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Mechanical Engg.

-Lab Details

Location of Area of
Sr. No. Laboratory Name Laboratory Resources/Equipment
Laboratory Laboratory

Universal testing machine

1 Metallurgy D-005 59 sq meter Belt grinder

Double disc publishing machine

A-208A 73 sq meter Celling Mount kit,Projector(LCD)

2 CAD/CAM/CAE ANSYS Academic Teaching Introductory 25 tasks
A-208B 73 sq meter
CATIA Software

Universal Vibration Lab (Vibration lab) Test Rig.

Dynamics Of
3 D-004 65 sq meter Whirling of Shaft apparatus
Motorised Gyroscope

Gas calorimeter
4 D-001 68 sq meter Bomb calorimeter
Two Stage Air Compressor

Venturimeter & Orifice meter

Bernoulli's apparatus
5 Mechanics/Industrial D-001A 66 sq.meter Electro Hyd. Trainer
Fluid Power
Gear Pump Test Rig

Electro Pneumatic Trainer

Francis turbine test rig.

6 Fluid Machinary B-104 54 sq meter
Pelton wheel turbine test rig

Universal Governor Apparatus

7 Theory Of Machine D-006 66 sq meter
Rope brake Dynamometer

Forced convection apparatus

8 Heat Transfer D-007 68 sq meter
Pin-fin apparatus

9 Refrigeration And D-002 68 sq meter Air conditioning

Air Conditioner Vapor absorption refrigeration

P.I.D Trainer
10 Mechatronics/
P.L.C Trainer/Sensors
Metrology & Quality D-003 67 sq meter
Profile Projector
11 Control
Surface Plate, TMM, PP

Internal Combustion Smoke Meter & Three Way Gas Analyzer

12 D-001 68 sq meter
Engine/ AT Engine test Set up VCR

Milling Machine
13 Workshop 200 sq meter Radial Drilling
Lathe Machines

PC(DELL) On Rent basis

14 PG CAD Lab A-209A 73 sq meter ANSYS-13.0

CNC Lathe Tratner

CNC Mill Trainer
Educational Robot
Flexible Automatic Storage And Retrieval System
Automatic Guided Vehicle
Manufacturing &
15 B-101 108 sq meter Assembly Station
Automation Lab