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Jordan Sazama

Olivia Stoltman

Rhetorical Analysis Reflection

English 110

Rhetorical Analysis Reflection Sazama 1

My intentions for this essay are to describe and analyze an advertisement I had chosen

from Nike. The purpose was to find key components of the advertisement and then to break them

down individually and to process what the overall message was about the advertisement. During

the process a part of the purpose was to address the background, author, purpose, concept,

limitations and alternate campaign for the specific advertisement. This became the major

challenge in breaking down the ad. As a result of writing this essay I want the readers to

understand the true meaning of the advertisement in detail and be able to understand certain parts

of the ad that otherwise they wouldn’t have noticed. Aside from the professor grading this paper I

think the audience is people who are interested in the ad and want to dive deeper into the

meaning. Initially I had been searching for food related advertisements because I felt that would

be an easy topic with enough information to make it to the word count. Completely by accident I

was watching NCAA Men’s Basketball and the Colin Kaepernick ad played and I then first

thought about using Nike or Adidas for my advertisement. Upon investigation of the new Nike

ads I found Shaquem Griffin, a player who I loved learning about his story, and then picked the

ad and ran with it. I started with the ad and then broke it down into each component as I wrote

out each background, audience, ext. in my notebook. As I finished the essay, I made sure to read

it out loud and then submit it. After peer review, I broke down my comments and corrected my

paper to them submit the next copy. I found peer review very helpful as I was able to find errors
Sazama 2

I completely missed because it had made sense to myself but nobody else. The freewriting

helped me the most because it taught me to just run with ideas and make corrections later which

then brought out better ideas overall. I had written papers like this in high school regarding

analysis, so I came in with a little experience, but I feel this paper has greatly helped me increase

this skill because it forced me to use visual analysis. My visual analysis greatly affects the reader

because they are unable to see the ad and I as the author need to describe what is occurring.