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1. Importance of dating
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Includes in the discussions the following: The importance of Only 3 out of the four is Only 2 is discussed Only 1 is Incorrect and
1. Development of poise in social situations – dating allows the person to learn how to behave and handle dating is discussed discussed the discussion is
himself/herself. Learn gender skills enumerated but not related to
2. Development of social skills. – provides the person the opportunity to experience communicating with the discussion is Discussion somewhat Discussion is too Discussion not the importance
the other sex very limited gives as a picture on long and unrelated related of dating as
3. Gain understanding of the opposite sex. – allows each person to understand behaviors , thoughts and why dating is important provided for.
actions of the opposite sex . Learns how to behave and act towards these behaviors as expected and
accepted by society
4. Development of sense of humor – that you may laugh at your mistakes in dealing with the opposite sex.
That mistakes makes you a better person and that the opportunity t o learn is a welcome not a negative

Discussions are sound

2. What does bobby want

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Going all the way – is another term for having sex. In today’s relationship, most young people consider sex as
a part of that relationship. Sex may not be an expression of love. Considering the ages of Bobby and Elaine,
sex here is a way of exploring and discovering the physical aspect of the relationship. Not much thought is
taken into account. It is a moment of desire

3. If Elaine says “yes” to him, will it mean she him very much
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Saying “yes” at that moment may not be translated to Love, as Elaine is too young to understand the full
meaning of the word. She may have given in because of the moment and because of the pressure
5. How might involvement in premarital sex spoil Elaine’s future and prevent her from realizing her goal

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The following consequences may occur as a result of premarital sex
1. If she gets regnant because of unsafe sex practice – she can be a mother at an early age. The status of
single parent comes with great responsibility – to that of her child and to herself. Her studies may not
progress as it should
2. If she and Bobby do not end married with each other. She may be “spoiled” for her next relationship.
In the Filipino culture, the value of modesty is still held high by many. Elaine may feel used and may
have doubts and suspicions when she gets into the next relationship.