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Upon doing this activity, I've learned such things that makes me a better individual in this society. In
order to achieve your goals, you must be patient and courageous. Just like what on the saying, "pag may
tiyaga, may nilaga", so if you worked hard for it with passion and positive thinking; it will be
great.Literally, we plant crops such as legumes, radish,tomato, camote, pechay, eggplant and etc. Many
weeks had passed and we are overwhelmed of the result. All our hardworks were paid off.

I am really fond of planting and it serves as my hobby. Seeing your plants to grow is a very nice
scene that it feels like an achievement especially if it is your first time to plant.They say that if you can
easily make plants grow, you have a green thumb but I don't know either if I have one.Planting also
makes you a responsible person in the way that you are responsible for watering and taking care of your
plants.Plants also need a positive aura because I believe that plants absorb the negativity and positivity
of the surroundings or of the person.Aside from that, it will be a big help for all the living things.If we
continue planting and taking care of plants and trees, it can help us to prevent landslides and flash
floods.It also help in having a clean and fresh air that we breath.Most of all, every plants gives color to
the world and saves lot of lives.

Roxas, Jon Carlo B.

As we start NSTP I really no idea on what we are going to do with this subject. But when we start I learn
that in NSTP you can learn to collaborate with your group and be responsible with the task that is
assigned to you. I also learn to plan well so that will so that I can achieve good outcome like we did in our
project proposal. In NSTP I also learn to care not just with yourself but also with the environment and
community that you are living. Being responsible with your community will help your community to
improve. As we started with our project which is Campus Ground Improvement and Green Revolution,
we started first on clearing the ground and making plots. In doing this, I learn to make plots that the
plants could live. After that we plant our seeds. In doing this we learn to work as a team so that all the
task will be faster. In the beginning I thought that the plants we plant there will not live because of the
type soil there. But when plants started to grow the feeling is unexplainable and I see smile on the faces
of my classmates. In overall in making this project I am proud with my self and with my fellow classmates
because our project was successful and the same time we were also able to help the community.