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Song Notes: (HRC Part 1)

Lettuce Notes

 Tempo – can be a little faster.

 Horns 2nd line, late on the 4th sixteenth note.
 Rhythm section – triplets in opening riff tend to drag.
 2/4 bar – needs rehearsing, there is uncertainty about where this is.
 After solo – needs to be clear where we go back to – is this B section?
 Ending – definitely needs to be 4 times (my bad)
 Tempo even slower by the end.

Latin 4: Nature Boy –

 Keys can come under introduction (ella’s story)

 Tpt solo opens both this and vente? – there’s always Tpt solos in both – can we open with a sax?
 Natureboy 1st ending rhythm – just once.
 Solos in fast section – need to be traded in an agreed form. This section doesn’t need to go on so long?

Pink Panther

 Fast Swing – melody needs checking (notes and rhythm)

 Fast swing is working better with more snare
 Solo section – length of this should be agreed – coming out of it was messy – who is calling the new melody.
 Fluttertounge and falls – can we add these to the melody – more character.


 Spare vocal mics need to be ready.

 Solos should be traded here (mine is too long)
 Horn Riff – harmonies?
 Cut into vocals – all watch max, a few of us missed the stop.
 In stops – piano plays chords, so horns should to.
 Chorus – horns should be doing somethings – any ideas?
 Hand-held percussion in breakdown? – all horns and vocals play something?
 Claps – need a set point to cut off before playing again.

Feeling Good

 Tempo rocks in places throughout.

 Pickup after vocals – needs to be called/shown bigger as we didn’t all start together or agree the same speed.
 End of solo (and in solo), horns need to play descending line – clear lead for Vox.


 No drums at the beginning (H-H click if something has to happen) – just bass if possible? Check notes – maybe back
rec. but I don’t her GBbBC at the end/lead of each riff.
 No keys until 16 bars after drums (8 after horns – check all harmonies are being played) keys come in on Ab chord.
 1st trumpet break only half as long as we did it. Piano pedal smushy gliss under first 3 notes on pickup.
 Keys (and other rhythm?) in Chorus and Verse A parts, chords are CM Fm G (someone is slipping an Eb, which makes
it sound like Fm7 or Abmaj… which needs to be saved for B part)
 After shock chords (before keys) needs a one bar drum fill under chromatic horn line.
 Short trumpet/clarinet lick in Vs 2 – needs fluttertounge. (and in Vs 3)
 Horn lines in keys solo should be there (couldn’t hear them on recording)
 Everyone drop volume more at the end of keys solo. – should be a quick tom fill in 16ths (one drum only) to lead in.
 Build before final chorus – rushes. Keep steady and build slowly. Needs low tenor immediately.
 Clear cut off from build – watch, or count, should be same everytime.
 Chorus does go 4 times on trumpet melody. If other horns are playing, they need to do variations as on the dots.
 Finish all cut off with Charlie – just trumpet on last phrase (unless we go for ‘B’ option)


 Quick changes between songs – dustin was ready way before us, even after his ‘story’. Could we have printed sets on
the floor around the stage?
 Make sure we are doing in it in dustin’s key – different to Owen’s.
 Responses to dustin – are we all vocals, all instrumental or split – does this change between verses?
 Fills in between lines – could we swap instruments on each verse – I feel this on every verse.
 Second solo – can this be a sax? I don’t need two in a row!