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“This Retail Agency Dstruton Agreameni(“Agreement [RETAIL AGENCY DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT is made at HYDERABAD, nda on ths 20 Gay of 20t9 (execution Oat’), by and between the partes named in Schedule I hereto. WHEREAS, RRL is engaged in the busness of wholesale and real of varous products end ‘Siiiove, and has eppreved the eppoinment of Retal Agent as an agant of OA for sale ond ‘Seuton of coat products and services to Consumers recy andlor ough various desler! fetes TELANGANA ("Tertory", NOW THEREFORE, tho Pars hereto agro as follows 1 \ve ee ‘DEERITIONS “The capalzed terms defined under rectal or uses shall ear he same meaning throushout the Ageorent which fe assigned to tam under the respecive causes or rectal vnless ‘elned In Schedule of Hie Agrooment APPOINTMENT OF RETAIL AGENT 24. Subject tothe tems and conditons ofthis Agreement and wih prior writen consent of FRC. DA hereby spponts Reta Agent and Ratat Agent heeby aczepis appiniment 3& fr agent nthe Temtory, for sala‘and detrouon of Proguls andlor Senices fo end onaumers, on 2 nor-axchsie basis. 22. Rela Agent acknowledges that ts scing fr the limited purpose of tis Agreement and ‘fall ne be corsued. i any manner whatsoever 2s an employee or parne «ont “ture of RAL alo is Aiea al Agent shal have igh whatsoever to ther (Misancse or aubscsnee the igh ven hereunder. 123, Subject othe terms, conditions, resttions and lntations se forth in hs Agreement, ‘be GA hercbyexpresiy autores tha Real Agent oa: n boa of DA fr te eng to dtibuting the Products andor Services under this Agreemant and Reta Agent ‘eondtonaly sprees thie aganey and fo take all econ necessary or cesable the Selsacton of DA nthe condit of the above mention business. Further, Real Agent Shall perform or cause the perfomance of any other acts necessary or desrabe (2s ‘easonetlyceterined by te Real Ager) n connection wit te sale snd dstibvion of Froduots tndlor Services in accowance wth Applicable Laws. Retall Agent shal i fe fangs act honesby and faituly tothe DA\and shall cary out all he orders and feucens of OA witout any deur. 24. Noitstanding anything contained herein, Rell! Agent shall conduct business and sell {ha itroute Products tnd Services and cterwis conduct hs business pursuant os Dareomeat as an agent of DA 134, etal Agent shal place orders forthe Products andlor materials relate to Sences DA {br the purpose of ensurng thal the demand hore is contnualy seniced sta thet arate do nol develop Inthe market. The proresses related (0 pscng orbs for Products andor mete ested to Senices, ining, fullment of orders, delivery & IRepedion of tho Products andlor matnal tlle to Services and relatod associates {one and condone inating conaideraton. maximum real pice, payrent ee, cost ‘of galvary,rlun and relund ples, applicable tars, duties, cess, ee. shal be oealed fut te feleyant gatalog ofa Produ! andlor Sence (Product Catalog’ andor Manual ss may fod 10 Reta Agent Fem Smet limo I, fr any reason the DAs laced by fe Real Agent, sich oder maybe ful Sec re may be dtaled out nthe evant Product Catalog andr Thaybe agreed upon botneen RRLAog Rol AGEN. (opty ead 132, Cutles and Taxes: Reta Agont shal be responsible for any and al applicable duis and thvos loved or Imposed by any rina, rogional or local goverment! auhosty ang tat of orin elation to any ofthe waneacions conorpated under tis Agreement. 33, Penatles on Dela :Wnoxt proce to DAs rights as provided hereunder or otense. fe Pais ares tht timely payment fete essence ots Agreement. Real Agent shall fx deduct any amount rem the payment on count of any daim ec. and wil make [iyment ss por DM's vole value Any delay payment Beyond te stated ret rerio tre totes shall onile OA.) 10 levy inerest on delayed payment at the then Frovaling Prine Lending Rao of Sal, calculated fom tw date of invoice to the actual fe of payment. 4, REPRESENTATIONS, WARRANTIES AND COVENANTS OF RETAIL AGENT. 41. Retail Agent dy organized, aly existing, n good sanding. quaified to do business ‘atin te Tertory and is lgey auhrized fe ener it his 42. RAL shall requie Real Agent fo install and use, carn software, systems andlor flrs of he specfeaon a8 drectod by ARL al the Quiet erinater eeredto 26 Softwar). Retal Agent shal use eich Sofware coe forthe purposes of earyhg on ‘be busincee of slo and detrbvton of Products andlor Services and other ried tperetons in the Tertory, sty in aceordsnes with tne eperaona nsucions ofthe Sotware and sal ensir a l necessary information pertaining to sale and iskrbuton tithe Producs andor Series and sny lb relavart formation as maybe equed by [RRC ls cy recorded in he Software inthe manner prescribed inthe Manual; 43. ne event Reta Agont ors employees, agate or represents use RRs sclor endore scupment. 25 provided or made ivalabia by RRL, and as spectied nthe anual Equipment"). Real Agont shal utize such Equipment ony for he Ited Durpose as preserbed herein and sil pot Usa the Equpment for ny tis person o& yo any cer purpose not pemited unde his Agreement by Appcaa Law. he Fowever agrocd that RRL. andor Vengor may In cert eases, requre Ral Agen 0 puuchose oF lease of cherwee make valable conan Equbment from RAL andor Arendor or any of 8s nominated agency as per such peyment mechanism as may be rrualy agreed between the Paros i wring 144, Wal Agent shal promptly ans property comply wih al he tems and contin otis Agreement, ab may be attended rom tne to ne udng al Applccbo Lave, Man rode! Catalog. et, any change he provsans of hs Aroorpet which may beceme necessary diet change any Applatio 45. The warrants in rslaton to th Produits andor Services shall be on such terms snd in {hich manne es prowced bythe Vendor end 2s specled in he relevant Product Catalog, 46. DA may provide adverisement and marketing mate Real Agent om tme t ime fang Retan Agent shal Use such malar or advertising purposes stil In acoriance sith the Manel or inarutons provided by the DA. Reta Apert aroos that al ih n lnd elated fa the adverts material provided by DA shal belong fo RRL or evant ‘Yonder and Ret Agen shat not misuse o copy the same for any oer pUrPOE, 4.7. eta Agent shal ot, deecy or ndret, lusing trough any agents dtbute cr ot ny Produce andor Sansoee ouside the Tertlry and shall ot eo orders, adverse kan any sions oe reset andoe Saniens (plug marae ote Seves) ti ‘Agent san rot aol and Betbule he Products adr pete ml ine ae Atl eter ames a rome RNS arent Pe wel oer es Neca tmt tay ce ante shou cd ON Fae Santali cannes pon, ot 448, etal Agent shal enésaver to promplly adress all communications trom Consumers [eluding teschton ef compli and grevances and shall at al ies asi in proving ‘ope erveas to Consumar f te Products andor 49, tntelation to the Outet. Reta Agent epresenis and warans tat hols absolute, val, ‘oreable and sole lessticenslowrershp ight 10 use the Ou fo the purposes of |G business and thet the Out have boon leonsad by concerned goverment auras {o' used for cone and business purposes. IIs agreed that an coat, exposes, Ton foe, free, porate ec in vlaon fo Out shal be slay bore by Reta Agent {id that DA shal not be habia forthe same inary manner whatsoever and Rea Agent ‘presto keep DA Inder ins regres, 4.10. The Products andlor material rated to Services shall be supped in he manner stat by RRL or included inte lems and condone presoibed by te Vendors an Reta Agent ‘ral ensure thatthe qual, quan, specticetoe, packaging, being ar the sane os [povlod by the Vendor andlor RRL encept normal wear and tea, With respect the Eeroes, Ret Agent shal sstbsta tne Products andlor materials rented to Sevios {as apphcabl) wi vl enable the Consumer to aval tho ato Series for whieh the Sonsumers may drecly enter it a cartret with he concemed Vendc. Inno ever: hell Fetal Agent independent become the agent ofthe Vendor for he concsned Preduls fardloc Serco, Iie agreed that Rata Agont shall ot make any commitments, provises representations, wamantes, exress O° implod, o Consumers wif) respect the Frodula andlor Services cher han those spacial stated in the Predict Catal. Ris fiver agreed that Reta Agent hal ensce that a ead latuorylegal complances 35, Heserbed inthe relevent Product Catalog andr Manval have been comps wi 4.11, oa Agent agrees tht itl not se in ey way fr is own aecount orth account of ‘ry tro party, nor elo to any third party, any such Conidental Inormation revealed ‘D'hin witten or other tong form of ealy, onified as conte, by RAL. enor Nendor andlor DA. Real Agent hal fake every reasonable precaution fo protec he ‘entdertaty of such Cone 412 Rola Agent acknowedgos hat the Intlecta! Property is owned by of oansed (expt (or motos) to RRL or Vendor andlor respectve Alsi ana that Reta Age shall fequre na gh in the nto Proparty by roason of use ofthe same. Real Agent that use the Inillecual Property exclsvely fr exryng out ho eal & ditrbulon of Produete andor Seroes as envaaged under ths Agreomont. Any fitout, stalin Nahin the Out. isluing of any sgnage poring tothe Products andr Serves, shal esubjectto prior ween preva af RRL andr Fetal Agent 4.13. Retat Agont represents and warrants that he shall ainsi adoquate and appropriate Feuronce fom an Inauranca ompany for eases and damages arising out ot ot in felaten tothe operation of his Agfeoment a asing ot ofthe acs or omission of the Reta Agen and shal not hol ho DA Table forthe seme; and 4.14 Relat Agnthoroby agrees fe ndeniny and hol hamless RRL andor Vendors ae reepecine shareholders, deta: and employees (cobechvel the “Indemnified Pats’ {art al actone, proceedings, clams, lables (meiucng satiny Babies), penalties, emancs and costs (neuang witow rslaton, logal cots), awards, damages, sees {hdlor expenses however arsing os a result of breach of any represenaion, wan ‘ovenant undertaking gen by Retal Agent ere, © for any thes. penales or nies Fpoced Grecty or naracty on the Incermiies Parios on account of Reta Agents {elves, commissions or omissions under hs Areoment, or fr any gross neghgnt act tf Reta Agent (or of any offs employees, agents, vistors ete.) or any claim oF ibily trade pags tho jocemniied Paes which pert fs Araement and gre ple ‘a