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Across the Board: A Board

Game Café in Islamabad

Across the Board is a new social eating establishment with a twist, located in Islamabad.
People have been playing board games for a long time and these games continue to be popular
but have a limited outlet for playing. Across the Board will be a Board game café specializing in
board games from all around the world and of all genres which would cater to ages 5 and above.
However the main target market is young adults.
Not only does Across the Board offer an abundance of drinks and comfort food, but it also offers
more than one hundred different board, interactive, and card games that customers can choose
from as a fun way to relax with friends and family. Across the Board concept builds on the trend
that cafe-goers are shifting from the more traditional style in favor of places with unique
concepts and activities.

The Opportunity:
Currently there are no board game cafes in Islamabad, despite the fact that the concept is a
proven model with highly successful examples around the world including Karachi, Chicago,
Warsaw and Edinburgh. Each of these other cafes has been open for some time and remains
popular local choices. Across the Board’s opportunity is to be first in the market to introduce
the board game cafe concept in Islamabad.
Value Proposition:
For people of all ages who are looking for an entertaining and comfortable place, Across the
Board is Islamabad’s first board game cafe that allows customers to experience an atmosphere
that rivals the comfort of their own living rooms. Unlike Baramda & Wild Wings which only
provide a handful of local games, Across the Board provides over 100 interactive board games
and card games that allow for a socially interactive environment.

Marketing Strategy:

By organizing and creating newsworthy events, like the Pakistan’s Biggest Gaming Meet, We
will generate thousands of Rupees of free media publicity, driving customers to our cafe. Across
the Board will enhance repeat business through its ‘Club’ membership program, which will lead
to the rapid collection of a large customer database. By collecting and compiling customer
names, addresses, email addresses, and key demographic information, we can better identify who
our customers are, where they live, how they heard about Across the Board, and which of our
promotional strategies are most effective. This will feed into our e-Newsletter strategy providing
a powerful but inexpensive promotional tool for increasing revenue.

Competitive Advantage
Across the Board’s primary competitive advantage is its first-to-market, game-themed concept.
The concept has proven successful in other large cities, and 90% of our local survey respondents
said they would visit a board game cafe if it existed. 74% of respondents believed that the
concept was different from current offerings. People will come to Across the Board to play
stimulating and interactive games while staying longer and buying more. Our unique concept
differentiates us from other cafes and restaurants.

Across the Board is a cafe in the F-8 Markaz, Islamabad. What makes it different? Games,
games, and games. Classics such as Chess and Risk; interactive games such as Taboo,
Pictionary, and Outburst; and Card games such as Dwarves In Trouble, UNO and Story stakes
etc. Imagine a café that offers a relaxed lounge type ambiance with comfortable plenty of drinks
and delicious food. Within the café separate room houses the family/kid area where family and
kids younger than 16 can enjoy. Over one hundred board games are housed behind the counter
for checkout with a valid ID. Drink prices are average and fast food is offered for those in need
of refueling. Across the Board’s ‘comfort food’ menu includes everything from soups and stews
to burgers and sandwiches, spaghetti and meatballs, meatloaf, and macaroni and cheese.

Mission Statement
“To provide customers with any type of board/cardgame, traditional and interactive, in an
atmosphere that rivals the comfort of their own living room but with the accompanying
services and lively social scene that characterizes a cafe.”

 Establish and rekindle the board/card game culture with socializing

 Create a database of 10,000 Club members by May 2020.

The area where Across the Board will be located is F-8 Markaz, in the middle of Islamabad.
There is an unmet need in the city for a comfortable cafe and a smoke-free atmosphere
where people can go for a fun, relaxing time. The demographics of the neighboring areas
could be described as middle to high income with approximately 60% in our target age range
of 17 to 28. Across the Board will become a staple of the surrounding areas and a ‘second
living room’ for the late-teens to late-twenty crowd.
The Daily Dawn and The NEWS both report that cafe-goers are shifting from the more
traditional style cafe to cafes with unique concepts and activities. Oxygen cafe, tapas and,
themed cafes (Hogwarts and Game of Thrones) are increasingly popular throughout the twin
cities area as well as around the country. This is a positive trend for Across the Board which
is launching the unique concept of a board game cafe.
Market Size
While Across the Board will primarily attract the local neighborhood crowd it will also
attract customers from other parts of the Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Our market segment is
mainly the young adults.
Customer Decision-Making
The customers primarily make buying decisions based on their own, individual, partners,
and friends preferences. Unless pricing is extreme, atmosphere and location play the
primary roles in how individuals select which cafes to frequent. The fact that customer
switching costs are minimal in the industry is a double-edge sword – the desire for new
concepts will initially entice customers to visit Across the Board, but programs must be
put in place to offer customers incentives to keep coming back.
Competitor Analysis