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Garlic Bread $5 Roasted Vegetable & Haloumi Salad $16

with quinoa, baby spinach, mustard dressing,
Cheesy Garlic Bread $6 dukkha & beetroot glaze – add chicken $4
Garlic Cheese Pizzetta $10 Prawn & Squid Spaghettini $20
with cherry tomatoes, chilli, garlic,
Bowl of Chips $6 wild roquette and white wine butter sauce
& gravy (GF chips) finished with shaved parmesan
Wedges $9 Braised Beef & Mushroom Ragout $20
with sour cream & sweet chilli with tagliatelle pasta, baby spinach &
marinated bocconcini
Bucket of BBQ Wings $10
with roast garlic aioli (GF)
Crispy Asian Pork Belly Salad $19
with mixed leaves, rice noodles, fresh herbs,
Cheese Burger Spring Rolls (3) $10 bean shoots, asian dressing & fried shallots
with ketchup & mustard
Crispy Skin Salmon Fillet $20
Crispy Prawn Cones $10 with wilted greens, roasted cherry tomatoes on a
with thai dipping sauce crumbed prawn, asparagus & lemon risotto cake
Loaded Fries $12 with dill & caper butter
with mexican seasoning, crispy chorizo, BBQ Beef Brisket $20
cheese sauce, fried shallots & aioli served with a loaded jacket potato,
house made slaw and grilled corn on the cob

Wagyu Beef Burger (GF bun $2) $16
All served with chips & salad or mash & vegetables
with lettuce, tomato, beetroot, cheese, and your choice of sauce (GF*)
caramelised onion & aioli served with chips
Crispy Pork Belly Burger (GF bun $2) $16 250g Grain Fed Sirloin cooked to your liking
with chipotle BBQ sauce, slaw & aioli, topped
with a jalapeno popper and served with chips
300g Grain Fed Rump cooked to your liking
Panko Crumbed Flathead sml $14 lrg $18 250g Marinated Chicken Breast
with chips, salad, lemon & tartare
Crumbed Chicken Schnitzel
served with chips and salad or vegetables
~ Creamy garlic prawns
and your choice of sauce
~ Crispy prawn cones, bacon, avo & aioli
Toppers ~ Onion rings, bacon & chipotle BBQ sauce
~ Parmigiana $4
~ Creamy Garlic Prawns $6
Please see blackboard for
~ Pulled BBQ beef, jalapenos & cheese
Crumbed Lamb Cutlets 2 $19 3 $25
served with chips & salad or mash & vegetables with
your choice of sauce daily specials