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UNIT 4 Project Proposal Template

Centre name Ravensbourne University Centre no. 14271

Student name Sienna Ellis Blake Candidate no. 1028567005

Project title Unravel

Date 14/02/19

Pathway Visual Communication Design

Section 1: Rationale (approx. 150 words)

During the Visual Communication Design pathway, I have learnt several transferable
creative skills. I investigated how to create a hardback book from scratch, binding
techniques and how to make a visually engaging front cover. I also had the opportunity
to further develop my skills with InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.
My project expands my creative practice because I can experiment with film, sound and
storyboarding and photography. In my own time, I have found that the skills I have
learnt in term 2 have heavily informed these creative practices. The most useful skill I
have strengthened is storyboarding as it will make my final outcome flow better.
Section 2: Project concept (approx. 250 words)
The format of my FMP will be a short video and a shoot based on psychosis. I’d like to
create an abstract piece based on my experience, emotions and others’ accounts. The
practical skills I will utilise include film, styling, stop motion, editing and photography.
(why did you choose psychosis and insert artist references with pictures). Resources I
will need are a laptop, camera, tripod, make-up, clothing, plasticine, accessories and
likely lights. To use the 8 weeks I have to its full potential I will thoroughly explore the
different contextual avenues of psychosis in a film, while giving time to trial my fmp as a
shoot, animation and a mixed media piece. This research will give me the opportunity to
create a unique yet cohesive final piece and will allow for many changes in creative
direction throughout my project. To experiment with how I want my outcome to appear, I
can change the way it’s edited, filmed, and the sound design to find the correct portrayal
of what I and others have experienced in an abstract way. Using visual media for my
final outcome will allow my experiences to be accessible to my audience as well as
giving them the opportunity to draw parallels to their experiences. My intended audience
is teens-young adults, with an interest in psychology, or experience with mental health
issues. It’s something that isn’t often touched on in media (If so, the focus is
schizophrenia) so I’d like to show how all experiences can be different. I don’t want the
outcome to focus on me, so if storyboarded with characters, they can be
interchangeable, so it’s easier to insert yourself in the experience. I will also try to make
it literal at points, but I’m mainly keeping it abstract cause things I’ve seen and
experienced are difficult to recreate without a mass of equipment and money. I will
document my process using my blog and sketchbook, uploading clips and screenshots
to my blog and general brainstorming and storyboarding in my book.
Section 3: Evaluation (approx. 100 words)
I’ll evaluate my progress by weighing up my intentions with what I have created each
week. To ensure that my project is not too insular and inaccessible I will explore the
shared experiences of altered states and reference relevant contextual research
papers. I will also use peer feedback to hear some ideas, interpretations, and possible
tweaks to the film. I plan to speak to people in media and fashion promo during my fmp,
as they have more experience with films and shoots. Trial and error will allow me to
refine my work as well as discovering routes and techniques I did not expect to work. To
assure that this project is seen through appropriately I will manage my time and refer to
art, film and photography to stay inspired. Furthermore, I will utilise a visual diary to
record my process and take in information that can inform my work from the world
around me.
Proposed research sources and bibliography (Harvard format)
Enter The Void (2010) Gaspar Noe [film] France: Wild Bunch Distribution
Paprika (2006) Satoshi Kon [fim] Japan: Sony Pictures Entertainment
A Scanner Darkly (2006) Richard Linklater [film] United Kingdom: Warner Independent
Shock Corridoor (1967) Samuel Fuller [film] United States: ​Allied Artists Pictures

Perkins Gilman, Charlotte (1982) The Yellow Wallpaper. ​The New England Magazine
Lovecraft, H.P. (1918) ​The Beast in The Cave​ [book] Athol, Mass.: W. Paul Cook

Psychosis: Psychological, Social and Integrative Approaches. (2010-present).
Psychosis,​ [online] Available at: [Accessed 22
Feb. 2019]

Van Gogh, V. (1885). ​The Potato Eaters.​ [Oil on canvas] Amsterdam: Van Gogh

Project action plan and timetable

Week Date week Activity/what you intend to do - Resources/what you will need to
beginning including independent study do - including access to resources
Research collect experiences to map out in Journals
Week an abstract form. Find psychology Laptop
studies/personal accounts visual diary
describing other’s experiences with people to interview (possibly)
psychosis. Also look at related

1 plan any styling/makeup/costume Sketchbook

ideas & storyboard.Sketching art materials
costume/accessory ideas in detail styling materials
with the materials needed makeup
Figure out what can be done with
my clothes and whether I will need
to buy alternatives
Try costume makeup on my face to
see if I have the correct resources

film some first draft scenes. Film Camera

2 my rough storyboard using myself actors/models
and whoever is available for a few lighting equipment
hours to figure out pacing, lighting, location
and plot. I do not have any storyboard
professional lighting so finding out FL studio
as soon as possible whether I will Learn how to use premiere pro
need to purchase it. I will also
experiment with sound, effects, and

try out stop motion for the things I plasticine

3 can’t use people & effects for ie camera
small animals and bugs.plasticine, laptop
camera, laptop. I have previous storyboard
experience. I will use the week to
perfect technique and see if it fits
the vibe of the film. I will splice the
footage into my drafted film.
14/4/19 tweak storyboard, plan about Sketchbook
4 sound/music, finalise possible visual diary
costume(s) Anything found to be laptop with FL studios
wrong in the first trial will be sketchbook
replanned. I will experiment with FL
studio to see if I can create the
music myself.

second trial of scenes now filming Costumes

5 with costumes and makeup, I will makeup
see how clearly my idea is put camera
across. storyboard

do a shoot (as backup), A lot more camera

6 editing can be done with the image. visual diary
A shoot using multiple laptop
images/scenes could be used if the storyboard
film is not strong/clear.

7 film finalised laptop

scenes/tweaking/spare time for sketchbook
problem solving & shoot if preferred visual diary
outcome premiere pro

8 finalising and editing the film laptop

visual diary
premiere pro