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EXECUTIVE ORDER 19-08 WHEREAS, | have been advised by the Sate Emergency Managerent Agency thatthe severe stom systems have ‘aus, or have he potential to ease, damage astoined with trmadoe, high winds, bal, bevy rain, flooding and flash foosing, in ation to prolonged inundation and ground fll impacting communities treughout the State of Missouri, and WHEREAS, ineruntions of public services are oeutrng,or have occu, 4 a esl ofthe severe Wester and flooding events starting cn Apri 28, 2019 and coring: and WHEREAS, the sovore storm systems and loding beginning on April 2, 2019 and vomining hye erate «conlion of distress and hazard w de see, welfr, and propery of czens of he Sat of Mins Beyond the capabilities of Some local juriaitions and eter established agencls; ad WHEREAS, the Ste of Missouri wil continue tobe proactive where the health and safety ofthe cizens of Missouri are concerned, nd WHEREAS, a ievocstion ofthe provisions of Seetins 44.022, 44.100 an 4.110, RSMo, me required to ensure the protect ofthe sary and welfre ofthe etizes of Missouri; and WHEREAS, on May 21,2019, Exceutive Order 19-08 invoked the provsens of Sections 44.100 and 44.110, RSM, and declred that State of Emergency exists in the State of Missoni and directed the Missouri Sa Emergency Operations lan be ntvated nd WHEREAS, adda! rescues of te State of Missour ae nde o asst fected jrsltions an wo hep relleve the conden of distress and harard othe salty and welfe of ou fellow Missourians, NOW, THEREFORE, |, MICHAEL L. PARSON, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF MISSOURI, by view ofthe suterty sited in me by the Consitten and the Lx ofthe Sate of Misia including Sotons 44.022 44100, nd 44.110, RSMo rder and deet the Adjstant Gnerl ofthe State of Missouri or his designee, o forthwith cll nd order ino sive service sich portions ofthe ganized militia as he dems noes wo ald the exccaive officals of Missoar, 2‘ potest lite and proper. Its frter ordre and diecedthat te Adjulas General or his desta, and eo¥h hin, ‘he commanding office f any unit or ether erpnizaticn of such onganized mila so clled nective servi, take sich action and erploy such equipment as maybe necessary i sappost of civilian auhortes, and provide such asitnce as ‘hay be mutherized sod ected by the Govern ofthis Sate treagh the Director ofthe Department of Pie Sfey ‘er designe, to evordinte wit the State Emergency Management Agerey aed other sate agencies under the diretin of ‘he Director of the State Emergency Managenient Agee, «his designe, This onder jal terminate cn June 27,2618, unles extended in whele orn pat, IN WITNESS WHERFOF. Ihave herunto set my hand sn caused tobe alfiel the Great Sel of he State of isto in the City of leffron, on this 27% day of May 2019 ‘feel U.Parion Govermae ATTEST. Ton R. Aske Secretary of