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5/27/2019 18:28:06

Maxwell Ndiangui’s Leadership Reflection

Below you will find the answers to the Mid-Term Reflection you completed. Read through your responses and feel free to
make any changes or add information you feel is missing. Ms. Bumstead will make some comments on your reflection with
responses to your reflection, feedback, observations, encouragement, and ideas for improvement. You will get an email to
let you know once this is done. At the end of the year, you will have class time to complete a Final Reflection. During this
time, you will answer the same questions in the “‘Final Reflection” column of this document. The point of this process is for
you to be mindful about your growth in this class - where are you right now and where do you want to be by the end of the
year. Your teacher’s role in that is to help you find that path.

Mid-term Reflection Bumstead’s Comments Final Reflection

How effectively do you use your time to work on Leadership/Student Activities?

Very effectively – every minute given to work on

leadership/directorate duties was used productively
(level 4+)

How willing are you to take initiative and help out your classmates when they need assistance?

When fellow classmates are busy and in need of

assistance, I… Am always one of the first to
volunteer to help out, rarely waiting to be asked
(level 4+)

How often do you attend Leadership events?

When it comes to leadership events and activities

running at the school, I… Attend many events,
providing help when asked (level 4)

How much do you participate during class meetings and discussions?

During class meetings and discussions, I…

Contribute regularly and try to listen to others’
ideas, providing feedback and comments when
appropriate (level 4)
5/27/2019 18:28:06

How reliable are you?

In terms of reliability and follow-through… Ask me

once, it’s in my agenda and it always gets done on
time – I don’t need reminding (level 4+)

What type of contributor have you been to the leadership class?

So far this year, I give it my all, knowing that I will

get out what I put in and my efforts are for the
betterment of the whole school (level 4+)

How organized are you?

In terms of organization, I am... Fairly well

organized – I write things down when possible and
usually have a means to stay organized. (level 4)

What do you typically do when you finish work in class or with your event group?

When I am finished work in class or with my event

group, I typically… Find those who need help or
work on my assignments (level 4)

Do you take a leadership role within the class and with class activities/events?

In terms of leadership in class and with

activities/events, I… Often take control/show
initiative, regularly giving others the opportunity to
contribute (level 4)

What type of student leader are you within the school?

Always a very positive role model, doing what I can

to set a good example for other students while
making a difference within the school
community/encouraging others to get involved
(level 4+)
5/27/2019 18:28:06

What would you say has been your greatest contribution to leadership class thus far? Why?

My greatest contribution to leadership class this far

has been my positive attitude. You will never catch
me in class with a bad attitude, I will always bring a
positive attitude to anything we do. The events we
have ran, the class discussions. I have always had
a passion for leadership, so bringing the correct
attitude is easy, I always want to have fun and a
good time, no matter what we do.

What type of leader do you see yourself as at this point in the year? Has this changed since the start of the semester? If so, how?

I see myself as a democratic leader because I have

been delegating tasks to the group but only tasks
that everyone agrees on. I want the group to be
happy and comfortable with whatever we are doing.
If the team is all in, we work better, that has been
my leading style this past year.

How do you plan to further develop your leadership skill during this semester? What skills do you hope to improve or acquire by year’s end?

I wish to become more accepting of people’s ideas,

I want to hear other people's ideas and be able to
fully understand them before commenting on them.
I tend to shut people down when I don't agree fully
with it, just a bad habit, so I plan to really work on
that throughout our remaining time.

What do you see as your greatest weakness as a student leader at this point? How can you overcome this weakness in the future?

My greatest weakness as a leader, is my lack of

attention. I get distracted with any little thing and I
have always been like that. The worst is when i am
on my phone and just completely miss everything
that took place. I am trying hard to get out of this
but as I grow, I think I have overcame this a bit.

What are your major goals for this year?

I want to do something for the world that will

change and/or shape it for the better. I want to be a
role model to young kids and give them the
5/27/2019 18:28:06

motivation to follow their dreams. I want to give the

world something no amount of money can buy, a
priceless change to our modern society, for the
better of course.