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IMTMA compiles and publishes various documents related to Association, Technology,

Market, Business and other latest industry reports from time to time. Some publications are
free to view, some are restricted to members and a few are available against payment. Non-
members who wish to get copies of publications which are restricted to members may
contact Mr. Sreedhara at or

List of IMTMA Publications

Sl No Name of Publication Link

1 Directory of Members
3 Exhibition Catalogues
4 Tender News
5 Market Updates
6 Export News
7 MMI Magazine
8 Annual Reports
9 Corporate Brochure
10 Market Research Reports
10. a Comprehensive Report on Indian
MetalForming Machinery industry
10. b Market Research Report on Machine
Tool Market in Mexico
10. c Comprehensive Report on Indian
MetalCutting Machinery industry
10. d Market Research Report on Machine
Tool Market in Turkey, UAE and
Saudi Arabia
10. e Study on Establishing Investment
Linkages for Machine Tools
10. f Guide Book on Export Packing of
Machine Tools
10. g Indian Machine Tool Industry Data
10. h Export Guide Book