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GC Women University Sialkot

Department of Computer Science

Title Professional Practices

Code SS-100
Credit Hours Weight 3 Cr. Hrs.
Lectures 3 Lectures / Week
Duration 1 hr/Lecture
Instructor Ms.Samia Rafique
Prerequisite None
Category General Education Course
Aims and The course introduces ethics and ethical theories; provides discussions on the ethical
Objectives dilemmas and issues facing Professionals and IT practitioners. An appreciation and
discussion of the Code of Ethics of I. T. Professionals; cybercrimes and appropriate
Laws are also included.

Learning After completing this course, the students will have:

Outcomes  Students should be able to understand and appreciate the meaning of ethics
 Students should be able to understand values and attitudes.
 Students would be guided in their ethical thinking and considerations as they
relate in the cyber world
 Students would appreciate and internalize the code of conduct of an I. T.
 Be aware of the different ethical dilemma/issues in the cyber world.
Syllabus Computing Profession, Computing Ethics, Philosophy of Ethics. The Structure of
Organizations, Finance and Accounting, Anatomy of a Software House, Computer
Contracts, Intellectual Property Rights, The Framework of Employee Relations Law
and Changing Management Practices, Human Resource Management and IT, Health
and Safety at Work, Software Liability, Liability and Practice, Computer Misuse and
the Criminal Law, Regulation and Control of Personal Information. Overview of the
British Computer Society Code of Conduct, IEEE Code of Ethics, ACM Code of
Ethics and Professional Conduct, ACM/IEEE Software Engineering Code of Ethics
and Professional Practice. Accountability and Auditing, Social Application of Ethics
Reference 1. Professional Issues in Software Engineering by Frank Bott, Allison Coleman,
Books Jack Eaton and Diane Rowland, CRC Press; 3rd Edition (2000). ISBN-10:
2. Computer Ethics by Deborah G. Johnson, Pearson; 4th Edition (January 3,
2009). ISBN-10: 0131112414
3. A Gift of Fire: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computing and the
Internet (3rd Edition) by Sara Baase, Prentice Hall; 3rd Edition (2008).
ISBN-10: 0136008488
4. Applied Professional Ethics by Gregory R. Beabout, University Press of
America (1993). ISBN-10: 0819193747
Assessment Assignments: 5%
Criteria Project: 5%
Quizzes: 5%
Mid Term Examination: 30%
Test: 5%
Final Examination: 50%

Total: 100%

Week Lectures Topics Source(Book ) Sessional

1 1 Introduction . Intro to
Introduction of course, professionalism, Professionalism
2 Introduction to Ethics, Philosophies regarding to . Intro to
Ethics and morals, Introduction to Computer and Ethics.ppt
Cyber Ethics
3 Computer Ethics History, Sample Case studies, Ten . Intro to
commandments, Sample topics to study in this Ethics.ppt
2 4 Types of Ethics, Relationship of different types Types of
of ethics Ethics ,Essential Components of Ethics.ppt
Personal Ethics,
5 ACM code of Conduct, Netiquette Types of
6 Business Ethics, Relationship between law and Business
ethics, Deontology theory, Unitarianism theory, Ethics.ppt
Right Model
3 7 Application of Deontology, Unitarianism theory, Business Assignment#1
Right Model, Examples, Code of Conduct for Ethics.ppt
Employees and Employers
8 Definition of Cyber Crime, General Types of Cyber
Cyber Crime, Ethics.ppt
9 Cyber Crime Statistics Cyber
4 10 Types of Cyber Crime Technically specified Cyber
by Australian Institute of Criminology Ethics.ppt
11 Intellectual Property, Categories of IP Quiz#1
12 World Intellectual Property Organization
5 13 Trade Secrets, Protection for Software IP.ppt
Copyright, Violation of Software Copyright
14 Reverse Engineering, Open Source Software,
Benefits of Open Source Software
15 Case Study related to IP
6 16 Introduction to Software Contracts, Structure Contracts.ppt
of Software Contracts
17 Clauses of Software Contracts, Sample Contracts.ppt
Software Agreement
18 Introduction to Profession, History of Profession.ppt
Engineering Profession
7 19 Software House Structure Profession.ppt

20 Common Roles in Software Organization Profession.ppt Assignment#2

21 Management Hierarchy, IT Organization

Structure, Staff Management, Five Golden rules of
Staff management
8 22
9 25 Definition of Team, Team Management, Four C’s Team
of Team Management, Elements of Healthy Teams, Management.ppt
26 Way to Inspire and Motivate team, Ethical issues in
team management, Characteristics of High
Performance Teams
27 Stages of Team development, Barriers to Team
Building, characteristics of High Performance
Teams, How to manage conflicts in team,
10 28 What is SEEP? Software Engineering Profession, SEEP.ppt
Roles in Software Engineering Professions, Need
of Code of Ethics
29 Introduction to IEEE and ACM, Eight Principles
Related to Software Engineering Code of Ethics
and Profession Practice,
30 Software Engineering Case Studies
11 31 Definition of Software Risks, Introduction to Risk
Risk management, RM Strategies, Management.ppt
32 Types of Risks, Categories of Risks
33 Steps of Risk Management, Risk Mitigation, Quiz#2
Monitoring and Management Plan
12 34 Risk Mitigation, Monitoring and Management
35 Introduction to Computer Privacy, Email Computer
Privacy, TCP/IP and Security, Security.ppt
36 Introduction to Encryption, Virus, Worms and
Trojan Horses, Working of Anti-Virus Programs,
Un-authorize access
13 37 Introduction to Firewalls, Firewall
security, Firewall technologies
38 Bio-metric devices and security, Software
theft, System failures and data backup policies
39 Web browsers and data security, Privacy laws
Content Filtering, Ergonomics,
14 40 Green Computing, Potential Computer Risks and Quiz#3
Security measures
41 Introduction to Security Policies, History of Information
Information Security, Security Policy
42 Information Security policy life cycle, laws Assignment#3
and regulations of Information Security,
Standards of IS.
15 43 Basic Information Security Principles,
Information Security Architecture
44 Policy and Process, Access Control
45 Ethical Hacking, Types of Hackers, Model of Ethical Hacking
Ethical Hacking
16 46 Process of Ethical Hacking, Ethical hacking
Skills and knowledge
47 Types of Hacking, Famous Hackers and their
style of Hacking
48 Revision of Final Term