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End of term 1: Test A Name: __________________ Total: __/100

4 Match the pictures to the activities. (__/5)

1 Write the names of the people on the
picture. (__/5)

1 4
3 D E F

wash the car A

1 do the ironing ___
2 make the bed ___
3 clean the bathroom ___
4 do the washing up ___
Jill 1 _______ 2 _______ 3 _______ 5 cook ___
4 _______ 5 _______

Jill is quite tall. She’s got long blond hair and Grammar
5 Complete the conversation with the correct
Mary is very tall. She’s got short brown hair
form of have got. Use short forms where
and glasses. possible. (__/6)
Sam is medium-height. He’s got short black Mum We ’ve got new neighbours.
hair and glasses. Amy Really? (1) _____ they _____ a dog?
Mr Bell has got a beard. He’s quite short. Mum No, they (2) _____. They’ve got two
Mr Cliff has a beard and a moustache. He’s cats.
tall. Amy Great! Are there any children?
Anne is tall. She’s got shoulder-length hair Mum There’s a boy. His name’s Andy.
and glasses. Amy (3) _____ he _____ a bike?
Mum Yes, he (4) _____. He’s got a new BMX
2 Match the halves of the phrases. (__/5) bike.
do your toes Amy I (5) _______ a new bike. My bike’s old!
1 touch on one leg Mum Amy! You (6) ______ a new skateboard
2 cross a headstand and a new mobile phone!
3 stand on your hands
6 Tick (9) the correct sentence a or b. (__/4)
4 walk the splits
5 do your legs a My brother can English well.
b My brother can speak English well. 9
3 Write the jobs next to the workplaces. (__/5) 1 a I can’t to do a cartwheel.
b I can’t do a cartwheel.
doctor waiter assistant nurse chef teacher 2 a Can you speak Spanish well?
b Can you Spanish well speak?
1 hospital ___n_
s_e__ and ________ 3 a Maria can plays the piano.
2 school ________ b Maria can play the piano.
3 shop ________ 4 a Can Tony to swim? Yes, he can to.
4 restaurant ________ and ________ b Can Tony swim? Yes, he can.

7 Complete the conversation. (__/6) 10 Complete the questions and short answers.
Write do, does, don’t or doesn’t. (__/5)
are there any are there any is there a Q Do you like ice cream?
no, there aren’t yes, there is there isn’t a
A Yes, I do .
there are some
1 Q _____ you and your family live in Spain?
Ann What’s your town like? A No, we _____.
Bill It’s quite big. 2 Q _____ your dad play football?
Ann Are there any skyscrapers? A Yes, he _____.
Bill (1) ______________. It’s a very old town. 3 Q _____ your teachers give you a lot of
Ann (2) ______________ good shops? homework?
Bill Yes. (3) ______________ good shops in A Yes, they _____.
the centre of the town. 4 Q _____ your best friend speak Chinese?
Ann (4) ______________ cinema? A No, she _____.
Bill (5) ______________. There’s a cinema 5 Q _____ you have a part-time job?
and a theatre. A No, I _____.
Ann There’s a cinema in my town, but
11 Underline the correct words. (__/5)
(6) ______________ theatre.
Q What/Where/When do you live?
8 Order the words to make imperative A I live in Cardiff.
sentences. (__/4) 1 Q What/Where/When school do you go to?
sing/don’t/the/in/classroom A We go to Newby School.
Don’t sing in the classroom. 2 Q What/Where/When time do you get up?
1 your/in/your/do/homework/bedroom A I get up at half past seven.
__________________________________ 3 Q What/Where/When does your dad work?
2 put/shelves/the/the/on/books A He works in a factory.
__________________________________ 4 Q What/Where/When do you do sport?
3 the/on/write/don’t/walls A I do sport on Monday and Thursday.
__________________________________ 5 Q What/Where/When time do your lessons
4 up/your/pick/pencils finish?
__________________________________ A They finish at half past three.

12 Write sentences. Use a verb + gerund. (__/4)

9 Complete the text. Use the present simple.
(__/8) I/hate/do/homework
My name’s Kim and I ___li_
e__ (live) in York. I hate doing homework.
My dad (1) ________ (work) in a car factory. 1 Peter/not like/tidy his room.
My mum (2) ________ (not work) in a factory. __________________________________
She’s a hairdresser. 2 Jo and Alec//like/dance
I’m a student at Newby School. My best __________________________________
friend is Sally. She (3) ________ (go) to Newby 3 we/not mind/get/up early
School too. The teachers at the school are __________________________________
nice. They (4) ________ (not give) us a lot of 4 I/love/watch/DVDs
homework. __________________________________
Saturday is my favourite day of the week.
13 Complete the table. (__/4)
I (5) ________ (not get up) early on Saturday!
I (6) ________ (tidy) my bedroom in the possessive possessive possessive possessive
morning. In the afternoon Sally and I adjective pronoun adjective pronoun
(7) ________ (go) shopping. We (8) ________
my (1) _____ her (3) _____
(not buy) anything, but we have a good time.
your yours our ours
his (2) _____ their (4) _____

End of term 1: Test A Name: __________________ Total: __/100

14 Complete the questions. (__/4)

Whose coat is that? Writing
1 ________ dictionary ________ this?
It’s mine. 16 Answer the questions with information
2 ________ bags ________ these? about you. (__/10)
They’re ours. 1 What’s your name?
3 ________ dog ________ that? __________________________________
It’s Mary’s. 2 How old are you?
4 ________ photos ________ those? __________________________________
They’re Tony’s. 3 Are you French?
Reading 4 Where are you from?
5 Who is your best friend?
15 Read the text. Are the sentences true or __________________________________
false? (__/10)
6 What is the name of your school?
I’m Alex. I’m 14 and I’m from Filey. I’m quite __________________________________
tall. I’ve got brown hair and green eyes. 7 Who is your English teacher?
My dad is a chef. He works in a restaurant.
8 Are your teachers strict?
My mum has a job in a bike shop. She works
in the mornings. In the afternoon she tidies
9 What are your favourite subjects?
the house and cooks dinner.
I go to Manor School in Filey. There are thirty 10 What is your favourite colour?
girls and boys in my class. We’ve got a nice __________________________________
teacher. His name is Mr Black. My favourite
subject is music. I love singing and I can play
the piano. I don’t like maths or science.
Listening  2.44
Filey is a great town. It’s next to the sea. 17 Listen and underline the words you hear.
There are some fantastic beaches here. (__/10)
I love going to the beach at the weekend. Her name is Elena/Fiona.
I meet my friends and we swim in the sea. 1 She lives in Spain/England.
2 Her parents have a restaurant/shop.
Alex is thirteen years old. False
3 Her dad is a doctor/waiter.
1 He lives in Filey. _______
4 Elena has got long red/short brown hair.
2 His dad is a waiter in a restaurant.
5 Elena and Fiona go to St John’s/St
Mark’s School.
3 His mum is a shop assistant. _______
6 They are in the 5th/6th year.
4 Alex cooks dinner for his parents. _______
7 Their teacher is Mr Jones/Miss Jones.
5 Alex goes to a boys’ school. _______
8 Elena works on Saturdays/Sundays.
6 He likes music. _______
9 Her dad gives her £15/£25.
7 He can’t play a musical instrument.
10 Elena spends her money on books/CDs.
8 Filey is next to the sea. _______
9 There aren’t any beaches in Filey.
10 Alex goes swimming with his parents at the
weekend. _______