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Hannah Andre

(415) 328-1353

Azusa Pacific University Monrovia, CA
 Bachelors of Science in Nursing
 Entry Level Master’s Program for Family Nurse Practitioner Jan ’18-Present

CSU Channel Islands Camarillo, CA

 Bachelors of Science Business Administration Aug ‘16
 Graduated cum laude

NCLEX Eligible July ‘19

Leadership Experience:
Marin County Sheriff Search and Rescue Team Novato, CA
Volunteer, over 1,300 hours Aug ‘08-Feb ‘15
 Managed search teams of up to 100 volunteers
 Practiced emergency medicine and patient care in unusual situations

Clinical Experience: Jan ’18-Present

Northridge Hospital Medical Center, Northridge, CA
252 hours: Orthopedics/ Oncology
Methodist Hospital, Arcadia, CA
180 Hours: Medical Surgical Floor
Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital, Whittier, CA
180 Hours: Medical-Surgical Respiratory Floor
Aurora Charter Oaks, Covina, CA
120 Hours: Psychiatric Floor
Pomona Valley Hospital, Pomona, CA
90 Hours: Labor and Delivery
White Memorial Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
90 Hours: Pediatrics
Kaiser Permanente, Ontario, CA
120 Hours: Critical Care

Work Experience:
Creative Displays Camarillo, CA
Office Manager & In-House Accountant Oct ’16- Jan ‘18
 Managed accounts payable and receivable for a fast- paced display show company
 Operated the HOA for seven tenants, dealing with general liability companies

Mitchell & Associates Camarillo, CA

Bookkeeper & Accounting Assistant Feb ’16- Oct ‘16
 Prepared tax returns
 Completed payroll and bookkeeping for clients
 Contracted out to individual clients to do bookkeeping and payroll for small businesses
 Greet clients and enter them in to online database

License and Certifications:

 California Nursing License- Pending NCLEX July 2019
 Advanced Cardiac Life Support valid through: May 2021
 Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Life Support valid through: May 2021
 Basic Life Support CPR valid through: January 2021
 Fire Safety card valid through: August 2023
 American Nurses Association Member