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AUGUST 18, 2018
Evidence 5: Case study "The importance of learning a language"

Les Luthiers - Radio Tertulia - Part VI, where the peculiarities of a real situation are

observed between two interlocutors who speak different languages, which makes it

difficult to establish good communication.

Then, answer and argue in English the questions that are posed below:


o ¿ What communication problem did you find between the two parts?

Not tapeworm brew the interview nor the questions correct and concrete who made

with the group members London Inspeccion and also it was difficult for the station

clinch the interview but how is it possible what ask the hour, when must be initate an

interview greet ours catcher and additional It is important control dek language because

to make the interview he beam speaking in Spanish and the receiver in English and the

reporter not understand the conversation simple translate what the believe and the

information for the public is totally different but something the attencion is that the

group if he understands the Spanish but answer the English.

o ¿ Was the information given by the speakers correct? Justify your answer
In any momento the information of the announcers it was coherent with the answers of

the participants group each time what do and the announcer translate say things totally

opposite, the announcer guess the answer, those of the station they do not speak

English and less the understand.

The interview it was very bad tha interpration the announcer was clumsy and every time

what do the questions ahd the announcer they translated the answers they said totally

opposite things and those in the music group laughed at them the announcers were

listening like two fools. Not know and understand the English.

Never understand the interview why i to know English neither the announcer evidenced

not to know the language the English our attitude is laugh to the same the announcer.

To understand and power communicate with others people foreing it is important talk

English understand.

o List other similar situations that you know where this problema occurs.

Many times for believing that we know some words in English understand the language

the English and bad pronunciation the people answers another thing from the what ask
and the communication is impossible me I have give account what not understand the

language English is very bad cant not communicate.

In the class of bilingualism not understand English it's hard, I do not speak English

I must search help with the dictionary and translator and friends understand something

the English.

I must to learn english for my international business technology and geeting job best.

Definitely the universal language is English to communicate with other people in

different nations, many times I have had to go to another person who serves as a

translator to make business transactions, in addition to learning English is a requirement

required by the same culture and the education.

o ¿ What dou you conclude from this situation?

This situation is similary to the mine own I must to learn the English.

Absolutely to maintain a good conversation that must be concrete and effective it is

important to know the language with which we are communicating because otherwise it

starts to exist a supposed and erroneous information.

Personally if at this time we do not speak English we are incomplete because I do not

speak English I have lost many job opportunities in multinational companies I have work

experience but not knowing how to speak English reject my resume and these jobs

where they require bilinguals the salary is very good.

It is very important to learn English and for us international business students because if

we work in international business operations we must always speak in English.