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1. Write a letter to your friend about the reasons you study English.
Your letter should include:
- its importance of English in the age of globalization
- its importance to your job
- its importance to your overseas travel

Dear Loan,
Thank your for your letter. In your letter you have wanted to know how important the English language is in
our country. Now let me keep you informed of the situation. We all know that the present age is an age of
globalization. The world has now become a global village and people have become very close to each other.
Different nations have also come closer to one another and they are making communication with each other.

For this communication purpose, a common language is necessary. And for many reasons English has got
the position of a global language. It is the official language of many international organizations. More than
80% of all the information in the world's computers is in English. Many organizations need employees who
have a good knowledge of English. So, the knowledge of English is mandatory for a good job.

All the books in different branches of science and technology are in English. As a result, English is a must
for higher education and international communication. I hope and believe that you will cultivate the habit of
learning English language. I hope we can talk more about this when we meet.

Yours ever,

2. Describe a big company that you would like to work in.

You should say:

the name of this company
what this company does
where this company is

TIẾNG ANH THẦY HIẾU K9/20 Lạc Long Quân, Phường Hòa Khánh Bắc ĐT:0905085253

and explain why you would like to work in this company.


Today, I would like to talk about a big company that I would like to work in. Last year, I had a chance to do
an internship in Vincom for 3 months, and it is my dream workplace where I want to apply for a job when I
The Vingroup, as you know, is one of the biggest corporations involved in many different key fields, not
only in Vietnam but also in other countries all over the world. Vincom, the real estate company, is supposed
to be the most important sector contributing to the success of the Vingroup. They have taken over a lot of
well-known resorts, luxury villas and apartment buildings (căn hộ) around Vietnam, incorporating a huge
range of additional facilities. My major (chuyên môn) involves (liên quan đến) the property business
(ngành kinh doanh bất động sản), so I decided to do my internship there. It is an extremely big company
with dynamic and loyal staff, and a highly professional working style as well. They formulate their
business strategy clearly and try to reach the targets which they have set. Their staff receive excellent
compensation and benefits packages.
It was a valuable chance for me to broaden my own knowledge not only in my major but also in many
other fields. It enhanced (nâng cao) my soft skills and allowed me to enlarge my social network (mối quan
hệ xã hội). Therefore, I will try my best to become an employee in Vincom in the near future.
internship: [noun] a period of time in which a student or new graduate gets experience in a job, for example
during vacations.: kỳ thực tập
dream workplace: [noun] the ideal place where you would like to work.: nơi làm việc trong mơ
Example: If you love chocolates, a chocolate factory would be your dream workplace.
real estate: [noun] property in the form of land or buildings.; bất động sản
Example: My aunt works in a real estate company, selling and renting houses to customers.
take over: [phrasal verb] gain control of: mua lại, sát nhập
Example: His small electronics company was taken over by Samsung.
luxury villas: [noun] expensive houses where people stay on holiday/vacation. Biệt thự sang trọng
facilities: [noun] services or equipment that are provided for a particular purpose.: tiện nghi
Example: The hotel has many facilities, such as satellite TVs in every room and free wi-fi internet
TIẾNG ANH THẦY HIẾU K9/20 Lạc Long Quân, Phường Hòa Khánh Bắc ĐT:0905085253

dynamic: [adjective] having a lot of energy and strong personality: năng động
loyal: [adjective] always supporting someone or something; trung thành
Example: The minister has always been a loyal friend to the President.
formulate: [verb] to create or prepare something carefully and in detail; tạo ra
Example: The owners of the company formulated a plan to take over a rival firm.
compensation: [noun] money that an employee receives for doing their job; tiền lương
benefits package: [noun] a number of things which an employer provides in addition to paying your salary;
chế độ đãi ngộ
Example: The job offers a good benefits package, which includes free health insurance and the use of a
company car.
soft skills: [noun]: kỹ năng mềm

3. about a memorable trip you have had.

Your letter should include:
- places you visited
- the activities you did
- what you liked about the trip

Dear Hà,
I have just returned to Hai Phong after a five-day journey to Hue. I visited my sister and went to Lang Co
Beach. I really love this trip because I could spend a lot of time with my sister and travelling. The weather
was fantastic and the expense was not much. Hue is a beautiful city with a lot of historical buildings and he
food is delicious food. Have you ever been to Hue city? Would you tell me about your journey in your
Look forward to hearing from you
4. about the plan you made for his visit in your city.
Your letter should include:
TIẾNG ANH THẦY HIẾU K9/20 Lạc Long Quân, Phường Hòa Khánh Bắc ĐT:0905085253

- the places of interest

- the activities
- the reasons for your plan
Dear Thu,
One of my friend is going to visit me in Hanoi in the shortcoming time. I have built a plan of her travelling.
She will be in Hanoi for 02 days. Thus, I intend to get her to the old streets where she can walk, chat with
me and see the antique house. In the evening, we can spend our time on Hanoi typical meal, drinking on the
5th floor of Illy café and enjoying a view of the lake. I want a perfect trip so that she will definitely be
impressed by ancient and beautiful Hanoi. How do you feel about my plan?
Look forward to your reply as soon as possible.
Your sincerely ,

5. about some advice so that s/he can keep fit and be healthy
Your letter should include:
- what sport s/he should do
- what kind of meal s/he should have
- how s/he may balance work and relaxation

Dear my little brother,

Thank you for your letter. After reading your letter, I feel very concerned of our father’s diabetes (bệnh đái
đường). I think he should exercise more and gently such as jogging, for example. He should not eat salty
food (đồ ăn mặn), because it can cause more serious situation. He would rather have more vegetable and
fruit for a meal than starch and oil food. I suggest he should balance between his work and relaxation.
During his working hours, he should not spend the whole time sitting near his computer. He should walk
around for once two hours. He must not bring his work back to home as before and spend more time on
resting, reading books and newspapers. I think that if he can do the above things well, his healthy status
might be better. Tell me about him after doing all things I says above.

6. about your favorite means of transport and tell him/her why you like this means
TIẾNG ANH THẦY HIẾU K9/20 Lạc Long Quân, Phường Hòa Khánh Bắc ĐT:0905085253

of transport.
Your letter should include:
- what kind of transport you like
- why you like it
Dear Thu,
I go to work by motorbike every day. Because, I like my motorbike very much because it looks to be very
elegant and energy efficient with large space for keeping things such as motorbike helmet, wallets, etc. and
various colors. Going by motorbike is more active in time than going by bus. I can keep the motorbike in
my house instead of hiring a place for car parking. The motorbike is manufactured by a prestigious company
and suitable to my payment capacity.
Your sincerely,

7. Write a letter to your foreign friend who is going to visit Vietnam for the first time and give him/her
some advice.
Your letter should include:
- common topics for conversation
- clothing

Dear Lisa,
I have heard that you will visit Vietnam for a week. I think there might be little surprised because this is the
first time you come to my country. Thus, I will introduce you some common things about my country. The
time is March which is quite hot in Vietnam. Then you can wear summer clothes. When you meet a
Vietnamese, smile and wave your hands to say hello to them. When you visit a pagoda or a temple, you
should choose a very discreet, polite clothes which might show your respect. You had better not go too far
away from the tour guide in order not to get lost.
Look forward to seeing you

TIẾNG ANH THẦY HIẾU K9/20 Lạc Long Quân, Phường Hòa Khánh Bắc ĐT:0905085253

8. about your important changes in your life in the last 3 years.

Your letter should include:
- education
- social relationship
- financial status
- appearance (or family)

Dear Thu,
We have not met each other for a quite long time. It is 03 years since our graduation. My life has changed a
lot. I am now studying Master degree at National Economics University and there is only one year left to
graduate. I got married in October last year and not working now. My husband works as an engineer with
high salary. Thus my family have stably financial status. After 03 years, I have changed a lot with fatter
appearance and short hair. How is your life now?
Look forward to hear from you
Your sincerely,

9. about the environmental problems in your neighborhood.

Your letter should include:
- what the environmental problems are (air, water, noise, land)
- what has caused these environmental problems
- what should be done to help improve these situations.
Dear Thu,
Thank you for your letter. With regards to the story you shared with me about your city, It is regrettable that
Hanoi, where I’m living, is negatively affected by pollution too and the major environmental problems it is
facing are water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution. There are various reasons why this city is
badly polluted. Firstly, due to
modernization (hiện đại hóa), more and more vehicles such as cars and motorbikes are used.This leads to
an increase in exhaust emissions (khí thải) which contaminate the atmosphere, not to mention (đó là chưa
kể) the rising level of noise pollution (ô nhiễm tiếng ồn). Secondly, factories and industrial zones in the

TIẾNG ANH THẦY HIẾU K9/20 Lạc Long Quân, Phường Hòa Khánh Bắc ĐT:0905085253

city have discharged a huge amount of untreated waste (chất thải chưa được xử lý) into rivers, causing
death to many fish and other aquatic animals (sinh vật sống trong nước).
In fact, pollution makes people here less healthy, and some even suffer from life-threatening diseases
(bệnh nguy hiểm) such as lung cancer (ung thư phổ), skin cancer, and so on. Therefore, the government
must deal with this problem right away. Cutting down on vehicle use is the best way to reduce air pollution
and noise pollution. We can do this by encouraging people to use public transportation. Besides, those who
litter (xả rác) should pay a heavy fine. Finally, I think the best solution is to raise awareness and educate
people to protect the environment.

✓ regrettable: [adjective] đáng tiếc
Example: It is regrettable that only a minority of people are concerned about the environment.
✓ exhaust emissions: [noun phrase] khí thải
✓ contaminate: [verb] gây ô nhiễm
✓ discharge: [verb] thải ra
Example: The factory was fined for discharging chemicals into the river.
✓ aquatic: [adjective] (sinh vật) sống trong môi trường nước
Example: Rivers which are clean have a lot of aquatic life, such as fish and frogs.
✓ life-threatening: [adjective] likely to kill someone.
Example: Aid workers in poor countries often have to deal with difficult,
life-threatening situations.
✓ cutting down on: [phrasal verb] reducing the size, amount or number of something.
Example: You will improve your health by cutting down on cigarettes.
✓ awareness: [noun] knowing that something exists and is important.

10. about which city in Vietnam you really want to live in the future.
Your letter should include:
- which city it is.
- what there will be in it
- Why you really want to live in it

TIẾNG ANH THẦY HIẾU K9/20 Lạc Long Quân, Phường Hòa Khánh Bắc ĐT:0905085253

Dear Thu,
After my journey to Danang, I think if I have a chance to move, I would love to settle there. Da Nang is a
coastal city with many beauty spots, fresh air, less traffic jam and cheap cost of living. The price of a house
in Da Nang is also cheaper than in Hanoi. Most important thing is the moderate weather, less harsh than the
weather of Northern. It is very suitable for people with respiratory disease like me. How do you think if I
move to Da Nang?
Please give me an advice.
Thank you
Your sincerely

11. about a happy memory in your childhood.

Your letter should include:
- which memory it was
- when you got it
- why it was happy
Dear Mai,
We have not met each other for a very long time since you move to settle in USA. It was amazing when I
saw you yesterday. Do you remember the time you teach me how to cook? It seems to just happen yesterday
But it is actually 5 years. At that time, we were only 20 years old, but you can do everything. And I am not
able to do anything. So you must teach me to cook. It was such a happy and funny time of our life. I am now
so proud of cooking for my family with a lot of delicious meals and my husband. He loves my foods so
much. I look forward to cook a great meal for you. Will you be free this Sunday? It is my honor if you could
attend our dinner at 7p.m
Please response me as soon as possible
12. You are very good at English, aren’t you? Can you tell me how you learn English? Do you have any
secrets? And what must I do if I want to speak English well?
Dear Trang,
I am quite good at English, including all four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Beside the
TIẾNG ANH THẦY HIẾU K9/20 Lạc Long Quân, Phường Hòa Khánh Bắc ĐT:0905085253

time for English in the school, I also participate in many other English courses. Every day, I spend 15
minutes to read or write something in English. My secret is to carry a dictionary with me to look for new
words. I listen to English music or watch movies with English subtitle to improve my vocabulary and
listening reflex. If you want to speak English better, you should take part in communicative English course
taught by English teachers.
Your sincerely
13. giới thiệu về 1 trường học cho người nước ngoài
Dear Mr Peter,
There are now many international school in Hanoi. However, in my opinion, you should sign up for your
son in BVIS International school which is located at No 5, Kim Ma street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi and about
2 km away from you house. It only takes you 10 minutes to go to that school by cars. BVIS is a prestigious
school with the tuition of 14,000USD per one semester, 05 day-teaching schedule and 02 days off of
Saturday and Sunday. The class starts from 7.30 to 11.00 in the morning and from 13.30 to 17h30. The
teachers are enthusiastic and highly professional. This school is equipped with sufficient modern facilities.
The learning environment here is comfortable and can create the excitement for students. You can register
for your son from now and he can start to go to school at the beginning of the week.
Your sincerely,