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Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program

Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) – Teacher Leader Project Option

Revised 1.1.19
Directions: The ILP should be completed with Mentor input. Complete blue cells prior to classroom implementation. Complete orange cells after POP Cycle is completed. Cells will expand as
needed. When submitting completed ILP to instructor, please include copies of all instructional resources, including Google Survey used for assessment of audience satisfaction.
Section 1: New Teacher Information
New Teacher Email Subject Area Grade Level
Krysta Menzies Multiple Subjects Kindergarten
Mentor Email School/District Date
Cindy Snyder Heritage Oak Private School 3/5/19
Section 2: CSTP Areas of Inquiry
Directions: Identify 2-3 CSTP elements for ILP focus. Use most recent CSTP Assessment for Initial Rating. Identify both teacher and student rating for CSTP 1 and 2. See example.
CSTP Element Initial Rating Description Goal Rating Description
T - Guide students to think critically through use of questioning strategies, T - Facilitates systematic opportunities for students to apply critical thinking
Promoting critical thinking posing/solving problems, and reflection on issues in content. by designing structured inquires into complex problems.
T – Applying T – Innovating
1.5 through inquiry, problem S - Students respond to varied questions or tasks designed to promote S - Students pose and answer a wide-range of complex questions and
S – Exploring S - Innovating
solving, and reflection comprehension and critical thinking in single lessons or a sequence of problems, reflect, and communicate understandings based on in depth
lessons. analysis of content learning.

T- Uses comprehensive knowledge of students to make

T-Uses data from multiple measures to make adjustments to
ongoing adjustments and accommodations in instruction.
instruction and meet individual identified learning needs.
T- S- Students take ownership of their learning by choosing from
S- Students actively utilize a variety of instructional strategies
Integrating T-Integrating a wide range of methods to further their learning that are
and technologies in learning that ensure equitable access to
1.1 Using knowledge of responsive to their learning needs.
the curriculum
students to engage S- S-Integrating
them in learning Integrating

T- Explores additional instructional strategies, resources, and

Using a variety of technologies in single lessons or sequence of lessons to meet T- Creates, adapts, and integrates a broad range of strategies,
instructional strategies, students’ diverse learning needs. resources, and technologies into instruction designed to meet
resources, and T-Exploring T- Integrating students’ diverse learning needs.
1.4 technologies to meet S-
students’ diverse S- Applying Students participate in instruction using strategies, resources, and S- Integrating S- Students actively engage in instruction and make use of a variety
learning needs technologies matched to their learning needs. of targeted strategies, resources, and technologies to meet their
individual students needs.

Section 3: Teacher Leader Inquiry Focus and Planning

Project Title Inquiry Question Project Objective(s)
My project objective is to bring inspiration to my
What are the most effective ways to colleagues about effective ways to engage
students within our more conservative classroom
Differentiation Within Rigidity
implement differentiated instruction environments. I hope to introduce to them to at
within a rigid curriculum and least one or two new ideas or encourage them to
environment? utilize techniques they already have more
Audience for Project How Project Fits into Professional Goals and/or
How Audience Satisfaction will be Assessed
(Who Participates/Who Benefits) Department/School/District Needs
This project fits into my professional goals
because I would love to become more well versed
I’m going to have them do a survey at the
with my ability to reach students who struggle to
My audience is primarily going to be K-5 teachers. conclusion that will rate my presentation and their
learn in a “typical” environment. I think this would
take away from it.
be beneficial at a school like mine that is more
Special Emphasis: Teacher Leader Model Standards and NBPTS Core Propositions
Directions: Identify at least one NBPTS and at least one Teacher Leader Model Standards that are the primary focus of your project. Explain how these standards will be incorporated.
Special Emphasis Focus How Special Emphasis will be Incorporated

NBPTS Proposition 3- Teachers are Responsible for

Managing and Monitoring Student Learning The special emphasis will be incorporated by discussing ways to address these standards in our classrooms.
It will also be incorporated by utilizing some of these same skills during the presentation so that the teachers
Teacher Leader Model Standard 4- Facilitates can see them being modeled.
Improvements in Instruction and Student Learning

Inquiry Implementation Plan

Analyze Results Discuss Results with Mentor
Milestone 1 Milestone 2 Milestone 3
Milestone 4 Milestone 5
Identify name and date for Present project to Participants take
activities. Present project to K-5th Analyze Results Discuss with Mentor
Kinder Team for survey
Team (4/5) (4/10) (4/12)
practice (3/25) (4/8)
Individualized Learning Plan, Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program (FOTIP), 2017 Page 1 of 4
Provide 1-2 sentence
My teacher leader project will be a presentation with a few activities to complete. They will challenge teachers to think creatively and
summary of your teacher
outside the box.
leader project.
Summarize process for
analyzing effectiveness of
leadership role. I will analyze effectiveness by the results of the survey and by overall engagement of the activities during the presentations.

Section 4: Inquiry Research and Exploration

Research/Professional Learning (Identify two articles that have informed inquiry focus. Provide title, URL or citation, and statement of what was learned.)
I learned from this article that though specific
research on this topic is limited, it has been This article explained ways that differentiation can be used in a variety of environments. It
shown and proven that differentiation plays a also gave examples of ways to implement when your school environment may be more strict
big role on student success rates. Students who which I found helpful.
are doing well tend to excel and students who
struggle will tend to meet the expectation level
when differentiation is used.
Colleagues (Summarize how two colleagues have addressed similar leadership roles OR the status of the issue at department/school/district level.)
Lucinda Tafolla-2nd Grade Teacher:
She recently changed grade levels from Cindy Snyder-Kindergarten Teacher:
Kindergarten to 2nd grade and has done a lol to Recently, our K team lead decided to try and implement differentiated small group math
make some changes within the curriculum and lessons. This allows for struggling students to get more hands on help and the more advanced
overall environment of 2nd grade. She now has ones to get more challenging curriculum. She also advocated for more hands on resources for
members of her team try out more technology the students to use at center times.
use, STEM strategies and hands on learning.
Section 5: Results and Reflection
Initial Revised
CSTP Element Evidence/Rational for Rating Suggestions for Moving Forward
Rating Rating
Promoting critical I had colleagues participate in a small group assignment of creating a mini lesson
T– To move to innovating I could consider my participants
thinking through T – Applying that utilized differentiation tools they learned about during the presentation.
Integrating posing more complex issues within differentiation to work
1.5 inquiry, problem S–
S- through in small groups, versus just assigning the groups
solving, and Exploring My colleagues completed this group assignment to reflect on what they had
Integrating what to do.
reflection learned and to pull on their current knowledge of implementing new ideas.
T- I had my colleagues relate differentiation to their own teaching and learning
T- experiences. To move to innovating, next time I should consider having
Using knowledge of Integrating
Integrating my participants do a follow up lesson to see how well they
1.1 students to engage
T- My colleagues were encouraged to share and have group conversations on this were able to successfully implement a differentiated
them in learning S-
Integrating lesson in their own classroom.
Integrating topic .
Using a variety of
instructional During my presentation I used a variety of tools such as videos, images, notes,
strategies, T- various colors, etc. to keep my peers engaged and as a way to try and meet
resources, and T-Exploring Integrating various learning needs. To move to innovating level I should consider having my
1.4 technologies to participants using a wider range of technology resources
meet students’ S- Applying T- My colleagues were apart of various learning tools to try and meet their needs. throughout the lesson.
diverse learning
Integrating They watched videos, were involved in group discussions, wrote down ideas and
could look at images and graphics to help.

Special Emphasis (Teacher Leader Model Standards or NBPTS Core Propositions

Key Learnings and New Skills/Knowledge Contribution to
Product(s) Generated
Developed by Teacher Others/Department/School/District
From my teacher leader project, I developed skills The products generated from this presentation
For this presentation, it currently just stayed among
necessary to promote more professional development were sample lessons created by various grade level
my colleagues, but we did discuss presenting some
among my colleagues. I also learned how to more teachers with a special emphasis on differentiation.
of these ideas to our executive director as a way to
effectively communicate new ideas through presenting They also got to take away their own copies of all
encourage more creativity in our classrooms.
and technology tools. my handouts, notes and extra resources.
Mentor Feedback
Directions: The Mentor should Identify strengths and areas of improvement in each of the following areas.

Effectiveness of resources designed by Candidate,

Krysta provided everyone with adequate handouts both of her presentation as well as resources and tools
including presentation, notes, handouts, and other
we could all use in our classroom to teach using differentiated instruction.

Individualized Learning Plan, Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program (FOTIP), 2017 Page 2 of 4
Effectiveness of Candidate in teaching and coaching
adults. (Refer to Adult Learning Principles in FOTIP Very effective. Her PowerPoint presentation was very organized and pleasing to the audience. It made us
Handbook [ want to keep hearing more. Her handouts on differentiated instruction were also very valuable.

It was a perfect topic for our audience as our school is always trying to model differentiated instruction
Value of topic for audience. within our classroom. Krysta’s presentation allowed us to learn more tips and techniques to implement it
even better in our classrooms.

Overall delivery by Candidate of the professional The presentation was excellent. The audience was constantly engaged and interested. It was pleasing to
development experience, including audience the eye. The pacing was great as she allowed for and encouraged discussion throughout. Her tone was
engagement, pacing, tone, and response to questions. upbeat and positive. It was very professional.

Analysis and Summary of Audience Assessment

Directions: Record assessment data into Assessment Data Table (see end of document). Include copies of assessment tool with submission. Include at least one graph in your summary.

What aspect of differentiation What is the biggest hurdle you

are you inspired to change? foresee when implementing

time school environment

Content Process Product Environment current curriculum scheduling

My assessment results indicated the my colleagues felt most inspired to change the process in which students are receiving their lessons. Results were then split among
product and content. They also felt that the most challenging aspect to try and change the way their classrooms are currently ran is the time it would take to rethink
their lessons. A big aspect to this is our current school environment keeps us very busy and without a lot of free time. I hope that they will keep in mind they can begin
this process with small changes because it does not take anything too drastic to make a positive impact. Lastly, my results indicated that my colleagues were overall
very satisfied with the presentation and that it left them inspired to try something new.
Action Items (some may not be applicable)
My teacher leader project on differentiation has inspired me to do more moving forward with my current lessons to try and
For curriculum design, lesson
incorporate more aspects of differentiation. To do this I am going to use more modes of technology for students to use on a regular
planning, assessment planning
basis, allow for a variation in assessments and try to use various presentation tools when teaching.

For classroom practice

For teaching English learners,

students with special needs,
and students with other
instructional challenges
Going forward with any further professional development, I know to keep in mind ways to help take my participants to more active
For future professional
participants. I also know that it would be beneficial to have some sort of follow up activity to help keep them on track with what they
For supporting
The next steps in this process is now for me to present my ideas to the whole school and my executive directors. We are not a part of
a district, but the professional development could still be utilized going forward by others if need be.


Other Notes and Comments

Individualized Learning Plan, Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program (FOTIP), 2017 Page 3 of 4
Include copy of Google Survey Form assessment tool.

Differentiated Instruction * Required

1. What aspects of learning can educators differentiate?
* Mark only one oval. content, product, process and learning environment content and readiness
product, student interests and learning environment
2. What factors do you base your differentiation method on?
* Mark only one oval. readiness, interest and learning profile interests, lesson planners, small
groups content, interest and readiness
3. Is differentiation shown to improve learning for ALL students
* Mark only one oval. yes no
4. Which one is NOT an example of formative assessments?
* Mark only one oval. white boards thumbs up and thumbs down paper and pencil test
5. What is differentiated instruction a cycle of?
6. What is one new method of formative assessment you are excited to try?
* content product learning environment process
7. What's one new aspect of learning are you inspired to change?
* Check all that apply. content product learning environment process
8. Do you think you will utilize one of differentiated learning planners given to you today?
* Mark only one oval. yes, right away! no, probably not maybe at some point
9. What is the biggest hurdle you foresee keeping you from trying out new ideas for
* Check all that apply. time, current curriculum, scheduling, school environment
10. Was the information presented to you today helpful in giving you more insight or new ideas?

Individualized Learning Plan, Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program (FOTIP), 2017 Page 4 of 4