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Jennifer Lopez Romero

Professor Westfall

ECE 251

Group Time Evaluation

April 7 2019

 Name of school; telephone number; name of teacher, and age/grade level

 C.C. Rannow Elementary School

 (702) 799-7159

 Ms. Lyski

 Kindergarten, age between 5 to 6 years old.

 Beginning and ending time of group time.

 From 2:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

 Number of adults working with the children during the group time; number of

children in the group.

 22 children and 1 adult.

 Describe the nature of group time. Write a complete description of each of

activity(ies) during group time. Include in the description the way in which the

teacher involved the children in each activity.

 Students enter from the playground, they walk straight to their table. The teacher passes

the math calendars to the students, each student grabbed their calendar. Children were

talking as they pass the folders in which they have the calendars. The teacher stands in

front of the projector and most of the students turn to the teacher, she waits a few seconds
for the others students but they were too busy talking that did not pay attention to the

teacher. The teacher said “eyes on me, I just passed your calendars, can anyone tell me

what is that mean?” students all said at the same time “we are going to write in our

calendar”. the teacher said “yes, are you guys ready” most of students respond “yes”. The

teacher shows in the projector the page in which they going to write first she ask “what

day of the week is today” students look at each other” and some students said “others said

“Monday” others “Friday”. The teacher said “wed” and some students respond

“Wednesdays”, the teacher said “yes, it’s Wednesday and it is the fourth”. The teacher

writes in the paper that was projected on the board and were explain to students were

each of them will write it. Then the teacher asks “what is the month”, some students

stated to talk between them and others just were writing in the paper, the teacher help

them to said what was the month, the year, weather and to count how many days they

have been in school. She wrote the information on the paper and students were recording

this information in their own calendars. Then the teacher started to talk about the weather

in April, she asks students to touch their noise if they remember the article that they read

about weather, she touches her noise and then all the students touches their noises. The

teacher asks students to put their calendars away, she gave the students a few minutes.

After a few minutes the teacher show a glass with water to the students and told them

“today, we are going to make our own rain, I will put a cloud on the top this water, lets

pretend that this is the earth pointing to the water”. The teacher put the cloud as she was

making the cloud one students told her “that is not a cloud that is whipped cream” the

teacher said “yes, but today we are going to use it for our cloud”. The teacher asks

students to think how many drops of water will take to make the cloud rain, she passes a
worksheet and explain them what they will do with that worksheet. Then she asks

students to tell their friends how many drops did they think, the teacher give a few

minutes to the students to discuss. Then she told them that they will put the number that

they think on the worksheet, she gives an example and put 31. She grabs the food

coloring and stand in front of the class, she explains the students what she will do, one

kid said “that’s food coloring” and the teacher said “yes”. She started to drop the food

coloring and ask students to count with her, they counted, it took six drop of food

coloring to the cloud to made the rain. Students start to talk about the water changing

form clear to blue. A few students ask “are we going to made one” and the teacher said

“No, it just one for the class”. The teacher showed and explained what they have to do in

the worksheet, she gave students a few minutes to work on their work. The teacher began

to give a little summary of the cycle of water. Some students were talking at the same as

the teacher, the teacher pauses and ask students to raise their hand and made the peace

and love symbol with their fingers. The students did it and stop talking the she said “can

you guys continue listening to the teacher” the students said “yes”. She started to

summarize the cycle of water again. Then she explains the next activity to the kids.

5. How appropriate are these activity(ies)? Explain.

 The activities calendar activity was a little bit inappropriate because the students were

talking about big numbers that they may not understand like 150. The teacher does

support them, but not all the students may know the value of the number. The second

activity was appropriate, children can explore and open their curiosity, it would be better

if they have the opportunity to do the activity not, just observing the experiment.
6. How long was the group time? Is this appropriate for the age of the children? Explain

(Include the children’s ages in your answer.)

 30 minutes for both activities for children between 5 to 6. The time was not appropriate

children did not have the opportunity to fully engage in the activities. Th teacher made a

nice transition between the two activities and connected well.

7. How appropriate was the space used for group time? Explain.

 Children only uses the space that they had in the table. the space was appropriate because

the children have enough space in their tables to place the few materials that they were


8. How did the teacher bring the children together and begin group time?

 The teacher stands in front of the class and asked them for their attention.

9. What percentage of the time were the children actively vs passively involved in the group

time? Is this appropriate? Explain.

 Children uses about 50% of their time actively and 50% passively. It was appropriate

because children keep a balance between being actively and passively in both activities.

10. How did the children react to the group time?

 The students ask and answer questions they were more engage in the second activity

more than the calendar activity.

11. What evidence of flexibility, on the part of the teacher, did you observe while she was

conducting the group time? Support with observed examples.

 The teacher give time to students to put their works away. She gives a few second to the

kids between the two activities so, they can put they calendars away.

12. Was there any individualization to accommodate special needs of children during the

group time? This address both children with special needs and the typically developing

child who is exhibiting a need that the other children are not, e.g. shorter attention span,

higher need for attention, lack of understanding of activity, etc. Support with observed


 No, the teacher did not make any special accommodation for students.

13. Did one gender tend to engage in inappropriate behaviors more than another gender

during the group time? Support with observed examples.

 Boys, some boys were talking to each other at the same time that the teacher was talking.

14. Describe inappropriate behaviors that occurred during group time and the behavior

management techniques the teacher uses. Discuss the effectiveness and appropriateness of

the techniques used.

 Some boys were talking at the same as the teacher, the teacher pauses and ask students to

raise their hand and made the peace and love symbol with their fingers. When the

students were in silent, she continues with the class. After that all students were in silent

some of them were playing with their colors but they did not talk at the same time as the


15. Describe how the teacher ended group time.

 The teacher gave a little summery of the cycle of water. Then she explains what students

will play at the center she started to call the tables to pick a center.

16. What activity followed group time? Is this appropriate? Explain.

 Students went to play at the different centers. The activity was appropriate because

students will have the opportunity to make their own play choice at the different centers.

They have about 30 minutes to engage in the play choice that they choose.


 “Every day, the teacher provides focused math time that interest to children” (p.240)

(DAP), every day the children with the help and support of the teacher, practice the day

of the week, month, year, weather and numbers. The teacher gives the students the

opportunity to be part of the class, ask and respond questions. The second activity offer

the opportunities to children to test their hypotheses but the teacher did not let the

students to do that hand-on activity in which they will more engage in the activity. They

will have the opportunity to learn more and make a connection between the real world

and the activity that they do.


Date: 4/4/2019

School: C.C. Rannow Elementary School.

Teacher: Ms. Lyski

Age of Child: 5 years old

Time: 2:45 p.m.

Setting: It was in a kindergarten classroom the child was a boy, he is 5 years old.

Interaction: The child stands up and walk to the teacher, the child said “Ms. lyski look my picture”, the

teacher looks at the picture and reply “great”. The child looks at his picture and walk away from the

teacher to his table.

PI Characteristics: Change the expression on your face to fit the situation and the child’s emotions.


Improvement: Answer nicer and make nicer gesture, when students approach to her to show her their