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USB Firmware Update Instruction Manual

USB Firmware Update Instruction Manual AVR-X3400H Please only use the USB update method when there is


Please only use the USB update method when there is no internet connection available or the Internet update method does not work for you. Your unit should not be connected by either wired or wireless network.

You will need an empty FAT16 or FAT32 formatted USB stick with at least 2GB capacity. Please download the latest firmware from the Denon firmware download page. First the “HW COMPONENT” files. They will be in the following format DPMS_AVR-X3400HALL_LEGO_XXX- Then the “HEOS COMPONENT” files – Unzip the contents (Please ensure no folders/subfolders are included, only the files themselves) to the root directory of the USB stick. No other files should be present on the stick.

Please read the following instruction carefully before executing:

NOTE: Remove the LAN cable from this unit when performing updates.

1. Press the power button to power the unit on.

2. Wait for the unit to start up and set the input source to “HEOS Music”.

3. Insert the USB flash drive into the front USB input.

4. The USB update will start automatically with the Standby LED illuminating red.

5. Whenever the update is complete “Updated Completed” will appear on the front display. The unit will then restart. The resulting HEOS COMPONENT file will then have the extension .done. To use these files again delete the .done part.

Please note that after USB update an initialisation of the microprocessor may be necessary. This will result in all settings being erased and the unit may need reconfigured/recalibrated. We recommend taking note of your setting before updating. You can do the initialisation as shown below:-

1. Switch the AVR-X3400H into standby mode.

2. While pressing the “ZONE2 SOURCE” and “DIMMER” buttons at the same time, power on this unit. All segments in the FL display are blinking.

3. Release the buttons and wait until the receiver is ready.

If an error occurs with the HEOS COMPONENT firmware we recommend doing a “Firmware factory restore” in the following way:-

- While holding down the buttons “TUNER PRESET CH-” and “DIMMER” simultaneously power on the unit.

NOTE: Denon is not responsible for any damages resulting from the inappropriate use of this firmware or updating the unit in an improper way.

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