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Fallacy of Diversion in the words of

Politicians Running for Office

1. Atty. Larry Gadon- Argumentum Ad Hominem

“Kaya yan, kasinungalingan yang Pulse Asia at SWS Survey na yan, mga
bayaran, mga propagandist at mga cheaters”

Justification: This statement is a logical fallacy, specifically a type of Fallacy of

Diversion which is “Poisoning the well” . This is a direct attack of trustworthiness of
the person making the statement and instead of addressing the problem. Generally,
this is a fallacy because Atty. Gadon is directly attacking the Survey institutions and
he creates a misleading information that has no supporting evidence that can prove
his claim,

2. Atty. Larry Gadon - Ad Baculum

"Dun sa nag-oopose, ito lang ang advice ko sa kanila, put up an army and evade
China if you want, wag niyong idamay ang mga Pilipino dito. kung gusto niyo
magpakamatay, sige kayo mag giyera doon."

Justification: This statement is a logical fallacy. Specifically, Ad Baculum.

Because the statement is using fear and intimidation to force an opponent to concede an
argument, This was manifested on the line of Gadon whicxh is to “wag niyong idamay
ang mga Pilipino dito. kung gusto niyo magpakamatay, sige kayo mag giyera doon."

3. Jinggoy Estrada - Argumentum Ad Hominem

“Weather weather lang yan, kita mo ang nagpakulong saamin ni Bong Revilla, ayun
init na init na dun sa kulungan”

Justification: This statement is also ad hominem, Estrada is personally attacking De

lima who previously lead the imprisonment of Estrada and Revilla. The statement is
fallacious because the answer of Estrada was not direct and he ratified de lima

4. Sara Duterte- Ad Ignominiam

“Leni Robredo should avoid commenting about honesty and integrity. Her honesty has
been questioned since day one of her term as vice president,

Justification: This fallacious statement is under “Ad Ignominiam”, This becomes Ad

Ignominiam because her statement can be described as “shameful” and also the
statement in a way becomes a diversion from objective truth,facts,and evidence. In
addition, instead of saying that statement, she could something which is more proper
and with factual evidences.

5. Bong Go- Ad Misericordiam (Appeal to Pity)

“Nandito na si Bong Go, tulungan natin dahil mahal niya tayo”

Justification: The statement is a form of fallacy specifically, Appeal to Pity or AD Misicordiam.

because the statement tries to distract the audience from the truth and use pity or to make any
feelings of sympathy so that the audience can accept the conclusion. In this statement, we can
observe that the campaign says that we should help him to win the election because he loves us.
However, it is a fallacy because it is not true that Bong Go loves us, it is impossible because he
cannot give love to us because he don’t know about us and the campaign line is so vague and
there is no substantive or practical reason to suffice the claim.
6. Sara Duterte- An Ignominiam

"Kung ang mga HNP-supported senators ay ang sun, ang HNP ay ang moon, sila po
ay parang black hole. Very depressing, dark and very disorganized,"

Justification: The statement is an example of Ad Ignominiam, This is an appeal to

shame because Sara Duterte is telling about that their party which is HNP is better
compared to the opposition. Duterte also said that the

opposition is like the blackhole that they become so depressing, dark and very
disorganized. This is a fallacy also because it is shameful and also the statement is not
factual because there are some good and organized leader kn the opposition.

7. Sen. KoKo Pimentel - Poisoning the well

“Let us not compete sa Paramihan ng naFile. Ang iba po jan Nagkokopyahan lang!.

Hindi po ako ganyan.”

Justification: This is a Fallacy because He is trying to directly attack the opponent by his

statement “Ang iba po jan nagkokopyahan lang!” and trying to distract the listeners that he is

like that by also stating that “hindi po ako ganyan” he was able to discount the credibility of his


8. . Gen. Ronald Dela Rosa- Argumentum Ad Misericordiam

“Ang aking pananagutan jan ay consensya lamang. Ako’y nakokonsensya dahil nangyari

yan during my time”

Justification: This statement is a Fallacy because he’s trying to distract the audience with the
truth claiming that he is only at fault due to his conscience and avoiding the accusations against

him. He is using sympathy in a way that he is trying to use his conscience of feeling guilty that it

happened during his time.

9. Sen. KoKo Pimentel - Ad Populum (bandwagon)

“Ang aking binigyan po ng priority ay yung Pangako Campaign Promises ni President

Duterte. Kaya nga ang mga Pangako ni President Duterte ay hindi napako.”

Justification: This is a fallacy because it attracts the people to believe that the Pangako

Campaign Promises of President Duterte is effective because of his statement saying that “lahat

ng pangako ni President Duterte ay hindi napako”. He’s trying to create Bandwagon to attract

people to believe in his statement.

10. Gen. Ronald Dela Rosa - To Quo Que

Opponent: bakit nyo po ginamit ang salitang Neutralize na ang masamang ibig sabihin nyan ay


Gen. Dela Rosa: Ang masama jan, kasi kayo nagbigay ng masamang meaning ng Neutralize!.

Justification: This is a fallacy because he defended himself by the criticism that was put against

him by accusing the critic of the same thing that the critic accuses him. He was able to divert the

accusations against him by his statement.

Group 2 - Fallacy of Diversion

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