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Auctioneers & Valuers

Auction to be held at
The Footman James Classic Vehicle Restoration Show
Royal Bath & West Showground Shepton Mallet BA4 6QN
Sunday 7th November 2010 at 12 noon
Entry by catalogue only on the auction day

Saturday 6th November 2010 10.00 am – 4.30 pm
and morning of sale from 10.00 am
Live internet bidding can be accessed through our website

Front cover illustration: Lot 86

Back cover illustration: Lot 186

View and Sale Day Telephone Numbers

07756 312649, 07989 418801 and 07977 913615
Please contact the Head Office at all other times

A buyers premium of 15% (plus VAT) is payable on the final bid price of each lot up to £30,000.
Premium of 10% (plus VAT) is payable thereafter.

Special Notices
Please note Cheque payments are no longer accepted at our car sales
Please see our terms and conditions about registration prior to sale, payment, and live internet bidding
Vehicles not collected by 3.30pm on Monday 8th November will be removed to a compound at Evercreech
at a cost of £50 + VAT per vehicle. Storage charges will then be levied at £10 per vehicle per day or part thereof.
You are reminded of our terms and conditions of sale especially regarding insurance.
Motorcycles not collected by 3.30pm on Monday 8th November will be removed to our head office in Sherborne
at a cost of £30 + VAT per motorcycle.
Automobilia will also be removed to our head office for collection at no charge.

The Long Street Salerooms Sherborne Dorset DT9 3BS Telephone 01935 812277 Facsimile 01935 389387

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Selling Successfully
Selling at Charterhouse

A 1973 Ford Escort Mexico Historic Group 2 Rally Car

already considered for this auction
at the Footman James Great Western Restoration Show
at the Royal Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet

Sunday 13th February

Further entries are now being accepted, please check our website for more details
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Automobilia 11 Assorted motorsport related items,

Starting at 12 noon including a Monte Carlo commemorative
plate, a Lombard 1985 rally collectors plate, a
1 Assorted car sales brochures, including Finish rally 1987 collectors plate, a Le Mans
Lotus 51, Singer Nine, Ten, Twelve, Morris 24 hour 1982 collectors plate, a UAE desert
Minor four door saloon, Nash Healey and challenge steward identity jacket, a 1987
others (box) £30 - 50 Throughbred and Classic Cars collection
2 A leaping Jaguar car mascot, chrome calendar and various motorsport VHS videos
plated, mounted on a plinth, 19.5 cm long, a (box)
Mini 850 and 1000 owners handbook and a 12 A Brexton four person picnic set, and
workshop manual, a Royal Automobile Club another similar (2) £30 - 50
Morris Mini Minor saloon trial report No 843,
and a lubrication chart (5) £20 - 30
3 A pair of Morris 1000 spot lamps, and a
pair of rear indicator lenses (box) Lot 16
4 Assorted national and international race
programmes from the 1950’s, including British 16 Assorted period monochrome
Grand Prix, Silverstone, Saturday 14th July motorsport photographs, including P D C
1951, Goodwood International Motor Racing, Walker driving an ERA at Luton Hoe, A A Rolt
Easter Monday 30th March 1959, 25th Classic driving an Alfa Romeo at Luton Hoe, and
International Ulster Grand Prix, Dundrod photographs taken at the 750 Motor Club
August 13th and 15th 1953, and other similar meeting, Silverstone, 1951 (qty) See
programmes (box) £30 - 50 illustration £40 - 60
5 A Rolls Royce chrome hub cap,
Lot 13
converted into a clock, 42.5 cm diameter
£50 - 70
6 A Rolls Royce chrome hub cap, 13 Three Edwardian brass motoring lamps,
converted into a clock, 42.5 cm diameter comprising a Rotax Motor Co number 314, a
£50 - 70 J & R Oldfield Ltd, and a Dependence and
Dietz Sterling Junior, all require some
7 A period monochrome photograph of a restoration (3) See illustration £80 - 120
vintage motorcar, with open four seat
coachwork, 24 x 34 cm £40 - 60
8 Assorted motoring volumes and
ephemera, including Smith (Steve) Advanced
Race Car Suspension Development, Irving (P
E) Tuning For Speed, Motor Racing Yearbook
1968-9, Formula III Yearbook 1953-1954 and Lot 17
other similar items (box) 17 Four period photographs of heavy
9 Assorted motoring badges, including haulage lorries, each lorry sign written
British Automobile Racing Club (BARC), a Hollychrome Bricks Bristol Limited (4) See
Royal Automobile Club Associates badge, a illustration £40 - 60
Weybridge Automobiles Ltd dashboard
plaque, a Desmo tax disc holder and other
Lots 14 & 15
items (box) £30 - 50

14 A Griffin full face crash helmet, with

visor and Griffin life support system, white,
and has an RAC 1978 code A BS2495SNELL
1970 safety conformity sticker See illustration
Note: This helmet belonged to John Pope, the
owner and campaigner of the John Pope
Vauxhall Magnum Aston Martin DBS twin
turbo charged Super Sports saloon offered for
sale in the auction today. £70 - 100 Lot 18
Lot 10 15 A Shoei ES full face crash helmet,
white, with visor and RAC Helmet for 18 A period monochrome photograph, Le
Motorsport Group B approval sticker See Mans 1954 - Jaguar Type OK VI (chassis
10 A Les Leston Robotimer pit board, illustration Note: This helmet once belonged to XKC402) No. 14 driven by Tony
complete with three Minerva stop watches, Barry Sheen, and was donated to a charity Roult/Duncan Hamilton. The car finished
pen/pencil holders and paperclips See auction where it was purchased by John Pope, second, distance covered 2,521 miles, and
illustration Note: This pit board was used by the owner of the John Pope Vauxhall Magnum Leslie Johnson winning the Production Car
the John Pope Racing Team during the 1970s Aston Martin DBS Super Sports saloon for Race, Silverstone August 20 1949 in HKV500
in the Super Sports Series. £100 - 150 sale in this auction today. £100 - 150 (2) See illustration £50 - 70

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19 A Brexton four person picnic hamper 38 A Royal Automobile Club (RAC)

£20 - 30 centenary full members badge bar badge, and
other RAC badge bar badges (qty) £30 - 50
20 A Vintage Motor Car Club badge bar
badge, and other items (box) 39 A cast aluminium information sign,
ABC Garage, Park Trading Co, London, E17,
21 An early 20th century style tinplate taxi,
36 cm wide £20 - 30
with green over black coachwork and white
rubber tyres, 31 cm long £40 - 60 40 A Bentley Car Club badge, The Bentley
Engineering Co Ltd Sports Section, and a
22 A tinplate model of a Ford Model T,
Lots 32, 33 & 34 mascot in the form of a policeman (2) £30 - 40
black coachwork with gold coach lines, 26 cm
long £40 - 60 41 A silver cigarette case, with engine
33 A Junior Car Club (JCC) badge bar turned decoration, initialled, Birmingham
23 - 24 badge, member number J1752, impressed 1937, applied a plaque decorated a Blower
25 An Automobile Association (AA) type Elkington & Co on the reverse (minor enamel Bentley, Birmingham 1937, 13 cm wide
1 badge bar badge, issued between 1906 - chips) See inside front cover and other £150 - 180
1911, impressed Stenson Cooke Secretary, illustration £100 - 150
Telegrams Fanum London, members number 34 A 1951 Daily Express National Motor
25206 £80 - 120 Rally badge bar badge, vitreous enamelled in
26 A leaping gazelle car mascot, chrome blue and red, shield shaped (drilled) See inside
plated, 16 cm wide, and a leaping Jaguar car front cover and other illustration £40 - 60
mascot, chrome plated (lacks tail) (2) £50 - 80
27 Three badge bar badges, British Trial
and Rally Drives Association, Sunbeam Talbot
Owners Club and Royal Air Force Association
(3) £40 - 60
28 Assorted rally competition badge bar
badges, including the 16th Royal Automobile Lots 42 & 43
Club international rally, another for 1966, an
1988 Rallye Du Maroc and others similar (qty) 42 An AE Lejeune car mascot, in the form
£40 - 60 of a wild boar standing on a rocky outcrop,
29 Three accessory car mascots, chrome plated cast brass, impressed AEL to
comprising a Bentley winged B mascot, a the base, 8 cm high See illustration £100 - 150
leaping Jaguar mascot, and an Allgemeinen Lot 35 43 An AE Lejeune car mascot, in the form
Deutschen Automobil Club mascot (3) of Bonzo, cast bronze, impressed copyright
£50 - 70 AEL to the base, mounted on a plinth, 12.5 cm
35 An archive of ephemera relating to the wide See illustration £600 - 700
Eastern Motor Body Works Ltd, Old Brixham
Road, Paignton, South Devon, including five 44 A Minerva car mascot, in the form of
albums of period black and white photographs Minerva with a Griffin and Laurel leaves on
of various lorries, trucks and vans, a the helmet, used on various models including
memorandum and articles of association for 32/34, AF, AK, AM and the first AL, cast
the Eastern Motor Body Works Ltd, share bronze, impressed Pde Soete to the base,
certificates, loose photographs and postcards 15 cm high See illustration £850 - 950
(box) See illustration £100 - 150
36 An accessory car mascot, in the form of
a Schneider Trophy seaplane, chrome plated,
mounted on a radiator cap, 16 cm wide See
illustration £750 - 850

Lot 30

30 An autograph album, containing various

autographs of motor racing drivers circa 1958,
including Mike Hawthorne, Stirling Moss and
WSO Donoghue See illustration £100 - 150
31 A British Automobile Racing Club
(BARC) badge bar badge, vitreous enamelled
in red, blue, yellow, black and white, member
number GL3996 £30 - 50 Lots 37 & 36
Lots 45 &44
32 A 1956 Rallye Monte-Carlo concurrent
competitors badge bar badge, vitreous 45 An accessory car mascot, in the form of
enamelled in red, white and blue (some minor 37 A car mascot/desk weight, in the form a winged goddess riding on a winged wheel,
corrosion and enamel loses) See inside front of a Short Stirling bomber, cast brass, 19 cm zinc die cast, chrome plated, mounted on a
cover and other illustration £100 - 150 long See illustration £50 - 90 plinth, 16 cm high See illustration £300 - 400

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46 A French accessory car mascot, in the 64 Seven two gallon petrol cans,
form of Pan the Fawn playing his pan pipes, comprising Shell Aviation Spirit, Pratt’s x 2,
cast brass with traces of nickel finish, Shell x 2, Red Line and Esso (7) £20 - 30
impressed Grégoire to the base, 14.5 cm high
65 An autojumbler’s lot, including a
See illustration £900 - 1000
graduated set of three National NBC
Lubricants oil jugs, a Wakefield Castrol one
quart motor oil jug, other jugs, a Junior Shell
tin, other oil tins, a Mr Bibendum (Michelin)
figure, and other similar items (box) £20 - 30

Lots 50 & 51

Lot 52

52 A Desmo accessory Leaping Jaguar car

Lots 46 & 47 mascot, cast brass, impressed Desmo
copyright to the base, on a wooden plinth,
20 cm long See illustration £80 - 120 Lot 66
47 A French accessory car mascot, in the
form of a young boy whistling, standing on a
rock, cast brass, the base inscribed Mousse
66 A Rolls Royce radiator surround and
Sifflear Szozeblewski, 14 cm high See
grill, with a Spirit of Ecstasy car mascot, the
illustration £950 - 1150
grill surround 56 cm wide See illustration
48 A French accessory car mascot, in the £100 - 150
form of a crescent moon and cat, nickel plated,
67 A Cemont Smarty Tap X150 tig welder
the base impressed Et Mercier, Paris, 1923,
£40 - 60
mounted on a radiator cap, 10 cm high See
illustration £850 - 950 68 Assorted Motor Road Test from the 50’s
60’s and 70’s, and various Motor Show
reviews (2 boxes) £20 - 30
69 Assorted workshop tools, including a
Redex compression gauge, a Pyron fire
extinguisher, another similar, an Esso UCL
upper cylinder head lubricant dispenser, an AC
Coolant pressure testing system, and other
Lot 53 similar items (box) £20 - 30
70 A cast iron hand cranked pump, with
glass sight measure, 133 cm high £30 - 50
53 A Royal Doulton Early Motoring series
ware plate, Itch Yer On Guvenor?, 34 cm 71 A Britool toolbox, a Castrol ten gallon
diameter See illustration £200 - 300 oil can, a P J Bryant brass five gallon oil can,
Lots 48 & 49 and a 1,000 gallon dipstick (4)
54 A collection of lapel badges and pins,
including Barum Rallye, 17th Rallye Du 72 A tinplate lorry, Arrow Special
Liban, 1997 Le Jog, UDT World Cup Car Delivery, 33 cm wide, a Liverpool Road
49 An accessory car mascot, in the form of
Rally 1974 and other similar badges (68) pottery charger decorated a veteran car rally,
a boy leap frogging over a bollard, chrome
£50 - 80 and two similar mugs (4) £20 - 30
plated, 10.5 cm high See illustration
£120 - 150 55 - 61 73 - 74
50 A Mack car mascot, in the form of a 62 A Wells Waste Oil Filter, with red 75 An enamel advertising sign, Westlake’s
bulldog, chrome plated, impressed design painted body and brass tap, 46 cm high Sack-Hiring Depot, 63 x 153 cm £70 - 100
patent 87081, 13 cm wide See illustration £60 - 80 76 An enamel advertising sign, Gargoyle
£140 - 180
63 A Gamages Motor Oil five gallon can, Mobiloil Vacuum Oil Company Limited, with
51 A Desmo style car mascot, in the form having three panels decorated a racing car on a red gargoyle emblem and black script on a
of a horses head, chrome plated, 9.5 cm high the Brooklands banking, a speed boat and a bi- white ground (some repainting and enamel
See illustration £40 - 60 plane, 52 cm high £30 - 50 damage), 75 x 115 cm £40 - 60

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86 A rare pictorial enamel double sided

advertising sign, Goodyear All Weather Tyres,
depicting a tyre in profile, 86 x 56 cm See front
cover illustration £400 - 500

Lot 77

77 An enamel advertising sign, Ask For

DOMINION, blue and white script on a blue
ground (some enamel losses, corrosion and
staining), 76 x 122 cm See illustration £40 - 60
78 Assorted rally posters, including a 1985
Lombard RAC rally (12th year), Lombard
rally 1985, Silverstone 40 years, and others
similar (qty) £30 - 50

Lot 81

83 An enamel advertising sign, Pratts, red

and black script on a yellow ground (minor
corrosion and enamel losses) 61 x 91 cm See
illustration £60 - 80 Lot 87

Lot 79 87 A rare pictorial enamel double sided

advertising sign, Goodyear All Weather Tyres,
depicting a tyre in profile, (minor corrosion
79 An enamel double sided advertising and enamel losses) 86 x 56 cm See illustration
sign, Rudge-Whitworth Coventry £350 - 450
Motorcycles, with Red Hand logo, and white
script on a blue ground (minor enamel losses
and corrosion), 63 cm long See illustration
£150 - 250

Lot 83

84 A tin advertising sign, Michelin, with a

map of the British road network, 87 x 63 cm,
and two others similar (3) £50 - 80
85 An enamel double sided advertising
sign, Shell Cars For Hire, red and black script Lot 88
Lot 80 on a yellow ground (some corrosion damage
and repainting), 66 x 38 cm See illustration
£40 - 60
80 An enamel double sided advertising 88 An enamel advertising sign, Pratts, red
sign, Rudge-Whitworth Coventry Cycles, with and black script on a yellow ground (minor
Red Hand logo, which script on a green corrosion and enamel losses) 61 x 91 cm See
ground, (minor corrosion and enamel losses), illustration £60 - 80
64 cm long See illustration £150 - 250
89 A tin advertising sign, Pressure for
81 A tin double sided advertising sign, Michelin Car Tyres, 75 x 31 cm, and two
Duckhams QTT 2 Stroke and QXR 4 Stroke others similar (3) £40 - 60
High Performance Engine Protection, 76 x
90 A very large and rare enamel
50 cm See illustration £40 - 60
advertising sign, Goodyear Tyre, with yellow
82 A Southern Railway station sign, script and Goodyear emblem, on a blue
(middle section of a three part sign), 122 x ground, (very minor enamel losses), 244 x
95 cm £30 - 50 Lot 85 62 cm See illustration £250 - 350

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99 Four Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store 109 A set of four 16 x 5 1/2 inch chrome wire
boxes (4) £20 - 30 wheels, believed to be for an Aston Martin
DB4/6 or an Jaguar E-Type (4) £100 - 150
100 Four Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store
boxes (4) £20 - 30 110 A Duckhams 20-50 Motor Oil garage
forecourt oil cabinet, with three shelves above
101 Four Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store
a single cabinet, 136 cm high See inside back
boxes (4) £20 - 30
cover illustration £50 - 70
102 Four Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store
boxes (4) £20 - 30
103 Four Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store
boxes (4) £20 - 30
104 Four Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store
boxes (4) £20 - 30
105 Four Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store
boxes (4) £20 - 30
106 - 108

Lot 90

91 A very large and rare enamel

advertising sign, Goodyear Tyre, with yellow
script and Goodyear emblem, on a blue
ground, (very minor enamel losses), 244 x
62 cm See illustration £250 - 350 Lot 111
92 A modern Bentley wall plaque £50 - 60
93 A modern Ferrari wall plaque £50 - 60
94 A modern Aston Martin wall plaque
£50 - 60

Lot 95

95 A tin garage advertising sign,

178 cm See illustration £70 - 100
96 There will be an option to purchase on
the next 10 lots Four Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool
store boxes (4) £20 - 30
97 Four Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store
boxes (4) £20 - 30
98 Four Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store
boxes (4) £20 - 30
Lot 91 Lot 112

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:01 Page 8

111 A Wakefield forecourt tyre pressure gauge, the dial signed 115 A 1920’s Line’s Brothers style child’s pedal car, with spoke
Wakefield Master Gauge and measurements in pounds per square inch wheels with solid rubber tyres, wooden steering wheel, chain driven
from 0 - 110, 178 cm high See illustration £100 - 150 pedal box and having green coachwork with black coach lines
(repainted), 81 cm long See inside front cover and other illustration
112 An Avery-Handoll petrol pump, with sight glass, dial for gallons
£200 - 300
and half gallons, fuel pipe and delivery nozzle, 170 cm high, complete
with Cleveland guaranteed compressed diamond shaped glass petrol 116 A Monte-Carlo Rallye fairground ride, incorporating an Austin
pump globe, 65 cm wide See illustration £300 - 500 J40 pedal car (will require some restoration) See illustration
£200 - 300
113 A Tri-ang Ferrari pedal car, with red coachwork, chrome wire
wheels, chrome exhaust and wood rim steering wheel, 118 long See 117 - 149
inside front cover and other illustration £200 - 250
114 A Tri-ang pedal car, in the form of a BRM single seat racing car,
with spoke wheels, outside exhaust, remains of a white plastic steering
wheel and red seat, 116 cm long (will require restoration) See inside
front cover and other illustration £100 - 150

Lot 113
Lot 115

Lot 114

Lot 116

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Forthcoming Classic Car, Motorcycle

and Automobilia Auction Dates
for 2011

February 13th
Great Western Restoration Show

May 1st
at The Footman James Classic Car Show, Bristol

July 17th
Classics @the Castle, Sherborne Castle

September 14th
Motorcycle & Related Items

November 6th
Footman James Restoration Show

Further entries are now being accepted for these auctions, please
contact Matthew Whitney at our Head Office for more information

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The Vehicles
Starting at 1.30 pm
150 A Yamaha Autolube 90 motorcycle. This Yamaha is unregistered
and will require re-commissioning and restoration before obtaining a
new registration and MOT See illustration Note: There is no
documentation with this motorcycle £50 - 100

Lot 150

151 A 1999 Buell S3T Thunderbolt motorcycle, registration number

S575 RYB, frame number 4MZRS11JW3000158, engine number
RS11W000158, black. V5C, MOT to May 2011 See illustration
£1700 - 1900

Lot 151

152 A 1957 Lambretta 48 moped, registration number ROR 332,

frame number 305538, engine number 36318, beige. This rare three
owner Lambretta has been owned by the current vendor since 1968. He
used the moped sparingly for the first few years of ownership, and it has
currently been stored for a number of years. The vendor changed the
spark plug, oil and put fresh petrol in to the petrol tank, and it started
readily. It will now require further recommissioning before obtaining a
new MOT and going back on the road. The history file contains the last
tax disc dated April 1971, two old MOTs, RF60, V5C, no current MOT
or tax See illustration £800 - 1000

153 - 154

Lot 152

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:01 Page 11

155 A Fordson Standard Tractor, circa 1940. This Fordson tractor will
require restoration having been dry stored for a number of years,
although the vendor informs us that it is in running order. The tractor
would appear complete in spite of its well worn appearance, which we
believe was originally orange. Early tractors now have a thriving
collectors market and can be seen at numerous agricultural shows and
demonstrations up and down the country. This example would be a great
basis to complete a full restoration and take to the show circuit once
completed. Prospective purchasers please be aware that there is no
accompanying paperwork with this tractor. See illustration £1200 - 1500

Lot 155

156 A 1992 Jaguar XJS 3.6 litre coupé, registration number 8252 FH,
metallic maroon. The Jaguar XJS range of coupés and convertibles were
launched in 1975, with the coupé powered by the mighty V12 engine
first seen in the E-Type. Finished in attractive metallic maroon with a
grey leather interior with red piping and the usual refinements of
automatic transmission, electric windows, mirrors, cruise control,
climate control, power assisted steering, stereo radio cassette and maple
veneer dash and door cappings. 8252 FH has a good history file with
service receipts, MOTs and general correspondence. The MOT and tax
have just expired and 8252 FH will require a general fettle and
recommission before taking to the road once again. V5C, no current
MOT or tax See illustration £1000 - 1200

Lot 156

157 A 2001 Alfa Romeo 156 T Spark Lusso Sportswagen/Estate,

registration number Y695 KDD, chassis number 2AR93200001240035,
engine number 2490073, body number B3100/37, metallic light blue.
The 156 range of Alfa Romeo’s were launch at the 1997 Frankfurt Motor
Show. A direct replacement for the 155 range and were available
initially only in compact executive saloons, with the estate version,
known as the Sportswagen, becoming available in 2000. The 156
Sportswagen offered for auction is a luxurious Lusso specification
version with a full black leather interior, five speed gearbox, remote
central locking, electric windows, air conditioning, six CD auto changer,
power assisted steering and 60/40 split rear seats. The history file
contains a stamped Alfa Romeo service book (seven stamps), old MOTs,
owners handbooks and sundry service receipts. The lady owner informs
us that the car drives very well and is a practical estate car with that
certain Alfa Romeo driver appeal. V5C, MOT to December 2010, tax to
April 2011 See illustration £1400 - 1600

Lot 157

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:01 Page 12

158 A 1972 Morris Minor 6cwt van, registration number KYL 857K,
chassis number 10V189306717F, white and green with sign written
panels. This 6cwt van was purchased by the vendor from the well known
Morris Minor restorer Charles Ware of The Bath Morris Minor Centre
to be used as a delivery van for his delicatessen business. This tax
exempt van is now for sale due to the sale of the vendors business, and
he informs us that KYL 857K has performed its delivery duties without
issue during his three years of ownership. These rare Morris Minor vans
are practical everyday transport and would offer the next owner an
alternative to a modern van with the added bonus of advertising
potential. V5C, MOT to March 2011, tax exempt See illustration
£1800 - 2200

Lot 158

159 A 1999 Jeep Cherokee 2.5 TD Orvis, registration number

T631 OKH, chassis number 1J4FJN8MXXL531818, chilli pepper red.
A rather unusual and rare example of this Orvis Limited Edition model,
most of which were 4.0 litre petrol versions. This 2.5 litre turbo diesel
has covered just 79,000 miles from new and has a full service history.
The specification includes full leather interior, air conditioning, electric
windows and seat adjustment, cruise control and alloy wheels. The chilli
pepper red colour was a special order when new as were the chrome grill
and headlight surrounds. The spare wheel and tools have never been
used. V5C, MOT to June 2011, tax TBA See illustration £2250 - 2500

Lot 159

160 A 1995 Mercedes Benz E Class 220 CE Coupe, registration

M805 UME, chassis number WDB1240422C204569, blue. A superb
example of this classic pillarless full four seater two door copue. The
2.2 litre engine giving more than adequate performance with surprising
economy, some 30 mpg on a run. Factory fitted options include sun roof,
air conditioning, full leather interior, alloy wheels and stereo/radio with
remote control. A superbly maintained car with full service history.
V5C, MOT to March 2011, tax to November 2010 See illustration
£2250 - 2500

Lot 160

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:01 Page 13

161 A 1948 Sunbeam Talbot 80, chassis number 4240010, engine

number 4240010, registration number MPA 502, silver. MPA 502 was
first registered on 22-1-48 in Kingston on Thames Surrey to Dr
Christopher Howard. Finished in gun metal silver with a grey leather
interior, and has a factory fitted steel sun roof. MPA 502 has been in the
current ownership since 2001, and was last on the road in that year. The
car has been dry stored since, and will require re-commissioning before
taking it back on the road. The history file contains old MOT’s, tax
discs, maintenance receipts, parts catalogue and owner’s handbook.
RF60, V5C, currently on SORN See illustrations £800 - 1200

Lot 161

162 A 1957 Morris Minor convertible, registration number 781 XUX,

dark green. This charming genuine Morris Minor convertible has been
subject to recent restoration work including a retrimmed interior in
cream and green, new Everflex hood, 1098 cc unleaded engine, gearbox
and axle, Marina front disc brake conversion with servo, front anti-roll
bar, and twin silencer stainless steel exhaust system. There is a
comprehensive history file, with old MOTs, receipts and a DVD of the
restoration. V5C, MOT to July 2011, tax exempt See illustrations
£6750 - 8750

Lot 162

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:02 Page 14

163 A 1982 Bentley Mulsanne, registration number XBC 799X,

chassis number CCH04310, engine number 04310, metallic dark oyster.
The Bentley range of luxurious saloons from the 1980’s and 1990’s now
offer excellent value for money, with their exquisite levels of comfort
and performance, combined with one of the most prestigious names in
the automotive industry. XBC 799X is no exception with a full beige
leather interior, and other refinements including electric windows,
mirrors, cruise control, air conditioning, front and rear headrests, front
central arm rests, beige leather head lining, automatic transmission, blue
spot radio cassette and rear picnic tables. There is a large and
comprehensive history file accompanying XBC 799X including the
original build cards with specifications and options ordered,
maintenance receipts from recognised specialists including Healey
Brothers and Silver Lady, old MOTs and correspondence. XBC 799X
isn’t currently MOT’d or taxed and will require recommissioning before
obtaining a new MOT. V5C, no current MOT or tax See illustrations
Lot 163 £1500 - 2000

164 A 1978 Reliant Scimitar GTE SE6, registration number

UYH 722S, chassis number 7M52/18303732, engine number SC/12960,
British racing green. Reliant, best known for its fibre glass ground
breaking sports estate launched in 1968, was the first car to offer split
folding rear seats, and had Royal patronage when Princess Anne bought
one. UYH 722S was purchased by the current owner from a previous
Charterhouse auction and has been used regularly and maintained as
necessary. Finished in British racing green with a beige cloth and vinyl
interior, automatic transmission, power assisted steering and radio
cassette. The history file contains a recent receipt from the Hayes Motor
Museum for £1,360.18, old MOTs and a Hayes manual to assist the next
owner with general maintenance. V5C, MOT to December 2010
(new MOT TBA), tax to December 2010 See illustrations
£800 - 1200

Lot 164

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:02 Page 15

165 A 1973 Vauxhall Viva HC1256 Deluxe two door saloon,

registration number TUC 524M, chassis number 9011DCX167774,
Starmist honey gold. Vauxhall produced the Viva range of cars between
1963 and 1979 in three versions known as the HA, HB and HC and were
available in two and four door saloons, coupé and estate body styles.
This two owner Viva HC is in time warp condition, having covered less
than 25,000 miles from new. The car had been in dry storage since 1991
(the 1991 tax disk accompanies the car) when the second and current
owner purchased it. The Viva required very little work to obtain a new
MOT, just a new exhaust, rebuilding of the rear brakes and a general
service. Since obtaining the new MOT the Viva has been used on a
regular bases. The history file contains old MOTs, receipts and a Haynes
Workshop manual. Viva’s are becoming increasing rare to find in this
condition, and the next owner would have a great basis to produce a
concourse class car. V5C, MOT to May 2011, tax to December 2010 See
illustrations £2000 - 2500
Lot 165

166 A 1974 Ford Escort four door saloon, registration number TBA,
chassis number TBA, engine number TBA, metallic green. This 1974
Escort is a remarkable find, having covered only a believed 11,000 miles
in the hands of its one lady owner. It is in immaculate time warp
condition having been kept in an environmental controlled showroom
environment for many years. The car has never received any body
restoration in its life, and has factory welds throughout. The history file
contains original sales brochures, handbooks and the service book with
two stamps, the first free service at 300 miles and a service at 6,000
miles carried out by the Ford main dealers English of Bournemouth in
October 1974, the next service would now be due at 12,000. This time
warp Escort would be a great reference point for anyone embarking on
a restoration and would show restorers what standard Ford achieved
when new. This Escort is now ready for the next owner to show and
potentially win concourse trophies. V5C, MOT to October 2011, tax
TBA See illustrations £7000 - 8000
Lot 166
167 - 170

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:02 Page 16

171 A 1967 Austin Healey Sprite Group 2 rally car, registration

number MUE 672E, chassis number HAN9-68931, engine number
IDCG-D-A-H9210, blue. MUE 672E has been with the current owner
for thirty years and has been rebuilt for historic rallying, competing in
various events including Le Jog, the grueling Lands End to John
O’Groats reliability trial. The car was rebuilt with reliability and safety
in mind, with a full roll cage, stage 3 engine, rear telescopic adjustable
shock absorbers, heavy duty front roll bar, ventilated front disc brakes,
rally bucket seats with full harness seat beats, multiple map lights, an
alternator (for improved electrical reliability), Minilite centre lock alloy
wheels, Retro 2 trip timers and hard top. MUE 672E also comes
equipped with a soft top and tonneau cover. There is a large spares
package accompanying the car including the original seats, wheels,
diffs, gearbox and other useful spares. The history file is comprehensive
with various receipts for the rebuild and general maintenance, old MOTs
and handbooks. This fast and well prepared Sprite now offers the next
Lot 171 owner a turnkey group 2 car, with non of the hard work or cost involved
when starting from scratch. V5C, MOT TBA, tax exempt See illustration
£5000 - 6000

172 A unique Peel bodied MG TA Special, registration number

BDG 589, chassis number TBA, engine TBA, red. Peel were the makers
of the very successful Peel micro car built at their factory on the Isle of
Man. The success of the company lead them to branch out into the very
popular sports car body manufacturing which resulted in the Healey
lookalike Peel 1000 body, only three of which were made, two finding
homes on Ford chassis’s and one on the MG TA offered for auction
today. This MG TA Special was created in 1964 when the original TA
body was starting to show its age, it was decided to replace it with a Peel
1000 GRP body. BDG 589 was rebuilt to a high standard and received
an XPAG engine and gearbox from an MG TC at the same time as the
body swap. The owner acquired a Jaguar MKII 3.4 litre saloon which
meant that the Peel Special remained unused and sat in the corner of the
garage for 44 years. The car is complete but will require
recommissioning before once again taking to the road or track. The TA
is already a sought after car in its own right, but with the Peel body it
should be eligible for specialised race series’s such as the MG Specials
class and as a special bodied TA maybe eligible for VSCC and HSCC
races. V5C, no MOT or tax See illustrations £14000 - 16000
Lot 172

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:02 Page 17

173 A 1974 Triumph Stag, registration number TAA 334M, chassis

number LD314510, engine number LF025342HE, triumph white. The
Giovanni Michelotti styled Triumph Stag was launched in 1970. In 1964
a tired 2000 saloon was dispatched to Italy for Giovanni to restyle the
car in preparation for the Turin Motor Show. Whilst visiting the factory,
engineering director Harry Webster saw the two door, four seater tourer
and immediately purchased the design. Further development work took
place in England including the fitting of the distinctive T roll bar, and the
installation for Triumphs all new 3 litre V8 engine. This desirable
manual overdrive lady owned Triumph Stag is finished in Triumph white
with a saddle tan interior and has the desirable and unusual fitting of
chrome wire wheels. This Stag also has the usual refinements of power
assisted steering, electric windows, mohair soft top and works hard top.
The mileage of 82,000 miles is believed to be genuine and there is a
large history file of past receipts, old MOTs, hand books and general
correspondence to substantiate the mileage. V5, V5C, MOT to August
Lot 173 2011, tax to November 2010 See illustrations £6500 - 7500

174 A 1987 Ford Capri 280, registration number D143 CRP, chassis
number WFOCXXGAECGG11572, engine number GG11572,
Brooklands Green. After nearly 20 years in production the Capri was
coming to the end of the road, and Ford produced a final limited edition
called the 280. All of the 1,038 280 Capri’s were finished in the
distinctive Brooklands green coachwork and had full raven black leather
Recaro seats with red piping, and sat on 15 inch 7 spoke alloy wheels. It
is believed their are approximately 500 still in existence. This one owner
280 must be one of the lowest mileage examples available, having
covered just 9,500 from new and comes direct from a private collection.
There is a full service history including the original bill of sale for
£9,700.07, receipts for servicing, magazine articles and original sales
brochure. For the Ford enthusiast this may be a unique opportunity to
purchase an original 280 Capri with continuous history and a very low
original mileage. V5C, MOT TBA, tax TBA See illustrations
£11000 - 13000
Lot 174

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:02 Page 18

175 A 1970 Ford Transit MKI van, registration number YYU 241H,
chassis number BC05JE45333, engine number JE45333, blue. Classic
commercials are becoming very popular on today’s classic scene. The
MKI Transit van is becoming a rare sight on today’s road, considering
the many thousands that were produced. There is a thriving club and
show scene for the next owner to participate in. The MKI Transit offered
for auction is in restored condition. The current owner purchased it
earlier this year in its current restored state. Unfortunately there isn’t any
documentary or photographic evidence of the restoration. This Transit
van would make a great advertising vehicle or workhorse for the next
owner. V5C, MOT to May 2011, tax exempt See illustrations
£5000 - 6000

Lot 175

176 A 1970 Atkinson Borderer T3246RR artic unit, registration

number UCV 236H, chassis number T3246RR-F-220, green.
UCV 236H was purchased by the vendor to restore but unfortunately
due to a constraint on his time this hasn’t been possible. The lorry has
received some restoration including the rebuilding of the fenders which
are in red primer. The engine started readily and ran well when we
visited, even thought the vendor informs us that it hasn’t been started for
some time. The history file contains old plate certificates, MOTs and
service receipts. UCV 236H now offers the next owner a straight
forward restoration project. V5C, no current MOT or tax See
illustrations £2000 - 2500

Lot 176

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:02 Page 19

177 A 1919 Ford Model T Tourer, registration number AC 8354,

chassis number 3827302, engine number B.16697.P, green over black.
Henry Ford would revolutionise car manufacturing with the Model T
and Ford would built approximately 16 million Model T’s between 1908
and 1927 which was only achievable with the introduction of the
division of labour. This meant each worker was given a single task to
perform on a production line, increasing the productivity of each worker,
enabling production to increase from 6,000 cars in 1908 to over half a
million in 1916. AC 8354 is in wonderful original condition having been
in the same family ownership since 1967. Previously it resided in the
Birmingham and Cheshire areas. Finished in green over black with
yellow artillery wheels and original green leather interior and canvas
soft top. The vendor informs us that AC 8354 has received maintenance
as necessary over the years but hasn’t been restored and starts on the
button. This Model T would now do justice to any preservation class and
deserves a new sympathetic owner to preserve and enjoy the originality.
The history file contains old MOTs, receipts and the continuation RF60
log book. V5C, MOT to November 2010, tax exempt See illustrations
Lot 177 £5500 - 6500

178 A 1936 Austin 7 Ruby MKII saloon, registration number

DBH 269, chassis number 253980, engine number M202668, blue. The
Austin 7 was Sir Herbert Austin’s answer to the Ford Model T and used
the same manufacturing techniques of mass production, i.e. the division
of labour on a production line. During its production life (1923-1939)
over 290,000 Austin 7’s of all types and specifications were made. In
1934 the Austin 7 was restyled along with the rest of the Austin range
and the saloon version was named Ruby. The restyling incorporated a
longer bonnet with a cowled radiator, a downswept tail with the spare
wheel enclosed in a metal cover, and a concealed luggage rack. DBH
269, a MKII version, has been part of a Somerset collection and has
been maintained as necessary to enable regular road use. DBH 269 is in
very original condition and retains it original blue leather interior. The
vendor informs us that the car runs well and should be driven from his
home to the auction. Austin 7’s make excellent starter classics, with
good spares and Club support and are welcomed at classic events
throughout the country. V5C, MOT to October 2010 (new MOT TBA),
tax exempt See illustrations £3400 - 3800
Lot 178

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:02 Page 20

179 A Southern Roadcraft Limited Ferrari 365 GTS/4 Daytona

Spyder Evocation, registration number CPN 1K, chassis number
1P1501BW, Ferrari Rosso red. Southern Roadcraft produced very
faithful and accurate reproductions of the Ferrari 365 GTS/4 Daytona
Spyder, producing approximately 100 examples. Ferrari officially
offered the Scaglietti body Ferrari Daytona Spyder for two years
between 1971 and 1973 and 122 were produced (7 right hand drive
examples), so strangely Southern Roadcraft examples are rarer than the
real thing. CPN 1K is finished in striking Rosso red with a very accurate
interior with Daytona seats finished in cream leather with black inserts,
an aluminium and alcantara covered dashboard with full
instrumentation, correct sliding heater controls, Clarion radio cassette,
electric windows, black mohair soft top and hood cover. The power to
drive the car comes from a Jaguar V12 engine with a Borg Warner
automatic gearbox. The car incorporates some original features
including door handles, windows, hand made bumpers, light lens covers
Lot 179 and alloy wheels. CPN 1K has been part of a private collection and has
been used sparingly only covering approximately 3,000 miles since
completion. The history file contains old MOTs (last MOT expired 2nd
April 2010), build sheets, specifications,
maintenance receipts and correspondence. CPN
1K now offers a new owner the opportunity to
own a faithful reproduction of a Ferrari Daytona
Spyder at the fraction of the cost of a real car. V5,
no current MOT or tax See illustrations
£22000 - 26000

180 A 1989 Mini 30, registration number G525 OCG, chassis number
SAXL251N20438259, engine number 99HE200113553, pearlescent
cherry red. The mini 30 was launched to celebrate the 30th anniversary
of the Mini, the iconic little car designed by Sir Alec Issigonis. 3000
were made, 2000 in pearlescent cherry red and 1000 in black. The
luxurious specification was quite something for a Mini, with half leather
seats, cherry red deep pile carpets, triple clock dashboard with rev
counter, leather gear stick gaiter, unleaded petrol engine, colour coded
wheel arches, sills, wing mirrors and boot light, chrome bumpers, door
and boot handles and window surrounds, minlite style alloy wheels,
Phillips radio cassette and also this example has the benefit of a full
length Webasto style sunroof. This low mileage two lady owner cherry
red example was purchased in Salisbury in September 1989 and was
barely used for the first nine years. When purchased by the present
owner in January 1998 it was still in showroom condition and had just
442 miles on its odometer. Since then it has been regularly serviced,
taxed and MOT tested and has been sparingly used so it has still covered
Lot 180 less than 22,000 miles. There is a full service history with maintenance
receipts, handbooks, old MOTs and tax disks. G525 OCG now deserves
a new enthusiastic caring owner to continue maintaining it in the style
that it is accustomed to. V5C, MOT to March 2011, taxed to March 2011
See illustrations £2800 - 3200

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:02 Page 21

181 A 1968 Lotus Cortina Mk 2 Series 1, reistration number

MHE 784F, Ermine white with green flash. The vendor informs us of the
following - this fine example has just come out of a twelve year storage
with fresh John Smirthwaite twin cam with dyno sheet and test miles
only. The car was totally restored some fifteen years ago and seldom
used until its lay up and of the body was very generously treated in
Waxoil. It has original interior with works/Restall seats, Minilite copy
alloys and history file. V5C, MOT to August 2011 and currently taxed
See illustrations £18,000 - 20,000

Lot 181

182 A 1974 Lotus Elan + 2 S 130/5, registration number JJH 543N,

Olympic blue with oatmeal interior. The vendor informs us of the
following - a Lotus replacement chassis was fitted some time ago. The
bodywork has been restored and repainted to a high standard. The gear
box, differential and brakes have been overhauled. It has had a thirty
year family ownership and comes with a history file. V5C, current MOT
and tax See illustrations £11,000 - 12,000


Lot 182

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:02 Page 22

184 A 1963 Morris Mini Copper 1071 S, registration 8049 SR, almond
green with an old Eglish white roof. The vendor informs us of the
following: The vendor informs us of the following – the car was acquired
by him towards the end of the year 2000. It was in a stripped down state
of repair and had not been on the road for a good deal of time. He has
managed to take pictures and document all aspects of the rebuild of the
car and has all documentation from the Mini Cooper Register, Dundee
City Archives, Heritage Trust and the DVLA, who all helped piece
together the history and the originality of the car. The car was bought car
to take part in historic road rallies but as time rolled on and life changed
it was constantly rolled to the back of the garage and never finished.
This Morris Cooper 1071 S was sold by Duthie Bros & Son Limited,
Montrose, Scotland and registered in Dundee. The salesman, Mr Angus
Lyndsay, sold it for delivery on 9th September 1963. Its first owner was
Mr David Lackie, whose widow at the time of purchase of the car was still
alive and a lot of the following information was supplied by her daughter.
The car was then sent to Harold Radford Coachbuilders of London for a
makeover. It was then treated to red leather seats, a veneered wood
dashboard, extra instruments, a Webasto sunroof, chrome side trims,
electric window lifts, a stereo radio, lamb’s wool carpets, spot lamps in
Lot 184 the grille and was re-sprayed in Silver. The engine was also believed to
be breathed on by the engine tuners of the era, Downton. He also added
his private plate, the car used that registration number until 20th April
1964 when it was given its existing plate (all documented) and his plate
was transferred on to his daughters Sunbeam Alpine (all photographic
According to Duthie Bros’s salesman Angus Lyndsay, who still
worked at the dealership when contacted in 2001, the car remained in his
hands for approximately 15 years before being traded back in to Duthie
& Son. The car then passed to Cyril Knowles from Little Brechin, who
sprayed it purple before a fault with the engine made it unusable. Then
the Morris went to an ex Radford employee, Micheal Clarridge from
Penrith. He started the project but work commitments stopped him from
doing anymore than start to repair the shell where needed and he had
managed to completely recon and primer the shell and start to
recondition the engine. Its final stop before the vendor was with Mini
stoxs racer Andy Yeats from Wigton, who stored the shell and was
intending to use the 1071 S engine in one of his Mini Stoxs!
The Mini Cooper Register and another friend of the vendor, who has
owned and restored a large amount of Coopers including ex-works cars,
are in agreement with the vendor on all accounts. Other give away signs
were that a new roof skin had replaced the sunroof which Radford’s had
fitted (apparently the spot welds were to close and too many!!); and it
also had holes under the windows where the Wolseley hornet type
mouldings had been. The vendor had no plans to restore it as a Radford
S as the doors with the electric windows were shot, the dash and seats
were well past it, very worn, particularly ropey & extremely expensive
to replace so the Radford parts were duly sold on and the car was
restored the way it left the factory in its original almond green with an
old English white roof. This car may not be as the original owner
intended his 1071 S to be, but at least the history will never go away!
As mentioned earlier the car was initially intended to be a historic
rally car, so the list of parts below are fitted to the car would be an easy
conversion back to standard if wanted for the new owner.
Suspension has competition bushes and negative camber bottom
arms, competition bump stops and adjustable shock absorbers both front
and rear.
The engine is the original block with stage 3 12g 940s head, lightened
flywheel, 1 1/2 inch Su’s, later radiator, competition disturber cap, without
advance or retard, competition fuel pump and has a 4 synchro gear box
with all new gears and twin pin diff and a competition centre exit exhaust.
The car was prepared and painted as a bare shell in 2002 by a Rover
body shop, where the vendor worked. Both doors were new while the
boot lid and bonnet are original, then the shell built up over the last eight
years when time permitted, with all new bolts & nuts. All the interior
panels and carpets are Newton commercial and the front and rear seats
are the original S items.
The car will be sold fitted with two tone seats and Mini Cooper S
reverse rim steel wheels with hub caps. V5C, MOT to August 2011 and
currently taxed See illustrations £16,000 - 18,000
12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:02 Page 23

185 A 1933 Armstrong Siddeley 15 HP Tourer, registration number

AKN 249, chassis number 31207, engine number 2199, blue. Armstrong
Siddeley were a manufacturer of quality cars and aero engines between
1919 and 1960. There first model car was a 5 litre 30 horse power
model, there followed further models in various horse power variations
of 12, 15, 18 and 20 horse power up until the outbreak of WWII, after
which the model range consisted of Lanchester 16, Hurricane 16/18,
Typhoon, Tempest, Whitley, Sapphire and Star Sapphire. AKN 249 has
resided in the Somerset area since 1948 when it belonged to Mr Gerald
McDermott of Ashcott, near Bridgewater, passing to Mr Gary Jack
Goodchild of The Mandeville Arms, Hardington Mandeville, near
Yeovil and finally to the current owner who purchased the car in 1967.
AKN 249 is in the most wonderful original condition, retaining its
original blue leather interior which has a beautiful patina. It has the
original double duck soft top and side screens, and has matching chassis
and engine numbers. The enthusiast owner has maintained AKN 249 as
necessary without resorting to restoration which has helped to retain the
originality. There is a large history file with photographs, receipts, old
MOTs, owners handbook and continuation RF60 log book. AKN 249 is
now deserving of a new caring enthusiast owner to preserve its
Lot 185 originality. V5C, MOT to August 2011, tax exempt See illustrations
£10000 - 12000

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:03 Page 24

186 A 1991 Heritage Engineering Jaguar SS100 replica, registration

number HXI 575, chassis number 2T-2543DN, engine number
7L14998-8, Rosso red. The Jaguar SS100 is the epitome of the late
1930s sports car, and looks just right from any angle. In 1936 at
Brooklands a lightweight and tuned version lapped the circuit at
104.1 mph, but normally owners use their cars for touring, trials, sprints
and hill climbs. With such a beautiful shape and illustrious racing
heritage it is little wonder that recreations and copies would inevitably
follow. HXI 575, a Heritage Engineering recreation, was built for the
current and only owner in 1991 using a 1978 Jaguar XJ6 as the donor
vehicle. The brief was to create an accurate and usable car and this was
certainly achieved. All components in the build are either new or
reconditioned and the finished car has travelled less than 600 miles since
completion. The beautiful Rosso red body, which has an aluminium
louvered bonnet, folding windscreen and twin aero screens, is
complemented with a full cream Connolly leather interior, black mohair
soft top tonneau and hood cover. All the bright work is nickel plated and
the rear lights are original Jaguar SS100 items. The mechanical
specification is also to a very high standard with Jaguar independent
front and rear suspension with hand made Leda shock absorbers, front
anti-roll bar, servo assisted disc brakes with 3 pot front calipers and
2 pot rear callipers (virtually to Heritage C Type specification), rebuilt
XJ6 4.2 litre straight six engine mated to a four speed with overdrive
Lot 186 gearbox and 15 x 6 inch E Type chrome wire wheels. The history file
contains the original build sheets, original bill of sale for £29,000,
previous MOTs (last one dated April 4th 2007), service receipts,
SORNs, correspondence and original Heritage Engineering sales
brochure. This very accurate and a beautifully built SS100 recreation
now represents excellent value for money when one considers that
original cars now command prices in excess of £500,000. V5C, no
current MOT or tax See back cover and other illustrations
£22000 - 26000

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:03 Page 25

187 A rare 1967 right hand drive Lancia Flavia Vignale convertible,
registration number PLN 110E, chassis number 815-435-002336,
engine number 502726, white. Lancia introduced the new Professor
Fessia designed Flavia in 1961, initially as a four door saloon, followed
by the Pininfarina designed coupé and a coach built Vignale convertible
and Zagato sport coupé. Lancia’s of this period are beautifully
engineered and have a bespoke character. The Vignale convertible
offered for auction has been with the current owner for the last 32 years,
and has been the subject of a comprehensive body and mechanical
rebuild. The body was stripped and new passenger and driver side upper
and lower sills, floor sections, boot floor, and both door bottoms were
replaced, a full respray in white was carried out, and the front and rear
bumpers and grill surrounds were re-chromed. The mechanical side of
the restoration has been rebuilt to a similar high standard with the engine
receiving reconditioned cylinder heads, new valves and gaskets, timing
chain, and clutch. The running gear has new shock absorbers front and
Lot 187 rear, new brakes front and rear with replaced discs, pads, pipes and
hoses and numerous other items associated with a comprehensive
restoration. The history file contains the original sales brochure,
handbook, disc brake manual, fuel injection operation manual, receipts
and old MOTs. The stylish four seat Vignale convertibles are now
becoming very rare, especially in right hand drive, and this right hand
drive version has the most desirable specification of 1800cc with
Kugelfischer fuel injection and five speed gear box. Now resplendent in
sparkling white and contrasting red interior with a beautiful wood rim
steering wheel and black mohair hood and cover the Lancia is now ready
for the next owner to enjoy. V5C, MOT to September 2011, tax exempt
See illustrations £13000 - 15000

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:03 Page 26

188 A 1961 Jaguar MKII 3.8 litre sports saloon, registration number
RSU 733, chassis number P203235B/W, engine number LB1299/8,
silver. The new generation of compact Jaguar saloons came to the
market in 1956 with the MKI powered by the ever popular straight six
engines in 2.4 and 3.4 litre capacities. They employed unitary
construction rather than separate chassis’s and bodies as used in
previous Jaguar models. The MKII arrived in 1959 and continued in
production until 1967 available in 2.4, 3.4 and 3.8 litre capacities, by
which time more than 80,000 examples of MKI and MKII had been
sold. The MKII 3.8 automatic example offered for auction has been the
subject of a comprehensive bare metal restoration. Finished in a very
attractive colour combination of silver coachwork with a beige leather
interior and walnut dashboard and door cappings. The restoration which
was completed between 2008 and 2010 was substantial. The body was
stripped to bare metal and numerous panels were replaced including
near and offside inner and outer sills, front cross member, crows feet,
Lot 188 rear valance, all four door bottoms and other panels, all of which were
supplied by Martin Robey, a full respray was then completed. The
interior was retrimmed in beige leather, new wool carpets, head lining
and the walnut was repolished. At the same time the engine, gearbox and
running gear were thoroughly overhauled. All the chrome work was
replated and new chrome wire wheels were purchased. The history file
contains numerous receipts for the fore mentioned restoration totalling
approximately £18,000, photographs of the restoration in progress and
some old MOTs and brochures. This thoroughly sorted MKII is
resplendant after all the time and money spent on it and should make a
new owner very proud. V5C, MOT to October 2011, tax exempt See
illustrations £17000 - 19000

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:03 Page 27

189 A Bicknell RE98 Class B National Supersports Sports racing car,

blue. The RE98 was built by Robert Bicknell in 1998 to compete in
2 litre sports car racing and was raced with great success in the Ve de Ve
and National Supersports series, winning the Arthur Mallock Memorial
design award for best designer constructor, fending off stiff competition
from Lowler and Mallock. RE98 was always a front runner winning
several races in the hands of Mark Pashley and Mike Swinnerton. RE98
was subject to a no expense spared preparation prior to John Church
purchasing the car. He campaigned the car in the newly formed Race TV
Open Sports Car Series during the 2009 season. The season was quite
successful for him with two third places in July and also the winning of
the Archie Scott Brown trophy in October. RE98 has a tubular space
frame chassis clothed in a glass fibre body, made up of three main
components, the front, centre and rear sections which can be removed in
seconds to reveal the chassis, engine, gearbox and components. RE98 is
powered by a Vauxhall 2 litre 16 valve engine (there is a dyno sheet from
Lot 189 Swindon Racing engineers showing the performance figures of max
power 211.6 bhp and max torque of 161.7 lbs/ft) mated to a Newland
five speed gearbox. The braking is taken care of by AP CP 5030 calipers,
AP CP 3770 discs and CP 4296 D43 pads. There is a vase history file
accompanying the car, with test set up sheets for various circuits
including Silverstone, Brans Hatch, Donnington Park, Thruxton and
others with gear box ratios, suspension, differential and body work
dynamics. This information is invaluable to the next owner and will save
hours of testing and money. Accompanying RE98 is a comprehensive
spares package with body panels and molds for splitters and wings,
spare limited sliff differential, suspension jigs, gearbox ratios, spare wet,
slick and intermediate tyres, split rim alloy wheels, brake pads and
drawings. John informs us that the car is turn key ready for the 2011
Open Sports Car Series and should only require new seat belts as the
current ones are out of date, and a general shake down before taking to
the track See illustrations £35000 - 38000

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:03 Page 28

190 The John Pope Special Vauxhall Magnum Aston Martin DBS V8
twin turbo charged super sports saloon, registration number WNX
127N, chassis number FJP0001, engine number V540169, white. The
JPS and Tricentrol Super Saloon Championships, which took place
during the 1970’s, were for large engined saloons which had a vague
resemblance to a normal family saloon. With their large wheel arches,
spoilers and mostly large capacity V8 engines they were driven by larger
than life characters such as the legendary Gerry Marshall, Dave Brodie
and Tony Strawson. John, a retired farmer, built the John Pope Speical
over the winter of 1974 from the remains of a crashed Aston Martin
DBS V8 and a new Vauxhall Magnum body shell. Entered for the 1974
Tricentrol Super Saloon Car Championship, its first race took place on
14th April where it finished a creditable 6th place. Throughout 1974 it
raced regularly with complete reliability finishing all races entered. John
felt that the standard Aston V8 engine wasn’t powerful enough, so for
the 1975 season, with the help of David Morgan, Arthur Wilson and
Barry Rowledge engineers from Aston Martin experimental department,
they converted the engine to dry sump lubrication and fitted two
American Impellor Research turbo chargers to each exhaust bank,
Lot 190
spinning at over 5,000 rpm they pressurised the intake charge at up to 18
psi (with full boost the power output is in the region of 900 bhp, but the
V8 is currently running with approx 600 bhp with lower boost pressure).
Its reliability record was maintained throughout the 1975 season, the car
finishing all the super saloon races entered, and John Homewood drove
the Special to its first victory in August at the Lydden Circuit. In the
same year John Pope took the car to the Brighton Speed Trials and won
the Forrest Lycett trophy for the fastest sports car and the Carter Shaw
trophy for the fastest saloon with a terminal speed of 149 mph. The
super saloon was continually developed and raced throughout the 1976
and 1977 seasons. John’s Super Sports Special is not only a very potent
race car but also fully road legal and was driven to most race meetings
he took part in. John informs us that the car starts on the button and with
a bit of fettling and the usual safety checks could be used in sprints and
hill climbs or be a very potent and individual road car. Accompanying
the car are a set of slick tyres and wheels, spare turbo charger, spare fuel
tank and car cover. There is a vast history accompanying the vehicle
contained within several scrap albums with photographs, race
programmes, magazine articles, newspaper articles, race results and
other useful documentation. V5C, no current MOT or tax See

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:03 Page 29

NOTE: Specification for the Vauxhall Magnum Aston Martin twin turbo cage. Brakes - Girling ventilated AM discs all round. Dual system, no
charged Special is as follows: Engine - Aluminium alloy. Aston Martin servo. Lockheed 4 pot can-am calipers on front with water cooling for
V8 5340cc, with four valves per cylinder. Compression ration 6.5:1. Twin front discs. Wheels - Revolution cast alloy - front 12 x 15 inches diameter,
AI Research turbo boosting 12-18 psi. Bosch fuel injection. Max revs rear 14.5 x 15 inches diameter. Tyres - Goodyear racing, wet and dry.
7,000 rpm. Transmission - Clutch A.P triple plate. Gearbox ZF5-speed Front 11.5/23.5-15. Rear 4.50/15.40-15. Body - Vauxhall Magnum with
standard. Final drive. Salisbury Powerlock differential. Ratios 3.33 and fibreglass and alloy wings and spoilers front and rear (front forward
3.77 to 1. Roller spline shafts. Suspension - Front - In dependant by hinging one piece). Heated windscreen and perspex windows. Safety
unequal wishbones and co-axial coil springs. Ride height adjustable. Equipment - Safety bulkheads, Fire Easter manually activated
Anti-roll bar. Spax dampers. Suspension - Rear - De dion located by Watt extinguisher system. Collapsible steering column. Corbeau seat with full
Linkage and parallel links, rose jointed. Coil springs. Anti-roll bar. Spax harness. Aston Martin instruments. 20 gallon fuel tank with twin Bendix
dampers. Chassis - Shortened AM V8 with tubular sub-structure for pumps to surge tank. Weight - 27 cwt distributed approx 48% front / 52%
engine and front suspension. Engine set back 10 inches in frame. Full roll rear £25000 - 28000

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:03 Page 30

191 A 1966 Austin Healey 3000 MKIII Phase II, registration number
HDV 297D, chassis number H-BJ8-L/38805, engine number 29K-RU-
H/13519, gearbox number 13350, body number 83751, Colorado red.
The Austin Healey 3000 MKIII BJ8 was the last of the big Healeys.
Donald Healeys first Austin Healey the 100 BN1 was launched at the
1952 Earls Court Motor Show after a manufacturing agreement was
sealed between Donald Healey and Austins Leonard Lord and the first
cars rolled off the production line in 1953. There followed two major
changes to the big Healey range, the 100/6 powered by the Austin
Westminster engine which was launched in 1956 and a 3000 in 1959.
The 3000 went through MKI, II and III guises and production ceased in
1967. This 3000 Phase III, one of 3,051 cars produced was dispatched
on the 4th November 1966 to Philadelphia USA where it stayed until
1990. On its return the vendor, an Austin Healey Members Club
member, embarked on a full body and mechanical rebuild (with receipts
on file for approximately £30,000). Finished in its original colour
scheme of Colorado red with black ambler interior, black carpets,
walnut dashboard, wood rim steering wheel and laminated glass
Lot 191 windscreen. This BJ8 also benefits from having four speed gearbox with
overdrive, adjustable steering column, black hood, hood bag and full
tonneau cover. There is also a stainless steel exhaust fitted to give long
term piece of mind and the car sits on handsome chrome wire wheels.
The enthusiastically used Healey has covered approximately 22,500
miles since the restoration and has now covered a believed genuine
74,500 from new. The vast history file contains numerous receipts for
the restoration and general maintenance totalling approximately
£30,000, a heritage certificate, American certificate of origin, a good run
of MOTs except 2009 when the car wasn’t used and a comprehensive
photographic record of the rebuild. This beautiful big Healey now
deserves a new caring enthusiastic owner to continue its upkeep and to
use it with the enthusiasm it deserves. V5C, MOT to May 2011, tax
exempt See illustrations £35,000 - 38,000

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:03 Page 31

Auctioneers & Valuers
The Long Street Salerooms, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 3BS
Head Office Telephone (01935) 812277
View & Saleday Telephone 07989 418801 or 07977 913615

Bidding Slip

Date of Sale: .............................................................................................................................................................................

Lot No Description Bid

(excluding premium)

I authorise Charterhouse to bid on the above listed lot(s) on my behalf.

Name & Address: ......................................................................................................................................................................

.......................................................................................................................... Post Code: .........................................................

Telephone: ....................................................................................................................................................................................

Signed:........................................................................................ Bidding Number: ............................................................

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:03 Page 32

Conditions of Sale
1) All lots will be offered for sale subject to these conditions of sale for veteran, vintage and classic
vehicles, motorcycles and automobilia.

2) Charterhouse act as agents for the vendor of each lot and shall not be party to or liable in any
manner whatsoever on any contract of sale between the seller and the buyer.

3) The Buyer
a) The highest bidder acknowledged as such by the auctioneer will be the buyer. If any dispute
arises, the auctioneer shall have absolute discretion to settle the matter. The auctioneer shall
rule the bidding and no bid shall be retracted. The auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any
bid. The bidder at the sale who is successful in purchasing any lot or lots is entirely responsible
for paying for such lot or lots in accordance with our terms of business. Purchases made on
behalf of a third party are entirely the responsibility of the bidder at the sale. The auctioneer
reserves the right to bid on behalf of the vendors for any lot and to withdraw, consolidate or
divide any lot or lots.

b) The buyer of any lot shall be solely responsible for conforming with the requirements of the
Road Traffic Acts, the Construction and Use of Motor Vehicle Regulations and all relevant
orders, rules and legislation made in connection therewith.

c) The buyer of any lot shall be solely responsible for the obtaining of any export license that
may be required in connection with any lot purchased. (see below)

Export Licences
i) Buyers are reminded that an export license is required for any vehicle purchased for more
than £15,999 and manufactured or produced 50 years prior to the date of export. Certain other
items including, inter alia, all manuscripts and documents 50 or more years old and
photographic material 60 or more years old and valued at £400 or more require export licences.

ii) It should be noted that export licences usually take a minimum of four weeks to obtain and
buyers are reminded that their purchases must be stored away from the auction site, at their
cost, pending export.

iii) Buyers are reminded that it is a serious offence to breach or attempt the regulations
concerning export licences.

4) Buyers are reminded that their purchases are held at their risk from the fall of the hammer and
Charterhouse will not accept any liability for loss of or damage to any lot.

5) Registration. To assist the progress of the sale, all prospective buyers must register their name
and address at reception and collect a numbered bidding card before the sale commences. This
card may be used to indicate your bids to the auctioneer during the sale. Two forms of identification
need to be supplied to register, at least one with name, address, signature and preferably
photograph, for example a new style driving licence. For prospective buyers who will not be at the
sale, either because they are leaving absentee bids or are having a telephone bid, and who are
interested in a vehicle or motorbike, a £1,000 deposit will need to be paid. This will be refunded if
the bid is not successful. If the bid is successful, this sum will be used towards the final bill.

6) Buyer’s Premium. A buyer’s premium of 15% plus VAT up to £30,000 and 10% plus VAT
thereafter of the hammer price is payable on each lot.

7) Value Added Tax. Lots on which Value Added Tax may be payable by the buyer on the
"hammer price" are indicated in the catalogue by a symbol beside the lot number. The buyer
shall pay any VAT which may be due on any amounts owed by the buyer under these Terms of
Business at the rates prevailing on the day of the auction.

8) Auctioneers Margin Scheme. The Auctioneers Margin Scheme allows auctioneers to sell
items without VAT on the hammer price. Under the margin scheme an amount equivalent to VAT
at the current rate is added to the buyer’s premium. This amount cannot be refunded. The VAT
element will not be shown separately on the buyer’s invoice.

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:03 Page 33

9) Payment. The purchase price must be paid by the buyer to Charterhouse no later than
12 noon on the Monday following the sale. Our methods of payment are with cash or card.
Visa and Mastercard are accepted, and incur a 2% surcharge. Cash for amounts over
£9,000 will not be accepted. All purchases must be paid in full before any lot is removed
from the premises, no goods will be released to buyers unknown to the auctioneers without
adequate reference. Any buyers unknown to the auctioneer must establish a bank
reference with the Accounts department prior to the sale. Anyone who, for whatever
reason, is unable to pay for their goods on the day of the sale, must inform the Accounts
department as to the date and method that payment will be made. Accounts not paid within
fourteen days will automatically be subject to an interest charge of 5% above base rate
from the day of sale.

a) Our bank details are as follows:

Bank: Nat West Bank
Address: 50 Cheap Street, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 3BH
Sort Code: 60-19-12
Account No: 97883700
Account Name: Charterhouse

10) Description
a) All lots are sold and purchased ‘as seen’. A vehicle sold ‘as seen’ is sold and purchased
for what it is and with all its faults (if any) and without any condition, warranty or other term
(whether expressed or implied and whether implied by statute, common law, custom or
otherwise) as to the age, description, mileage, suitability, fitness for purpose, merchantable
quality or roadworthiness of the vehicle.

b) Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the description of each lot, but
these, whether made orally or in the catalogue, are expressions of opinion and not
representations of fact. Illustrations whether in the catalogue, on the web site, or sent by email
are solely for guidance and must not be relied upon in any manner whatsoever. Most lots are
of an age and nature which precludes their being in pristine condition. The condition of any lot
and the nature of any damage and/or restoration should be confirmed by the buyer by
examination prior to the sale. All prospective purchasers must satisfy themselves as to the
condition, colour, age and all other matters relating to any lot and no claims will be accepted
in respect of any such matter.

c) Each buyer by making a bid for a lot acknowledges that he has satisfied him or herself fully
as to the condition of the lot. If any damage is done to any lot at the viewing or before, during
or after the sale, such damage shall be made good by the person committing such damage,
principals being responsible for the acts of their servants, such damage to be assessed by the

d) Whilst every endeavour has been made to ensure that the items lotted in this catalogue
will be available and offered for sale in catalogue order, no responsibility can be accepted by
the auctioneers for variations and omissions due to circumstances beyond their control.
Neither Charterhouse nor the sellers of any lot will accept responsibility for any
misrepresentations, misdescriptions or omissions obtained in this catalogue.

11) Contract of Sale

a) On the fall of the hammer, a contract of sale is completed between the seller and the buyer.
Charterhouse is not a party to the contract of sale and shall not be liable for any breach thereof
by the buyer or the seller.

b) If successful in buying a lot, please ensure that your number can be seen by the auctioneer
and that it is your number that is called out. Should there be any doubts as to price or buyer,
please drawer the auctioneer’s attention to it immediately. Please contact the accounts desk
with details of how you will pay.

c) The ownership of the lot(s) purchased will not pass to the buyer until the buyer has paid
the auctioneers in full the total amount due and the auctioneers have applied such payment to
the lot.

12121 nov pgs gc:12121 nov pgs 21/10/10 14:03 Page 34

12) Transfer of Risk. Each lot shall be the purchaser’s sole risk from the fall of the hammer and
shall be sold with all faults and imperfections, the auctioneer not being responsible for the
correct description, genuineness or authenticity of any lot and making no warranty
whatsoever. The purchaser is deemed to have inspected the lots and satisfied himself as to
their condition.

13) Commission Bids. If instructed, the auctioneers will execute bids and advise prospective
purchasers. This service is free. Lots will always be purchased as cheaply as is allowed by
such other bids and reserves as are on the auctioneer’s books. In the event of identical bids,
the earliest will take precedence. There must always be a maximum limit indicated, ie the
amount to which you would bid if you were attending the auction yourself. "Buy" or unlimited
bids will not be accepted. Commission bids placed by telephone are accepted at the client’s
risk. We do accept commission bids by facsimile and email, providing they are accompanied
by full name and address details. We urge our clients to place such commission bids within
one hour of the close of the view day.

14) Telephone Bids. Requests for telephone bidding must be registered with the Accounts
department within one hour of the close of the view day. It may not be possible to accept
requests on sale days. Written confirmation of such bids from persons unknown to the
auctioneers must be received before the commencement of the sale. Whilst every effort will
be made to execute telephone bidding, the auctioneers cannot be held responsible for any
default or neglect in connection with this service. All such arrangements therefore are made
entirely at the prospective buyer’s risk.

15) Collection of Goods. All vehicles must be collected by 3.30 pm on Monday 8th November.
Vehicles not collected by this time will be removed to a compound at Evercreech at a cost of
£50.00 + VAT per vehicle. Storage charges will then be levied at £10.00 per vehicle per day
or part thereof. Motorcycles not collected by 3.30 pm on Monday 8th November will be
removed to our head office in Sherborne at a cost of £30.00 + VAT per motorcycle. Automobilia
will also be removed to our head office for collection at no charge. Lots will only be released
to the buyer or their authorised representative upon presentation of release notes issued by
Charterhouse and settlement of any removal, handling and storage charges due. Purchasers
are reminded that each lot shall be the purchasers sole risk from the fall of the hammer.
Buyers should be aware that no lots will remain at the auction site after 3.30 pm on Monday
8th November.

16) Third Party Liability. Every person on the auctioneers’ premises before, during or after a
sale, shall be deemed to be there at their own risk and shall have no claim against the
auctioneer or owner of the auction premises in respect of any injury they may sustain or any
accident which may occur.