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Annual Report
Wild Bird Clinic Our staff and volunteers are united by a common
2018 Reasons for Admission
cause—giving the best possible care to each 19% 12% Vehicle Strike
individual bird that comes through our doors. Fell from Nest
Wildlife rehabilitation is hard work. It means being
compassionate without becoming too attached. It 10%
means choosing to do what is best for the wildlife Human Interference
that has been entrusted to us for proper care.
Sometimes it means making hard decisions. It's rarely Nest Destroyed
easy, technically or emotionally. Cat or Dog Attack
Window Strike
But we don't do this work because it's easy. We
6% Disease
do it because giving these animals a second
chance is the right thing to do. 6% Undetermined
6% 6% Other

2018 Nature of Injuries

No Apparent Injury

9% Neurologic

Soft Tissue

General Debilitation

native birds admitted

volunteer hours

Peregrine Falcons would normally make their homes on rocky cliff sides. Today, it's
high-rises and bridges. Like many of their brethren, the young peregrines to the right
fledged hundreds of feet above traffic. These youngsters left the nest just a little too
soon and were spotted by commuters driving over the St. Georges Bridge in Delaware.
Huddled against a cement barrier with their parents frantically swooping overhead, The clinic cared for several highly sensitive species in 2018, including a
they were rescued and brought to Tri-State. pair of endangered Piping Plover chicks from a New Jersey state park.
After a short stay to ensure the youngsters were ready, Tri-State volunteers and US Fish The chicks were two of only four successful fledges in the park that
& Wildlife personnel returned the falcons to the care of their wild parents. breeding season. Here, one of the plover patients is released by
Returning healthy young birds to natural parents was a major focus in 2018, and we NJ Fish and Wildlife.
were able to reunite or wild foster over 280 young birds.

2018 Annual Report • 3

After a relatively calm year for response

Oiled Wildlife Response

activation, the team was called into action
for two spills over the holiday season.
In November, team members flew to
Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, to
assist with the wildlife response effort after
the Sea Rose spill.

In the photo to the right, team member

Michelle helps band one of the successfully
treated patients, a Thick-billed Murre.

Special thanks to our

Corporate Wildlife Stewards

Silver Level

Bronze Level
American Petroleum Monroe Energy
Institute Pepco Holdings, an
Energy Transfer Exelon Company
Partners Phillips 66
ExxonMobil Shell
Tri-State solicits contributions from individuals, companies, and
foundations that are supportive of our mission, and we work across
many sectors to improve the environment, but we do not endorse
any company, product, or service.

The International Effects of Oil on Wildlife

Conference (EOW) is a long-standing tradition
in our field. Shared between us and our
colleagues on the west coast, International
Bird Rescue, this conference brings together
personnel, industries, and organizations that
may be involved in a wildlife response effort.
Thanks to our co-hosts, the Oiled Wildlife
Care Network, and our local host, National
Aquarium, we presented the 13th EOW
in Baltimore, Maryland. Guests from five
continents shared findings, presented research,
Shortly after arriving home from the Sea Rose response effort, the team was activated for and made connections.
an inland spill in New Jersey. Although Tri-State focuses on native wild birds, inland spills
often involve other species, like this North American beaver. Thanks to our supporters,
we are prepared to respond to the needs of a wide range of oiled animals. After
decontamination at our Wildlife Response Annex, this patient was transferred for ongoing
care and later released back to the wild (above).
2018 Annual Report • 5
Education and

Every summer, the baby bird nursery starts filling with excitement and so does the Frink Center as a new group In addition to keeping the Wild Bird Clinic and Oiled Wildlife Response programs running smoothly, Tri-State
of interns joins us for an unforgettable educational experience. In 2018, we hosted 20 individuals for a summer volunteers help us reach the surrounding community through events and presentations. They are vital to
filled with clinic shifts, hands-on labs, and in-depth lectures. Interns learn not only about wildlife rehabilitation the success of our annual Open House, which draws over 1,000 guests every year. Volunteers are a driving
and oiled wildlife care, but also about teamwork and leadership. force behind the annual Yard Sale for the Birds, which raised over $10,000 for Tri-State. Behind the scenes of
the Benefit for the Birds are many helping hands who make the evening a success. Thanks to them and the
For those completing their degrees in veterinary medicine, we offer limited extern experiences to allow these generosity of our guests and sponsors, the benefit raised over $100,000 for our patients and programs.
students to learn from our wildlife veterinarian.

20 Interns 199 Penn Vet Students 6 Externs 7,800+ Community Members Reached 43 Community Events
Benefit Presenting Sponsor Open House Presenting Sponsor Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of
Special thanks to our intern program donors for the 2018 season: Colonial Pipeline Company WSFS Bank Delaware
American Petroleum Institute Wild Birds Unlimited, Hockessin Lums Pond Animal Hospital
Citgo CMI Solar & Electric RG Promotions
Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of M&T Charitable Foundation June Robbins Monroe Energy Harvest Market Natural Foods Talleyville Frame Shoppe & Gallery
Delaware Pepco Holdings, an Exelon Company Jim Zakreski PBF Delaware City Refinery Concord Pike Veterinary Hospital Windcrest Animal Hospital
Labware, Inc. Vera Lee Rao Walter & Cecelia Zettlemoyer Pepco Holdings, an Exelon Company Expedia CruiseShip Centers
Philadelphia Energy Solutions

2018 Annual Report • 7

2018 Financial Reportt (April 1, 2017, through March 31, 2018) Assets
Current assets
FY 2018 FY 2017

Use of Funds Sources of Funding Cash & cash equivalents 346,816 262,037

Wild Bird Clinic $534,888 Individual Donations $886,199 Pledge and grant receivables 476,560 80,000
Oiled Wildlife Program $367,155 Corporate Donations $320,621 Accounts receivable 19,861 28,755
Education $51,257 Government Donations $32,300 Prepaid expenses 4,061 5,019
Administration $139,749 Program Income $180,312
Fixed assets 3,766,675 3,874,253
Fundraising $213,654 Investments $264,851
Events $52,588 Investments 1,116637 1,217,999

Total Expenditures $1,306,703 Total Revenue $1,757,819 Endowment fund 1,276,639 1,104,498
Total assets 7,007,249 6,572,651

Liabilities & Net Assets

Liabilities 19,545 35,973
Unrestricted net assets 5,120,106 5,151,607
Temporarily restricted net assets 388,621 316,271
Permanently restricted net assets 1,478,977 1,068,710

Staff ( as of December 2018) Board of Directors

Administration Clinic Oil Programs Executive Committee Officers
Lisa Smith Andrea Howey-Newcomb Cristin Kelley, DVM Charles Robertson, PhD Amy Evans, Esq.
Executive Director Clinic Director Wildlife Veterinarian President Margaret Filman
Rebecca Stansell Michelle Knapp Charles F. du Pont
Cristin Kelley, DVM Oil Programs Preparedness Keith Hall
Development & Wildlife Veterinarian 1st Vice President
Manager Lisa Murphy, VMD, DABT
Marketing Director
Aimee Federer Carly Costello Robert Bryant
Talley Brown 2nd Vice President Lucinda Peterson, CPA
Rehabilitation Manager Oil Programs Operations
Maintenance Supervisor Specialist Arlene Reppa
Justine Tumas, DBA, CPA
Hal Kalbach Meagan Demeter
Jordan Terrell Treasurer Maryanne Yingst
Accounting Manager Senior Clinic Supervisor Oil Programs Operations Barbara Schumacher
Melody Whitaker Jessica Hicken Specialist
Volunteer Manager Clinic Supervisor Ryan Wheeler
Canadian Coordinator Advisory Board
Chris Chapdelaine Margaret von Wodtke
Donor Engagement Clinic Supervisor Henry Bryndza, PhD Chip Little
Coordinator Barbara Druding Patricia McGee, Esq.
Sallie Welte, VMD
Anita Moos Clinic Director Emeritus Rosemary Francis Gary Patterson
Marketing Associate William Francis, CFA Vera Lee Rao
John Frink William Tansey

We would like to extend a special thank you to the following companies that provided support through contributions of
services or products throughout fiscal year 2018:

Action Special Events Loretta Schumacher Carlson, Royal Pest Management UPENN New Bolton Center
Production & Rentals B2B Copywriter Laboratory of Avian
SaveWay Compounding Medicine & Pathology
Aztec Printing & Design Maryland Department of Pharmacy
Natural Resources UPENN New Bolton Center
Breakthru Beverage Schneider Trailer & Container Toxicology Laboratory
McClafferty Printing Rental
Champion Trophy Walton Corporation
Pamela's Gourmet Sigma Data Systems, Inc.
Crowl Advertising Design
The revenues and expenses reported here are taken from our audited financial statements. Tri-State follows generally Perfect Moments Speedpro Imaging Wilmington
accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and undergoes an audit by a third party every year. Due to the differences in Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Photography
reporting requirements for the audited financial statements and the IRS Form 990, the figures reported here may not UD College of Agriculture &
match those on the 990. Copies of our annual audited financial statements are available upon request. Herr Foods, Inc. Port Penn Bait & Tackle Natural Resources 2018 Annual Report • 9
Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research is very grateful for the members and donors
who make our life-saving work possible. The following individuals, corporations,
Thank foundations, organizations, and businesses contributed $250 or more of

financial and/or in-kind support to Tri-State in Fiscal Year 2018 (April 1, 2017,
through March 31, 2018). Giving totals do not include event tickets, raffle
tickets, or purchases.

$25,000+ $1,000-4,999 cont. $1,000-4,999 cont. $500-999 cont. $250-499 cont. $250-499 cont.
Colonial Pipeline Company * Polly S. Brown Richard & Carol Tasca * John & Valerie Mayfield * Citizens Charitable Foundation Dr. Milton Misogianes
Delaware Bay & River Cooperative * Rosabelle W. Brown † Nancy D. Wells McCormick Taylor, Inc. Gary & Patricia Clover * Anthony & Patricia Nastase *
Margaret E. Filman * Ray & Valerie Bryant West Chester Growers Market Jim & Sue McVoy * Concord Pike Veterinary Hospital * Newlin Grist Mill
The FM & Dave Mooberry Fund *† L. Leon & Alice P. Campbell * David Wickersham C. Hans Miller * Corky Connor Monica Olson *
Vera Lee Rao * Charitable Remainder Unitrust of Iona P. Wild Birds Unlimited * Charles & Mary Miller Charles & Bonnie Copeland * Jill Piscatella
Reiver † Robert & Nina Wood * Joseph Mitchell * Stephen & Kristi Crum KT Porter & Bill Swope *
$10,000-24,999 Susan E. Child WSFS Bank * Lou Montgomery Robert Cukla & Julie Flaherty Thomas Prettyman
The Allerton Foundation * Clean Caribbean & Americas Maryanne Yingst & Dick Ho * Patricia & Gordon Munson * Dennis & Barbara Davis RG Promotions
American Petroleum Institute * CMI Solar & Electric, Inc. The News Journal Deerfield Fine Wines Amanda Rishel
Robert & Patty Bryant Mary Jane & Jack Dalton * $500-999 Austin Okie Delaware Audubon Society * Edward & Ashley Robinson
Citgo Petroleum Corporation * The Dansko Foundation A. I. duPont High School EAC Dr. Alan B. Palmer * Denise DeOrio Joan A. Russin
Energy Transfer Partners * Harold Davis Lynn Abell, PhD * John & Carole E. Passarotti Nestor & Paulette Derkach Gail & Tom Schrenk *
Pepco Holdings, an Exelon Company * Carol Donner * Thomas W. Adams, PhD & David Scheller Richard & Erin Frey Pearson * Dialog Direct Rose Scordino
Monroe Energy Barbara & James Druding * AmazonSmile Foundation Chris & Fran Petersen * Disney Worldwide Services Suzanne G. Smith *
Phillips 66 Ralph S. Hauck Dr. Robin Andreasen Pew Charitable Trust Eric M. Doroshow * Susan W. Spencer *
Shell Oil Company * Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware Artesian Water Company Red Knot Outfitters Eagle Optics * Glenn & Marion Stelzer *
John & Robin Spurlino Integrations Bruce Balogh Kendal & Dorian Redburn Kevin Fenimore Talleyville Frame Shoppe & Gallery
State of Delaware Grant in Aid * Gwen Johnson & Jane Miller Richard Baxter * Cathy A. Richardson Anne & John Fields * Lee & Ann Terrey
JP Morgan Chase Foundation * Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Bowersox Elaine M. Sams * Bruce W. Fleming * Sharon C. & Thomas M. Tritelli *
Welfare Foundation *
Lynne & Fred Kielhorn * Brandywine Zoo * Barbara Saunders & Kevin Call * Ronald Fluehr Mary VanderDussen
Mary Koechert * Tom & Bobbie Breske * Virginia Schiavelli * Fox Chase Cancer Center Harry & Elizabeth S. Walton, Jr. *
LabWare, Inc. Elaine Chiang Rodney & Andrea Scott * Rebecca Lee Garnett * Bonnie Weiskott & John Draper *
Anonymous Foundation *
Ronald B. Lewis & Anne M. Lewis John Cicconi Sherwin-Williams Store 5482 Gayle Gibson * Karen Wenner-Pedersen, Christian Pedersen
Evelyn Blust Baker * & Family *
Lifeforms * Dorothy & Robert Colburn * Jeffrey D. Sinclair * Bill & Melinda Hardie *
Katherine & Barry Beck * Windcrest Animal Hospital *
Limetree Bay Terminals Jeanette S. Collins * C. Elaine Smith * Lester & Melba Haynes *
Chevron Corporation Barry Wolstenholme
Sharron & George A. Lulli * Theodora B. Corroon * Harold & Kirsten Snyder * HomeCare Accounting Solutions
Delaware Community Foundation * E.M. Young
Jane C. MacElree * Catherine C. Creswell Eric & Nancy Taylor Harry & Jeanne Hughes *
ExxonMobil *
Patricia & Fred Mann Paulette & Stephan de la Veaux * The Okonite Company IDS Benefits, LLC
William & Rosemary Francis * †
Patricia W. McClure * Della Penna Engineering Justine & John Tumas Constance D. Jacobs *
Joyce & Ray Goldbacher *
Michael & Sharon McCormick Bruce & Deborah Demeter United Way of the Coastal Empire Barbara & William Jaffee
10 years or more supporting Tri-State
Mid-Shore Community Foundation, Inc Leah DeRocili * Barry Warner * Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts Program
Lisa Murphy, VMD New Castle County Council Bruce Wiltsie & William Davenport Fritz & Donna Jones *
Harry Diamond *
PSEG Foundation Marilyn Hyte & Pat McGee * Walter & Cecelia Zettlemoyer * Malinda Jurney *
Gail Donaldson & Karl Unruh *
Bob & Lorraine Reeder * PBF Energy-Delaware City Refining Co. The Kenny Family Foundation
James DuHadaway Thank you to the following for the use
June H. Robbins * Philadelphia Energy Solutions $250-499 Randall E. Kobetich
Expedia CruiseShipCenters of their images:
United Way of Delaware Joyce Ponsell * Robert Funger * Mark & Joan Aebig Thomas J. Koliss & Carolyn P. Becker *
Elizabeth Walbridge Catherine & John Renzetti * Katrina Gossman Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Sally Kuder Cover: Bald Eagle release by Marian Quinn
Walbridge Foundation Doug & Arlene Reppa * Julie A. Greenwood James & Linda Amundsen * Dwayne Lavender Page 2: Peregrine Falcon Renesting by
Charles & Patricia Robertson * Keith & Marietta Hall * Thomas W. Andersen Diane Lawson & Guy V. Johnson * Randy Loftus
Mary Robinson * Limestone Veterinary Hospital Page 3: Piping Plover release by NJ Fish &
$1,000-4,999 Susan Harris & Jeffrey Harris David & Betty Jane Anderson *
Barbara Schumacher * Lynn Lofthouse * Wildlife
Anonymous Philip D. Johnson * Janet Anderson
Charles & Kathy Shattuck, IV Lums Pond Animal Hospital * Page 7: Open House by Russ Carlson
Axeon Specialty Products Robert Lange Carol Auster *
John & Kelly Shone Harvey & Tina Maclary Page 10: Northern Gannet release by
Nancy Jean Balogh * John Larabee James E. Bachman
Phyllis B. Shone * Carol J. Margolis Susan Bennett
Bank of America Charitable Foundation Lowes of Middletown David Baxter
Lisa Smith * Jodi McLaughlin Back Cover: Greater Scaup release by Lynn
Stephanie Billon M&T Charitable Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Stanley W. Blazejewski, III *
David & Susan Stratton * Maryland Zoo in Baltimore Thaire B. & Deborah M. Bryant Carmen Micucio McDowell
Brandywine Naamans Rotary Club
Ed & Lynn Christiansen * Cyndy C. Miller * 2018 Annual Report • 11