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4-Nafsi Mutmainna

This stage is the safe place reached by the seeker after a long and
difficult struggle with his private devil, his ego, and the army of
devils tempting him in his worldly life. To be able to reach this
level, he must have subdued both of them. Thus he is compara-
tively free of dangers. Now he is under the command of his hu-
man soul, which takes pleasure in following the rules of the reli-
gion and the example of the Prophet (saws). He possesses the
qualities which Allah praises: he is kind, generous, patient, forgiv-
ing, sincere, thankful, content, and at peace. He has heard Allah

"O the one who has found peace

Return to your Lord, pleased with Him
and He with you.
And become amongst my good servants
And enter my Paradise."
He finds his peace, his happiness, his delight, in his Lord. He has
been given heaven on earth. He enters Paradise in this very life.

Every word which comes from his lips is either from the Holy
Qur'an, or from the tradition of the Prophet (saws), or from the
teaching of the saints. His worship and devotions are nourish-
ment for the growth of his soul. He is a teacher not only through
words, but by example. Miracles which transpire through him, he
attributes to other causes, never claiming them, disowning them
to the point of denying them. His every action corresponds to the
rules of the religion. He has regained his name of Insan, a true
human being; the name is derived from the word uns, being close,
intimate with ones Lord. Thus his Lord will take him by the hand,
and lead him forward without much difficulty from now on.

5-Nafsi Radiyya

Alas! Very few men can aspire to reach this high state. Up to and
including this level, the seeker is taught by words and/or exam-
ples of others than himself, through Ilm al Yaqin, acquired
knowledge. Now he has approached the level of knowledge
through personal experience and revelations: Ayn al Yaqin, Certi-
tude. Up until now, everything was relative. Now he is offered the
Truth. The manifestation of this state is love, all-enveloping love.
He sees all and everything as Allah's perfect acts, thus loving
them as the actions, fil, of the Beloved. He achieves perfect sub-
mission to everything which happens. That is the "Truth of Is-
lam". There is perfect harmony, of which he is aware. There are
no possibilities of error as he is the master of his ego, and the ego
itself has become a Muslim, submitting to its Lord. He does not
want anything other that what he has. Therefore he does not ask
for anything for himself from Allah. But when he prays for some-
one else, his prayers are immediately gratified. He is seated on the
throne in the spiritual realm, while the exterior world is in at-
tendance to serve. His acceptance, submission, pleasure, thank-
fulness, and love of his Lord are so perfect that the Lord responds
with His pleasure for His servant in return.