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Date: February 6, 2019

Materials to bring to the meeting: Questions that should guide our work:
@ What do we want our students to learn?
PLC Members: Kristin Artero, April Borja, and Wendie Flores @ How will we know they have learned it?
@ How will we respond when a student experiences difficulty?
Goals/Outcomes: Skills to cover for the remainder of the year. @ How will we respond when a student already knows it?

Topic for Discussion Who Estimated Minutes

Where is everyone at? Kristin, April, & 5 mins. Talked about where we at with students in Alg. A and possible
Wendie merging of Ch. 4 and Ch. 5
Skills to be covered for the remainder Kristin, April, & 10 mins. Integers still need to be reviewed. Cover graphing.
of the year. Wendie
PTEP goals Kristin, April, & 5 mins. Reminder to complete evidence for PTEP goals: 2 proficiency scales
Wendie for each quarter and 1 unobstrusive per quarter. As well as make
sure we are doing word problems.
Proficiency Scales Wendie 5 mins. Showed an example of how to record and turn in results to admin.
on proficiency scales.

Next Meeting Agenda Topics Layout for the next school year.

Expectations for Agendas and Minutes:

 should be given to all team members at least a day in advance.
 should include goals or expected outcomes.
 should include specific topics for discussion with estimated times listed.
 should include meeting norms agreed upon by team.
 should use the format shown above.


 should be typed in the minutes column of the agenda.

 should be emailed to all PLC participants within 2 days.
 should be read by all PLC participants. When tracked-out staff return, they should read minutes from all missed meetings.
 Email or hand-deliver completed meeting notes to building principal.