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1019 S Knowles Avenue

New Richmond, WI 54017

Woods & Water Medical Center

December 20xx

Center Projects
Starting in January 20xx, Woods & Water Medical Center will be engaged in two major
projects. First, we are participating in a clinical trial for Mason Pharmaceuticals. A team from
Mason will be coming to the Center on January 15 for a preliminary meeting. The trial is
expected to last from May to October 20xx and involves testing of a new drug for anxiety
disorders. Second, Woods & Water Medical Center is undertaking a complete overhaul of its
documentation system. A documentation specialist from Epic will be training staff in the
new procedures starting in February of 20xx.

Insurance Coverage
Make sure you verify a patient’s insurance coverage before the patient is seen (except in
emergencies). Coverage changes in different circumstances, such as when patients change
jobs, get a divorce, or leave college. Unless patients are seen on a regular basis, you should
ask patients if there have been any changes in their coverage.

All information about a patient’s condition, treatment, and care is considered confidential
and must not be shared with unauthorized individuals inside or outside Woods & Water
Medical Center. We ask that all staff members read the guidelines on patient confidentiality
set out in the Office Procedures Manual.

Scheduling Appointments
At Woods & Water Medical Center, we strive to balance the needs of the patient and the
physician when scheduling appointments. Ideally, the patient should not have to wait to see
the physician and the physician should not have to wait to see the patient. The Center has
now developed a list of common procedures and the approximate time needed to perform
the procedures. When a patient calls to request an appointment for a procedure, please
book appropriately and ask the patient to arrive 15 minutes before the appointment time to
complete paperwork.