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Physics AL & ASL Past-Examination Questions


In an experiment, a student takes several readings of the variables x and y. He plots a graph of log y
against log x and finds that it is a straight line of gradient m, making an intercept c on the positive
log y axis.

The relation between x and y is

A. y = axm where log a = c

B. y = a + xm where log a = c
C. y = ax 1 / m where log a = c
D. y = b + xm where log c = b
E. y = bxm where log c = b


The graph above shows how the count rate A of a radioactive source as measured by a Geiger-
counter varies with time t:

The relationship between A and t is

A. A = 2.5 e10t
B. A = 12 e10t
C. A = 2.5 e0.1t
D. A = 12 e0.1t
E. A = 12 e0.1t

Basic Knowledge (1. Graphical Method  M.C.)