Website
b. Emails
i. E-mails sent to potential clients
ii. Leads generated through E-mails
iii. Leads Matured through E-mails
iv. Trends
c. Telecommunication
i. Phone calls made to potential clients
ii. Leads generated
iii. Leads Matured
iv. Trends
d. Social Media
i. Leads Generated
ii. Leads Matured
iii. Social Media Account’s activities
iv. Strategies for social media marketing
e. Current Customers retention

f. Training for sales and marketing

i. Regular interval trainings
ii. Trainings on how to pitch client effectively

g. Customer satisfaction
i. Conduction of customer satisfaction
ii. Analysis of customer satisfaction

2. Marketing objectives

a. Marketing plan
b. Marketing tools
c. Marketing strategies
d. Marketing structure
e. Marketing system
f. Marketing team and skills
g. Marketing values
h. Monitoring and measurement

3. Create separate excel sheets for each type of objective

4. Represent this data on in graphical form through dashboards