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WRITING PART I d. crashed into $6 in 1977 to 42 cents in 2001

Directions: Read the sentences carefully. Each
sentence is divided into 4 parts marked A, B, C, and 8.
D. Identify the part that must be changed to make a. The navy contributes
the sentence correct. b. to the protection of the environment and
preservation of natural resources
1. c. by scuttle out cylindrical blocks
a. Marc Chaggall, a painter, d. to serve as artificial reefs.
b. was considered a forefather of the art of
surrealism 9.
c. an art on how can be characterized by a. Trinh Xuan Thuan, an astrophysicist from
incongruous imagery Vietnam
d. produced by unnatural juxtapositions and b. wrote The Birth of the Universe: The Big Bang
combinations. and After, in 1993,
c. a book on how it elucidates
2. d. the information and evolution of galaxies.
a. Since the time the World Wide Fund for nature
reported 10.
b. that more than 22 species of wild felines have a. Susana earned money for her vacation
declining b. by working in an antique store all summer
c. different non-government agencies have given c. but the amount was inefficient
their support d. for all that she needed
d. to the program that would protect the species.
3. a. The eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991
a. The threat of deculturation b. was one of the many misfortunes
b. now hangs over many small ethnic minority c. to wreak havoc
c. that are scattered d. in Central Luzon.
d. in the depths of many forests.
4. a. After participating the fertility rites,
a. Unclean water and improper disposal of waste b. the childless woman,
b. can be carried highly communicable diseases c. who was blessed with a healthy baby
c. because of their injurious effects d. experienced a blissful and contented life.
d. to human life.
5. a. Media produce
a. Language was brought into the spotlight b. a sociology phenomenon
b. as a crucial factor c. such as psychological, moral, and academic
c. for Nigeria’s social, economic, and the political confusion
future d. about the present culture.
d. because multilingualism inevitably results in
communication problems. 14.
a. Concentrating on the physical intricacies
6. b. of different pose of the body
a. The failure of tree-planting project was due to the c. forced one to filter out
inconsistent reforestation program d. physiological anxieties.
b. haphazard community tree-planting schemes,
and meddling practices of indifference individuals 15.
c. who reduced the anti-erosion fences a. Any nation
d. just to benefit their pasture land businesses b. that aspires to elevate morality
c. will have difficulty
7. d. stamp out prostitution
a. Because of new coffee growers
b. flooding the global market,
c. the official price of a pound of coffee in the United