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Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) Cvtinist1y of Environment Forest & Climate Change) Parivesh Bhawan. Ease

Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)

Cvtinist1y of Environment Forest & Climate Change) Parivesh Bhawan. Ease Arjun Nagar.


\Valk-in-Interview for the post of Scientist-B. Research Associates-I. 11 & 111 and Senior Research Fellows {SRF)

The following contractual posts are available under the following projects executed by CPCB. The projects are funded by National Mi.uion for Clean Ganga (iVMCG) under Namami Gange programme on River Ganga


Name of the post

Date of lntenie w

Age Umit

No. of Posis & Place of posting





Research Associates (RAs)

13 th Feb ., 2019 (Wednesday)

NO! exceeding

I O posts in Delhi



Registration Time:

40 years


Upto Septemb e r, 2020.

9.00 AM- 10.00 AM

(Number of posts for RA-I. RA-11 & RA-Ill shall be decided by compelent Authority based on suitability of candidaces)




(Candidaces reporting after 10.00 AM will not be a/lm,·edfor imen•ie�)







13 °' Feb ., 2019 (Wednesday)

Not exceeding

03 p osts (De!h i/Luclmow.lKolkata}


(SER-Project) Upto June, 2021.

Regisna1ion Time:

45 years

9.00 AM- I0.00 AM


(Candida1es reporting after 10.00 AM will �01 be allowed Jo,· inten>ie")


14 1 Feb., 2019 (Thursday)

not exceeding

07 posts in Delhi


Registration Time:

32 years

+HRA (as per DSTnonns).

9.00 AM- 10.00 A�

Specialization in:

Senior Research Fellows (SRF) (PIAS-Project) Upto September, 2020.

(Engineering Background-04)

EssenIial Qualificatio n

RA-I �-Tech+ 3 Years· Experience in relevant field* Or Ph.Co in Science/Engineering RA-II M. Tech- 4 Years' Experience in rele\•anc field• Or Ph.C+ � Years' Experience in relevant field* after Ph.D. Degr e e .RA-HI M. Tech_+ 6 YellrS . Experien:;e in relevant field* Or Ph.::>+ 4 Years· Experience in relevant field• after Ph.D. degree.

Master-degree in Engineering/Technology & Science "'ith 3 years· experience in relevant field•.

Post Graduate Degree in (0:iemisuy . Environmencal Science. GIS and Remote Sensing) with NETIGATE Qualification OR












(Candida1es reporting after 10.00 AM will not be al/011·ed for inten-ie-i,)

Civil Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Environme n tal Engineiering

Environmental Management of Rivers & Lakes

Environmaual Management of Ri,•ers & Lakes) With NET

GATE qualification



02 )·cars' cxprricntt in refe\'alll field*

(Science Background-OJ)

Chemistry Environmental Science GIS and Remote Sensing

* Experience in Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of Physico-Chemical and Biological Environmental Parameters for surface water bodies, ETP/STP/CETP, Ground Water En\'ironrnent, Industrial Pollution Abatement, Jn\·entorisation of Pollution Sources, workin� experience in NABL accredited environmental laboratory, Emironmental Data Management, Analysis, alidation, Interpretation, and Inference, Remote Sensing & GIS etc.


! Conditions: -


(ii) The number of posl likely 10 increase or d4.'Cfea5C as per the requirement.

(iii) The above positions are purely temporary and co-terminus" ith the project. The scrvice oftl1e selc.-cted candidates \\�II stand terminated au1omatically after the expiry of the project or completion of pe r iod

Compclcnt Authoril)• as per n.:,quiremeJll annually. He·.'Shc will not have any right to claim for

Only Indian national need to apply.

mentioned in the offer of ai>pointmcnt

hiche,er is earlier. The period can be

further by th

or absorprion whatsoever in regular vacancies ofthe Central Pollution Conrrol Board(CPCB).


TNDA will not he admissitile for aHending the interview.


Recruitment will be made t�rough INTERVIEW. however, relevant documenrs/mark-s�eet including expcrience cerrificate would be verified and �croening would be made. Candidates would be selected

on the basis of merit prescribed for the post applied for.

The Board reserves the right not to fill up the post, if so decides, no correspondence/repre5entation will be entertained in regard to the walk in interview and /or selection. The eligible /qualified candidates can -\.\'ALK IN FOR INTERVIE\ll"' at the VCllue i.e. Central Pollution Control Board, PariYesb Bhawan, East Arjun Nagar, Xear Karkardooma Court, De.lhi-

110032. While appearing for interview, the candidates are f·e(J uired to submiran APPLICATION FORM (as per format) alongwith self-auested one set photocopies of all degree/Academic Qualitication certificates (lO lh Certificate is mandatory for Date of Birtb)/Marksheets/ Experieoce Cerrificate (Certificate from Employer} etc. should be attached with this form. Candidates will be required to produce J\'larksbeets/Certificates/Testimonials in originaJ at the time of interview failing which applicant \�II not be allowed co appear for interview. Regisrration shall close at scheduled rime therefore candidates are advised to reach ar veoue 15 minutes before die scheduled rime.

(Yiii) Candidates shall clearly indicale the name of post i.e. RA-I, 11 & Ill for which they are appearing for interview. Candidates can appear for more rhan one posts. However, the same should be indicated in prescribed Application fonnat.



(Prashaot G2rgim1) Membtt Secretary. CPCB, Delhi