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Ping is a basic Internet program that allows a user to verify that a particular IP
address exists and can accept requests. ... Ping can be used for troubleshooting to
test connectivity and determine response time. As a verb, ping means "to get the
attention of" or "to check for the presence of" another party online.

google hack
Google hacking is the use of a search engine, such as Google, to locate a security
vulnerability on the Internet. There are generally two types of vulnerabilities to
be found on the Web: software vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Although there
are some sophisticated intruders who target a specific system and try to discover
vulnerabilities that will allow them access, the vast majority of intruders start
out with a specific software vulnerability or common user misconfiguration that
they already know how to exploit, and simply try to find or scan for systems that
have this vulnerability. Google is of limited use to the first attacker, but
invaluable to the second.

nslookup is a network administration command-line tool available for many computer
operating systems for querying the Domain Name System (DNS) to obtain domain name
or IP address mapping or for any other specific DNS record.


Tracing an email address (i.e. reports the mail server for the
address, and is useful for identifying the company and network providing service
for the address, it does not provide specific information about the sender. As
email addresses can be easily forged, the information provided may not be reliable
for purposes of investigating andreporting email abuse.
Tracing an email message provides much more information regarding the sender. Each
email message includes an Internet header with valuable information,
eMailTrackerPro analyzes the message header and reports the IP address of the
computer where the message originated, its estimated location, the individual or
organization the IP address is registered to, the network provider, and additional
information as available.

online email tracking

Email tracking is a method for monitoring the email delivery to the intended
recipient. Most tracking technologies use some form of digitally time-stamped
record to reveal the exact time and date that an email was received or opened, as
well the IP address of the recipient.
Email tracking is useful when the sender wants to know if the intended recipient
actually received the email, or if they clicked the links. However, due to the
nature of the technology, email tracking cannot be considered an absolutely
accurate indicator that a message was opened or read by the recipient.

2)network scanning tools

advance ip scanner
Advanced IP Scanner is fast and free software for network scanning. It will allow
you to quickly detect all network computers and obtain access to them. With a
single click, you can turn a remote PC on and off, connect to it via Radmin, and
much more.


Nmap (Network Mapper) is a security scanner, originally written by Gordon Lyon
(also known by his pseudonym Fyodor Vaskovich),[2] used to discover hosts and
services on a computer network, thus building a "map" of the network. To accomplish
its goal, Nmap sends specially crafted packets to the target host(s) and then
analyzes the responses.
The software provides a number of features for probing computer networks, including
host discovery and service and operating-system detection. These features are
extensible by scripts that provide more advanced service detection,[3]
vulnerability detection,[3] and other features. Nmap can adapt to network
conditions including latency and congestion during a scan. The Nmap user community
continues to develop and refine the tool.

Currports is amazing software that provides you all information possible about all
the TCP/IP and UDP ports listing on your Windows 8 Local computer. It is absolutely
free of cost and any remote activity that is running in your computer can be
traced, information about the processes that opened the ports, any suspicious ports
that come from an unidentified applications. The information provided by Currports
are Process Name, Process ID, Local Port, Local Port Name, Local Address, Remote
Address, Protocol, Remote Port, Remote Port Name, Remote Host Name, State, Process
Path, Product Name, File Description, File Version, Company, Process Created on,
Username, Process Services, Process Attributes, Added On, Remote IP Country, Window
Title, Module Filename etc. Unwanted processes that are recommended to be closed
are marked pink. So it becomes easy for you to detect any suspicious port


Colasoftpacket builder
Colasoft Packet Builder is useful tool used for creating custom network packets,
you can use this tool to check your network protection against attacks and
intruders. Colasoft Packet Builder provides you very powerful editing feature,
besides common HEX editing raw data, it featuring a Decoding Editor which allows
you edit specific protocol field value much easier. In addition to building
packets, Colasoft Packet Builder also supports saving packets to packet files and
sending packets to network.

3)enumeration tool
SuperScan is a free connect-based port scanning software designed to detect open
TCP and UDP ports on a target computer, determine which services are running on
those ports, and run queries such as whois, ping, ICMP traceroute, and Hostname

netbios enumeration
NetBIOS /'n?tb??.?s/ is an acronym for Network Basic Input/Output System. It
provides services related to the session layer of the OSI model allowing
applications on separate computers to communicate over a local area network. As
strictly an API, NetBIOS is not a networking protocol. Older operating
systems[clarification needed] ran NetBIOS over IEEE 802.2 and IPX/SPX using the
NetBIOS Frames (NBF) and NetBIOS over IPX/SPX (NBX) protocols, respectively. In
modern networks, NetBIOS normally runs over TCP/IP via the NetBIOS over TCP/IP
(NBT) protocol. This results in each computer in the network having both an IP
address and a NetBIOS name corresponding to a (possibly different) host name.

softperfacet network scanner

SoftPerfect Network Scanner is a fast universal IPv4/IPv6 scanner with an extensive
range of options and advanced features for system administrators and general users
interested in computer security. This powerful program can ping computers, scan
ports, discover shared folders and comes with flexible filtering and display
options. It can retrieve practically any information about network devices via WMI,
SNMP, HTTP, SSH and PowerShell.

Hyena provides extensive Active Directory (AD) support, with built-in tools for
directory searching and filtering, management of object properties, security
auditing, customisable queries, advanced attribute management, and many other AD
mixed and native-mode features

Speeds troubleshooting, increases service levels, and reduces downtime.
� Advanced network troubleshooting for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud services
with critical path hop-by-hop analysis.
� New in v12.1: Cross-stack network data correlation for acceleration of problem
� Monitors and displays response time, availability, and performance of network
� Improves operational efficiency with out-of-the-box dashboards, alerts, and
� Automatically discovers network devices and typically deploys in about an hour

4)system hacking tools

ads spy

Stealth files