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This marketing proposal, designed by Digilancer is

created exclusively for use by Dapper Designz

Situational Analysis Digilancer’s

Advantage Strategic Marketing
Focus Areas
Content Distribution and Social Media
Search Engine Optimization
Strategic Partnerships
Proposed Deliverables and Timeline
Leadership Team
Fees and Financial
Terms and Conditions
Situational Analysis
Dapper Designz offers a highly scalable platform that is growing quickly and is positioned to
become the frontier in accessible and intuitive industry solutions.

However, without a strategic, focused and highly scalable plan to exponentially acquire
and retain new market segments and users, Dapper Designz can risk experiencing a slow
growth process and lose users to potential competitors.

To ensure that Dapper Designz acquires and retains users in key market segments –
namely the marriage ready individuals, the company needs to have a strong strategic
marketing plan to realize its goals.

Digilancer’s Advantage
Digilancer is uniquely qualified to help Dapper Designz achieve its goals because of our
proven experience and approach. Key reasons to retain Digilancer include:

We have a strong background in developing and executing strategic marketing plans

for companies in young markets.
We specialize in acquiring and retaining users in key market segments -- including the
events and conferences industry, retail and e-commerce, real estate, media and
educational institutions -- that are essential to Dapper Designz's success.
Our team has combined enthusiasts who have experience in online marketing, public
relations, thought leadership and content marketing.
We have a track record of delivering exceptional results at a competitive overall cost.

Strategic Marketing Focus Areas

To ensure that Dapper Designz acquires and retains new users, improves its digital
presence, and secures high-value partners, the company needs to focus on the following
key marketing strategies:
Content Distribution and Social Media

1. Use select earned media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to strategically
funnel customers towards Dapper Designz's site and acquire new users;
2. Utilize social media to share unique educational content and create a supportive,
credible and internationally focused culture to ultimately enable users to become
fans and channels for the Dapper Designz brand; and
3. Recognize and reward users for inviting their contacts to Dapper Designz's platform.

To maximize resources, Digilancer will gain sign off on the initial high-level marketing
strategy with the Dapper Designz's leadership team, execute upon the day-to- day growth
marketing activities and manage existing marketing channels such as content distribution,
SEO, and development of strategic partnerships. The initial three-month high-level plan
and timeline to achieve these desired objectives is outlined below.
Proposed Deliverables
and Timeline


Identify the largest and most scalable partners in each target market segment.

Develop messaging for each key partner for all marketing channels and the unique benefits of
using Dapper Designz for their organization(s).

Develop proof points and address concerns with becoming a Dapper Designz customer (e.g. obtain
industry specific case studies and testimonials).

Define Target Market Insights and Data: It’s important to set benchmarks for where you are now, so
you can look back at your progress in the future and see how far you’ve come. You also want to note
down how much you know about your target market–since this is what your product/service should
revolve around and cater to.

Gaining Competitive Intelligence: How well do you know your direct competitors? How about the
competitors that seem light years ahead of you? In this task, we go over different techniques that will
help you gain the competitive edge and learn important information about your competitors.

Create Branding and Core Story: Can you identify the most powerful and persuasive asset of your
business? It’s your brand. In this we ll cover the essentials of crafting a 0brand, telling your brand
story, naming products, and creating a UVP and USP.

Find out Persuasion Essentials: This includes the fundamentals of understanding persuasion as a
psychological selling tool, why you should care more about what your client is experiencing and
saying than what you have to say, and how you can set yourself up to be a leader in your industry.
This gives you a well-rounded foundation for being a better persuader and communicator with your
target market.

Creating initial lead database using Facebook and Linkedin .


Crafting a Sales Process: Do you have a well-thought out and engineered sales process? This is a
MAJOR step towards growing your business and being more successful. We will also develop a
strategy with the Dapper Designz team to ‘widen the funnel’ for each of the key market segments
identified using social media, content marketing and PR.

Creating a Lead Magnet: The best asset you can collect from your target audience is their contact
information. This is step one in the sales funnel process. Also we will also maintain Dapper
Designz’s social media presence in line with its brand and growth objectives to nurture better
response in this process.

Creating a Tripwire: Now that you’ve gotten your target market’s contact information… The next
step is to transform them from a simple opt-in, into a buyer. A tripwire is first initial offer you make
to your client. The right definition for this can make you stand out from your competitors.

Starting Email Sequences: We’ll start creating email sequences that draw your email list closer to
your brand, entice them to buy your offers, and take them from the psychology of a simple opt-in, to
actually using your product/service.

Creating a Core Offer: This will cover formulating your core offer, making it irresistible, and
optimizing it for the best possible conversion.
Creating Profit Maximizers: Creating a set of profit maximizers on hand is a great strategy to
improving the ROI of your sales funnel, and offering additional value to your list of buyers.


Create Lead to Customer Conversion Sequences: This step basically targets to enhance email
conversion sequences.

Creating a Converting Webinar: Webinars are being used more now, than ever, by online
marketers and are an essential way to convert customers. It can be skipped if you opt to make
Vlogs as mentioned in second month.

Develop a list of targeted reporters and bloggers and interact with them weekly on Twitter for
public relations purposes (e.g. future news story in months 5-6).

Develop the Dapper Designz news story and key supporting angles.

Identify a target list of 25 bloggers and communities to engage with on a weekly basis.

Obtain and post testimonials from key customers on the Dapper Designz site.

Start Traffic Tracking: This includes lead source tracking and optimization, metrics, data, and
KPIs, the math to tracking conversion, and user tracking (via Google and a few other tools).
This will also include link tracking, a review of segmentation, Google analytics for email
tracking, tracking the overall campaign for performance, lead tracking.

Start Retargeting and Pixels campaigns: Retargeting leads with additional ads and messages
can increase your ROI by as much as 24%. So in this month we’ll start retargeting campaigns
based on data obtained from previous campaigns.
Leadership Team
Mohit will be the Account Manager, responsible for
overseeing the team, ensuring goals and milestones are
met, and guaranteeing a smooth execution of the strategic
marketing plan. Mohit has over 4 years of experience in
project management and holds a B.Tech from VIT Vellore,

Arka will be the Social Media Manager and Coordinator,

responsible for developing and posting social media
content. Arka is an avid social media expert and has over
five years of experience working in this role.

Hardic will be the Marketing Co-coordinator, responsible for

creating work schedules, preparing reports on SEO analytics,
and support the development of messaging. Hardic has
several years of experience in marketing and holds a
BTech from VIT Vellore, University
Fees and Financial
The fee is for the services outlined above. The cost breakdown of the aforementioned
marketing strategy is as follows:
Service charge For Creative development, Paid Media management, SEO, Acquisition
Marketing, And Lead generation: Rs 150,000/- Monthly.
Boosting Budget: Average spent of Rs 200,000 Monthly.
This will allow us to generate 35-50 leads a day which can be estimated to give your
business of Rs.25,00,000 – Rs.30,00,000 a month.
Payment Cycle: 50% advance and rest after delivery for the first Month.
Service Channels: Facebook, Linkedin, Google and Youtube.

Terms and Conditions

If there are additional deliverables requested outside of the scope of this agreement, the
Dapper Designz will provide an estimate for approval to the Digilancer.
The Digilancer and Dapper Designz agree to the following terms and schedule:
Digilancer will invoice Dapper Designz prior to the last day of each milestone period.
Payment is due to Digilancer in seven days within receipt of the invoice.

Late Fees and Interest

Invoices not paid within 30 days of the invoice date will accrue interest at 1.5% per month.
Upon written or verbal cancellation, the Dapper Designz is responsible for payment for
any work done toward the completion of the project based on the percentage of project
completed. Should Dapper Designz cancel the project following its completion, Dapper
Designz is responsible for full payment as per the above estimate.
Your signature below indicates acceptance of this marketing proposal. Your initial payment
per the terms above will also represent acceptance of this proposal, and entrance into a
contractual agreement with Digilancer.

Digilancer Dapper Designz

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