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3447 5th Ave Communications Intern

Los Angeles, CA, 90018 Honda R&D | Torrance | 2019

323.395.3731  Lead the execution of 2019 Passport Tech Day to inform associates about the design and tech features of the 2019 Honda Passport, resulting in more than 300 associates receiving accurate
chacon information of the new Honda Passport.

 Assisted in raising Acura’s brand image thru its design team and
SKILLS design studio by supporting the execution of Acura Design Event.
I drafted and updated designer’s bios and resumes, media trained
 Bilingual (Spanish and designers, created a shot list and art directed ad agency. Resulting
English) in national and international media coverage in key design-focus
 Event Planning publications. Also created a clip report and drafted PowerPoint to
 Cision present to executives and to human resources to use for
 Microsoft Outlook recruitment.
 Writing press releases
 Social Media  Helped raised associate’s engagement and enhanced Honda’s
 Outreach image by supporting the 30th anniversary of Honda Campus All-
 Microsoft Office Suite Star Challenge. I evaluated confidential assets and internal
 Media Relations messaging, helped with campus tour and served as host to visiting
 Research college students.

 Increased designer’s credibility and helped with talent recruitment

EDUCATION by creating design awards and conference lists for designers to
participate in. Using Cision, I created a contact media list.
San Diego State University
B.A. Journalism, Public Public Relations Practitioner
Relations Emphasis URT | San Diego | 2018
Dec. 2018
 More than doubled attendance of URT Spook by securing media
coverage on NBC San Diego, promoting on social media and
engaging in word of mouth with surfers, local businesses and
beachgoers. Resulting in more than $5,000 raised and donated to a
non-profit charity and increase in brand awareness with key target

 Media trained founder and CEO by writing speaking points and

practicing mock interviews to clearly communicate the event’s
message and goals resulting in accurate branding in the media

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