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Nowadays, I think people are having healthier habits than in the past.

For example, they eat more

fruit and vegetables and do more excercise. However some people still eating a lot of fast food and
drinking too much alcohol. In spite of the fact that fast food is delicious and cheap, it is terrible for
our health because we might have cardiovascular problems in the future if we eat too much.

We also should do more excersice, at least 3 or 4 days every week. We could go swimming or
simply walk for an hour. That way we could avoid many problems in the future like heart attacks.

From my point of view, I´m a healthy person. I hardly-ever eat fast food and I try to eat enough
pieces of fruit and vegetables every day. I´m also trying to eat less meat, only 3 or 4 times a week.

I´ve been following a Mediterranean diet for some years. This kind of diet is recommended by
many scientist and doctors. I like it because it is very healthy and it has a wide range of different
and delicious dishes like vegetable soups, green salads, pasta or paella, which is a typical Spanish

To sum up, as far as i´m concerned, everybody should have healthy habits in their life, not only to
have a nice body, but also to have a better lifestyle and to live longer.