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A Deeper Insight on Videogames

by: Carlos Miguel Ruiz, 11-BSM

11-English Class 2018-2019

First off I will start with an introduction and a hook to capture the audience’s attention; using
this hook “I know for a fact that most of you play videogames, and I do too.” After saying the
hook, I’ll then carry on with my presentation.

“I’m not going to talk about why videogames are good or bad for you, that’s a bit tad too
generic, and plus, I know my other peers have the same topic; why videogames are good for
you, I refuse to use that as my own topic for this, instead I’ll present to you the deeper insight
into videogames, the gaming industry, why do we really play videogames and how gaming
has cemented itself as part of our universal culture or in a more common term, part of our
pop-culture, years before the dawn of the 2010s.


I’ll ask you a question and answer them in your thoughts, even for the people in the
audience who don’t play videogames. Ask yourself this “Why do I play videogames?” “Why
do these people play videogames?” Done? Okay, I bet most of you answered; because it’s
fun. What makes videogames fun in the first place? I’ll be using different games as examples
from each notable generation, first I’ll present a game from the Playstation 1; Resident Evil
2, what makes this game fun? The game is in a genre called survival-horror, a sub-genre of
the established horror genre of gaming, the act of conserving your supplies and managing
your inventory, figuring out puzzles and choosing between a fight or flight response, these
simple building blocks for a game is what makes it fun. Next off we have the Playstation 2;
with Metal Gear Solid 3, at the time, and even until now, the game is super fun and great in
terms of story-telling, the music, the characters and tying everything all together, the simple
archaic gameplay. And this is my first ever game and the first game that made me cry.

Distancing ourselves from consoles, we have PC Gaming, as much as I want to keep

mentioning games I love playing from consoles, I too love playing on the PC. We have
games such as Hotline Miami 2, Quake, Cities Skylines, Deus Ex, Fallout, Skullgirls. So
many games to name but this is a timed presentation, but I’ll say this, it’s much more
convenient and easy to play with a keyboard and mouse.


So after everything I said about console and PC gaming and what makes them fun but what
makes gaming in general, a cemented part of our universal culture? It’s because of how
much it opened so many opportunities, opportunities like, creating games for people with
disabilities, yes even blind people. Gaming also brought people together and solidified the
internet as one of the most important aspects of life, it also made the PC goldrush in the 70s
and 80s more interesting, because of the amount of hobbyists writing code for their games
and distributing them through shareware gaming and tech are synonymous with each other
that tech companies and manufacturers are developing software and hardware for new
evolving computers and even consoles, in fact, when I mention controllers, it’s always
ubiquitous to gaming. This eventually evolved into an industry that will definitely stay and
grew into more than just an industry it grew to be a main component of our universal culture.