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This is the only department that does not answer to the Department of Magical Law
Enforcement. Even the Minister for Magic has very little control over the department’s workings.
The fifteenth Minister for Magic, Radolphus Lestrange tried unsuccessfully to close down this
department. His decree fell through when the employees ignored him and continued to work.
What are the employees of this department known as?

N. The victim of a blood-curse, commonly known as a Maledictus, played by the actress Claudia

L. The motto of this Pureblood family reads, “Corvus oculum corvi non eruit.” Bearing the raven
on its crest as a mascot, it’s members are traditionally buried at Cimetière du Père-Lachaise in

O. Various witches and wizards are exceptional at this branch of old and obscure magic, from
Barty Crouch Jr. to Gellert Grindelwald. The seminal book on this branch of magic, and it’s
properties, was written by Maxwell Barnett.

C. A muggle-born son of a milkman, both he and his brother were expelled from hogwarts in
their sixth and fourth year respectively. Both members of the DA, he fought in the Battle of
Hogwarts, and was described to be “tiny in death”.

K. The concept for this mode of transportation was commissioned in 1865, the main idea being
proposed by then-minister Dugald McPhail. One of the workers of this mode of transportation
was forced to join the Death Eaters under the influence of the Imperius Curse.

T. His son grows up in Wool’s orphanage in london, and murders him at the age of sixteen.

H. the nature of this ancient form of magic, originated in Ancient Greece by the wizard Herpo
the Foul was what deterred the common people from practicing it, and till date, very few people
actually know of this obscure and deadly practice.

E. A very close friend of a Hogwarts Headmaster, he had contracted Dragon Pox before his
arrival at Hogwarts, prompting the beginning of a very close and very influential friendship.
Special Advisor to the Wizengamot, he was also a member of the Advance Guard that came to
escort harry from 4, privet drive on the sixth of august, 1995.

M. One of the various owners of the Marauder’s Map, he obtained it sometime after 1988 by
trading it with someone at hogwarts. Banned from a Hogsmeade pub in 1975, he however, stil
frequents it, under heavy disguise, often as a witch.

A. The subject of one of the portraits at a pub in Hogsmeade, she was killed in the summer of
1899, a victim of accidental magic.
G. Discovered in 1845 by herbologist Beaumont Majoribanks, its magical properties were
unknown till Elladora Ketteridge ingested it and nearly died. Endemic to the mediterranean sea,
what is this magical plant?

I. Rumoured to have been created in the 13th century, it was in the possession of a single family
through the bloodline of the eldest child. It can be replicated by using the hair from a Demiguise.

C. Professors of Muggle Studies and Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts during 1997-
1998, this was their favourite punitive measure.


U. Unspeakables.
N. Nagini.
L. Lestrange.
O. Occlumency.
C. Colin Creevey.
K. Knight Bus.
T. Tom Riddle sr.
H. horcrux.
E. elphias doge.
M. mundungus fletcher.
a. Ariana dumbledore.
b. Gillyweed.
c. Invisibility cloak.
d. Cruciatus curse.