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Please note these kits use standard SD cards which can be upgraded at
any time however the SSD adapter is programmed to not show the Akai unit
more than 16GB of space. Your adapter is set up to respond to SCSI ID 0.

1. Unplug all cables from the Akai DR unit.

2. Unscrew the 4 screws on the top of your Akai DR unit.

3. You will see your SCSI hard drive plugged in with a SCSI
cable and power cable. The cable most likely only has two
connectors on it (one for the hard drive and one for the board).

4. Remove the cable from the hard drive and main board, noting
which way the notch on the cable connector faces. The supplied
cable with the kit has two inverted notches whereas your Akai's
cable most likely has a protruding notch. Please match the notch
direction on the SSD, hard drive (if any) and Akai main board. If
you plug it the wrong way, nothing will become broken, the drive
will not be recognized, so don't worry too much. Some Akai units
have two SCSI connectors on the main board. It is safe to use both
connectors if you intend to backup your work saved to an internal
SCSI Hard Drive.

5. DO NOT plug any power cable into the SSD adapter. It will
receive enough power to operate via the SCSI cable.

6. Mount the SSD adapter wherever you like it. If it is

coexisting with a hard drive, give the hard drive ample room to
breathe (don't stick it onto the hard drive).

7. Turn on your Akai DR and attempt to format the drive. Format

it as "Extended" (DR16 owners can pick either DD-PLUS or
Macintosh) if you have the option to allow use of the full drive
space. If you have another hard drive be careful of which drive
you are formatting, or leave only the SSD plugged in for this
operation to be certain if you have critical data on a hard drive.

8. (OPTIONAL) Use a USB – SD Card reader if you wish to back up

your recordings to a computer without removing the SD card from
the Akai. Please note your recordings are in a proprietary Akai
format and are not a common format like WAV or AIFF. The SD card
is not formatted in a format your computer understands and it will
prompt you to format the SD card if you insert it. Instead use a
program like Win32diskimager or Disk Utility to make an image of
your drive.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any issues whatsoever. Thank
you for your business and happy recording! - S. Alterio, Night Crew Digital - ebay “acid-22”