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“Social Media makes a person behave interactions and conversations begin to

anti social” move to the online world. For example,

instead of catching up with an old friend
or colleague in person over lunch,
coffee, etc., people will text or message
Pro each other on social media platforms
eliminating face to face interactions.
In this house we believe that social When people do choose to hangout or
media make a person behave antisocial catch up with friends interactions are
often interrupted or cut short due to
Social media is making us a little less social media or when u interacted or in
social. convo ur friends or people around u are
Social networking is making us no longer present due to social media
antisocial in many indirect and not so and technology thus making them more
obvious ways. Yes it is true that it has anti-social. Think about it, have you
given us ways to reach out to a larger ever been telling a friend or family
set of people and redefined the way we member a story only to look up and see
interact with each other. It helped us to them sitting on their phone scrolling
know about how different people think. through their social media feeds or
Ideally we should have become more texting? Sadly, the answer for most
and more socially connected as a result people would be yes. People will
of social media but in reality not like partially pay attention to the
that. conversation being held in person while
either having a completely separate
A recent global study in 2017 conversation online through the use of
conducted by Kasperksy Lab reveals social media or simply by just checking
that social media users are interacting their social media feeds. This results in
less face-to-face than in the past short conversations that lack the depth,
because of this newfound ability to importance, and interest proving that
constantly communicate and stay in our society is becoming more anti-
touch online. In the study, researchers social. One of the very upsetting parts
found that about one-third of people about this is that the constant use of
communicate less with their parents social media, even when in the middle
(31%), partners (23%), children (33%) of a conversation, is becoming more
and friends (35%) because they can and more widely accepted.
simply follow them on social media.
This may be doing more harm than This constant interruption of using
good, in a world where editing one’s life social media while in the middle of face
to make it appear perfect is more to face interactions helps lead to the
appealing than naturally existing. fact that the ability for individuals to
have strong, focussed conversations, is
People are getting more and more slowly weakening at a rapid rate as we
addicted to screens. They are starting become more anti-social due to social
to believe that being 24x7 on the media. It has gotten to a point where
internet makes them connected to the teenagers will hangout in complete
outside world. Little do they realise that silence for long periods of time while
it only is consuming them and it's just they check their social media feeds, not
their screens that is connected to other saying a single word to their peers
screens and not people. sitting in the same room. This clearly
demonstrates how society is becoming
much more anti-social due to social The Internet and social media often get a
media. bad rap. The impact of these in our lives is
undeniable. Every new technology
Furthermore, due to constant Facebook changes how we live and interact with
and Instagram profile updates, some each other. Chances are, you got to this
people feel as if they are already caught blog post because a friend recommended
up on the lives of their friends and feel it on social media. Or, you saw a link
no need to personally message them at somewhere.
all making them very anti-social. It
seems as though instead of making an Our social media feeds are where we find
effort to verbally reconnect with old out (some of) what is going on in the
friends, people would rather sit at home world, and in our friends’ lives.
on their technological devices and learn Sometimes we’re exposed to their front
what their friends are up to through a or posturing, but that’s for another post.
social media platform. This also
perfectly illustrates how social media is
making many people in our society
more anti-social. Closer
Social media has impacted how we share
People simply need to make a more information. It has changed how we relate
active effort to get out of their houses to each other, forever. It obliterates the
and meet up with others face to face to time and geographic divides. In an instant,
have good conversation and maintain
I can share an experience – live and in
connections rather than turning to
real-time – with someone thousands of
social media platforms to do so. When
doing so, it is vital that individuals kilometres away, in a different time zone.
remain present in conversation rather Neat.
than constantly checking their phones
to see updates on their social media
platforms. This will help society break The Divide
free from the anti-social bubble we are
beginning to form around ourselves. In another realm, in our everyday, day-to-
day lives, we can lose sight of the world
And I would say that social media is and people around us. Our attention
making you social in the Social World arrested by the glow of the devices we
which is full of lies and showoff. You hold in our hands. Like zombies, we
can approach to anyone on a Social double tap and scroll. Sometimes we do
Platform but you can’t do the same in this at the expense of those sitting right
the real world. next to us. Somehow those physically and
metaphorically close to us can fade into
Due to social media also most of the obscurity.
human race have stopped taking out
quality time for their families , Friends
and their loved ones. The Truth
CONS Social media is not making us antisocial or
isolating us. People exclude other people
In this house we disagree if socmed makes
and people are antisocial. If it isn’t a cat
a person behave anti social,
video on YouTube, it will be a newspaper.
1st thing is Sharing
If it isn’t a meme on Facebook it will be might be annoyed or busy. As a result,
sports IRL (in real life) or on TV. the person posting may have
REDUCED ANXIETY about initiating
People have always appropriated social interaction. Social media
technology. It is people who determine provides a platform to introverts, and
whether the tools they have will make people suffering from social anxiety, to
their lives and relationships better or express their views without the fear of
worse. Social media is not making us being judged, as well as maintain their
antisocial or isolating us. privacy and create a sense of
anonymity. When these individuals,
Let me being with the simplest, most who are often left out or feel like out-
obvious accomplishment of social castes in social situations, find someone
media: It helps prolong long distance they can relate to, and can connect with,
relationships. the fact that social media they naturally feel more confident,
has been able to connect each and every amicable, and in all forms, SOCIAL.
one of us to many of our friends and
family members all over the globe, Most importantly, apart from social
regardless of their geographic locations media being a great means of
or time zones. Unlike international communication and interaction, and
calling systems, social media is free. As creating remnants of memories that can
humans, being social creatures, when be easily revisited, it is also an essential
met with a means of communication tool towards revolutionizing society
that is, in most cases, effective, we and its ideals. I’d like you to pay close
plunged right into it to make a judicious attention to some of the most searched
use of it. Many social media platforms questions on Google in 2017; how many
like Skype has been able to provide us refugees are there in the world, how to
with face-to-face communication, calm a dog during storm, how to help
hence making relationships more flood victims, refugees. If it were not for
“social” and interactive, as opposed to social media, our attempts at making a
just absolutely losing contact with your difference in the lives of those victims
peers altogether. Social media hence would not have been as impactful, and
obliterates the divide of time and neither would we have had the
geography, creating a more networked opportunity to be THIS responsive
society. towards social evil. Isn’t that social?
Movements like #Time’sUp and
Second, we are social creatures. People #MeToo and ideas like ‘Representation
feel the need for social interaction matters’ have been able to reach a wide
especially when sad, troubled, or circle of people with the help of social
stressed. But for some people, the idea media. Every single victim of rape,
of approaching someone and opening abuse, social injustice, etc., has been
up to them, even if it is a family able to gain a strong voice through
member, may seem quite daunting. these networking apps.
This is where social media comes to
play. In a study conducted by Professor Being aware of the changes and
Jonah Berger, it was found that sharing happenings in society and the world
via tweets or Facebook posts, etc., can does NOT make one hostile, harmful,
alleviate these concerns. This method unacceptable, offensive, or antagonistic
of communication, unique to social to organized society, hence proving that
media, allows people to reach out to a notion wrong. In fact, it makes us more
large audience without having to direct social, more connected, more aware,
their message to any one person who and most importantly, more human.