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Arun Dada

& US
MARCH 17 ~ MAY 11, 2019
Welcome to US

As we awaited Arun Dada and Jignasha’s arrival, there was an anticipation in me that I was about to meet an amazing, yet
humble, man. I had memorized some Gujarati — ­ “America ma svagata che” and “Tamne maline anand thaiyo.” After quite
a wait, we welcomed Arun Dada and Jignasha to the U.S. for their very first visit. They couldn’t miss us with the Earth flag
and Audrey’s “Welcome” sign in a font only she can do! After lots of pictures, some of Audrey’s homemade vegan cook-
ies, and hugs around, we were off to the car. Arun Dada was spry as a chick, as they say in the midwest. I could hardly
believe I was in the presence of someone who worked so closely with Vinoba. I had only read stories of Arun Dada. As
we walked, Arun Dada reached over and put his hand on mine as I was pushing the cart of luggage. I remember feeling
something special. It felt like a blessing, although without any forced intention. He just smiled. About that time I realized,
in all my excitement and anticipation, I completely forgot to introduce myself! We fixed that eventually. But me . . .
I’m just floating now, as I await his talk on Wednesday evening at the Kindness Temple. <3<3<3
With Mother Nature Awakin Circle
MARCH 19, 2019 • MARIN MARCH 20, 2019 • SANTA CLARA

Arun Dada’s gentle smile alone melted

me. He reminds me of the beauty I see
and feel when I’m out alone in nature
-- that ultimate unconditional, loving
presence and equanimity. On top of
his presence, his stories allow me to
feel the depth of devotion-led-service! I won’t forget hearing his story about asking his two-year old daughter to find out
I will forever remember his formula of “where is your fear in your body” and waiting with compassion and patience for her
service = effort divided by ego. to find it. And then having her let go of the fear into the water! ~Brinda Govindan

~Helen Kimura I’ve never been in a room with someone that embodies
fearlessness and gentleness like Arun Dada. ~Thu Nguyen
Hugs with Pancho
MARCH 22, 2019 • OAKLAND

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Serve ev
er ~Bhupe

Circle of Sharing

Thank you for sharing with us the simple insight that,

“I my life, I have learned that there is nothing to fear.”

~Colin Johnson
River of Hope Peace Summit
MARCH 26-30, 2019 • REDDING

Vinoba said, ‘When I meet a landlord with many faults and shortcomings, his egotism
is like a wall. But he has a little door, a little goodness in his heart. When you are pre-
pared to find the door, you rise above your own egotism, and you enter his life. Don’t
worry about his faults; find the door.’ Arun Dada, what I have learned from you, just
by being in your presence, is how you see that door in each of us. And that has in-
spired me to realize: maybe I can begin doing the same.
~ Aryae Coopersmith
Evening Before Gandhi Retreat
April 2019
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Arun Dada h k 2019 conference Sunday hen I held a mother who wep eyes of
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Survivors S p annel .0001% of who he is, as I looked with love into th hen he
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I was able to d and for her incarcerated on wasn’t allowed to hug then e floor
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to A ru n D a da — for his p ay so I can be more liber-
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And so so dee estions about how to get out o
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Holding the m heart were in their more usef
that my head a
S u ja th a Baliga

Your humble grace, presence, smile, overflowing love deeply moved and
touched me to my core; such an honor and blessing to be with your
beaming deep soul. I will never be the same.
~Mark Dubois
Gandhi Retreat

Arun Dada taught me that to serve many people is good, but to serve just one
person without ego is infinite. 1/0 = infinity. I have thought about that every
single day. A new form of infinite energy from the split atom. Arun Dada’s very
being exuded love and was a vivid reminder that each of us are ‘enough’ — if
only we can approach each interaction and task with the love, humility, presence
and simplicity by which Arun Dada chops vegetables!
~Preeta Bansal
Gita Circle

Arun Da
da is Sw
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died Git fied!
Awakin Circle

Being in Arun Dada’s presence is a beautiful reminder of the urgency to live our values
now, in every moment. There is no difference between this moment and that, so we
need to show up 100% with all our heart and unconditional love to serve in every
moment. His radical simplicity and deep lived wisdom is truly inspiring!
Orland Bishop Awakin Circle

About 50-60 of us crammed into Pranidhi’s and Komnieve’s space, meditated and held
space around the topic of inner-transformation driven social change. Some of the stories
Dialogue heard from gathering: laid out a pretty high bar — “If it was 1:13AM and Vinoba accidentally woke in the middle
Question: “What gives you hope in such times?” of the night, he would ask himself what time is it. If he was off by one or two minutes, he
would forgive himself. Otherwise, he would be worried that he’s losing his awareness.” The
Arun Dada: “Children” collective vibe was so strong, that by the time Dada was closing with “May all be blessed”
Another Woman: “Well, I’ve been a kindergarten teacher most of my life. chant, he spontaneously, and uncharacteristically, went into a follow-up Bengali chant —
(And I’m 96!) Kids definitely give me hope. They didn’t need to be taught May we find the strength to be free from all our knots. It was powerful. :)
love. That’s just how we’re made.” ~Circle Attendee
Hindi Circle Livingstone Live!

How much joy one gets from simply loving and giving.
Dada taught us so many things like how you defeat anyone with LOVE.

~Bharati Shah
~Maya Vishwakarma
Center for Spiritual Living Mothers Circle
APRIL 14, 2019 • VENTURA APRIL 18, 2019 • OAKLAND

Quote from the Circle

I remember an incident with my daughter when she was young -- she was about
1.5 years old. We were in Asaam, moving from one camp to another, doing the
Bhoodan Movement work. She was a very happy, carefree child, and in nature,
enjoying the rivers, the birds, the rich nature and the sun.

Arun Dada asked everyone, “If you received the grace for asking for any boon from But when we got to camp, we would be busy, getting involved in work right
God, what would you ask for?” After two minutes, he sang a poem by Roman Catho- away, and she would try to get us to play with her. After observing this for a
lic mystic who responded to that very question. You can’t feel the energy in the online week at a time (and longer), Vinoba commented, “Running one Bhoodan
video, but people were in tears without even understanding the meaning. And then he Movement and raising a child is about the same amount of work.” :)
shared the meaning, which opened it up even more. By the end, when he realized we
only had two minutes left, he held silence to see if any words needed to be said. Pin Then he thinks and changes his comment, “Actually the Bhoodan Movement
drop silence. By the end, no one could even applaud. We just waved our hands in the is probably easier, because it ends at 8PM and you go to sleep, whereas for a
air, to harmonize with the collective vibration, with an unspoken wish to pay it forward. mother there’s no rest at 8PM.”

Teen Circle
APRIL 20, 2019 • SAN JOSE

In your effort to capture the moment, you interrupt

the natural flow and lose the beauty of it.

~Komal Desai
Devotional Music Circle Talk at Heartfulness

What stayed with me is Arun Dada’s consistency of practice Once we walked together in a narrow pathway, I asked him “after you” with respect,
of values. I will always remember the homework he gave me — Arun Dada said “together”. I witnessed his profound reverence on earth.
to be able to love like Sri Radha.
~Radha Ivaturi ~Jamie Kwak

The soulful music rendered by Arun Dada silenced my mind.

~Harini Senthilvasan
Gandhi & Social Change Wildlife Sanctuary

When asked whether people gave their land to Vinoba

Arun Dada really helped me to forgive. A criminal (or such because he was good or they were good, Arun Dada said,
with whom we put labels) is only a criminal during the act “both were good... but Vinoba had faith that they were.”
of a crime. With each passing moment, he/she is changing,
just like all of us. In that regard, we’re all the same. ~Michelle Long

~Helen Kimura
Deep U Retreat
APRIL 27-28, 2019 • BANYAN GROVE

Arun Dada’s wisdom is transparent in his kind eyes, beautiful smile and
gentle songs that carry energy to us. It is incredible, his power of love.

~Taria & “Coffee Man”

City of Ten Thousand Buddhas
APRIL 29, 2019 • UKIAH

A memorable insight was: “You are only fearless when you

are not afraid of no one and no one is afraid of you.”

~Sophie Xue
11th grade, Developing Virtue Secondary School
at City of Ten Thousand Buddhas
The Pollination Project Salon Impromptu Circle
APRIL 30, 2019 • MARIN MAY 1, 2019 • SANTA CLARA

What I’ve learned from Arun Dada —

if fame finds you, surrender it.
If fortune finds you, share it.
If love finds you, embrace it. In Arun Dada, we see what emerges when we don’t think of accumulating,
If truth finds you, live in it. transacting, or scaling — we arrive deeply in the present, serve with profound
simplicity, and smile in wisdom. You then don’t aim to change a country with
~Harini Senthilvasan the power of law but by the law of love. You don’t sell your labor, but walk 6
kilometers to the nearest farm, give away your labor and walk back home for
another 6 kilometers. Life transcends greed and fear, and intellectualization of
meaning, purpose, or impact. You simply live, and such a life is a gift.

~Nipun Mehta
Stillness at the Pacific

Sitting w
ith Arun
Pacific O Dada in
cean, w s
him say hile sun ilence on a cliff
ing, “Do , wind, w overloo
n’t resist, a aves, birds, king
ssist!” I remem the
~Ari Ne
Rachel Naomi Remen Circle
MAY 3, 2019 • CONCORD

How did you grow in virtue, someone asked him. And he replied, “Unknowingly.”
Mic Drop. And it was in English, with an American accent!
~Birju Pandya

When you investigate the nature of fear, you see that it is hollow. Nothing is there.

~Richard Whitaker
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• Banyan Grove only if it it will
• Marin by God’s abides

Nor Cal East Bay ~Payal K
• Berkeley hatwani
• Concord
• Fremont
• Oakland

Half Moon Bay

Nor Cal South Bay

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Arun Dada & US