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Tax Invoice/Bill of Supply/Cash Memo

(Original for Recipient)

Sold By: Billing Address:

Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited (India) Tamilarasan AG
One George Street #09-01 9th Floor, Building Number 10,, DLF IT PARK
Singapore, Singapore, 049145 ,RAMAPURAM

GST Registration No: 9917SGP29004OSN

Order Number: D01-4881143-2952625 Invoice Number: IN-3005161
Order Date: 24.12.2018 Invoice Details: 170323021-1819
Invoice Date: 24.12.2018

Sl. Unit Net Tax Tax Tax Total

Description Quantity
No Price Amount Rate Type Amount Amount
1 Aranmanai Ragasiyam (Tamil)
Rs.47.62 1 Rs.47.62 5% IGST Rs.2.38 Rs.50.00
TOTAL: Rs.2.38 Rs.50.00
Amount in Words:
Fifty only
For Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited (India):

Service Accounting Code for Kindle/Ebooks: 998431

Authorized Signatory

Regd Office: Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited

One George Street
#09-01, Singapore 049145
Republic of Singapore
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