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Comments from Akshay

“ The organization is in its growing stage. There’s a thin line between the work profiles of entry-
level positions and senior positions. If somebody moves up the ladder, he / she may not be
involved in any managerial work. There’s a certain level of control / authority that is supposed
to come with a senior level position. This doesn’t really happen at Hotelivate because of the
current organization structure. The junior resources move up rank-wise or designation-wise but
they do not get any incremental work and are not involved in any decision-making process. So, if
somebody stays with the company for long, there is not much benefit that the person derives
and does not imbibe and real learning in terms of managing a team”

“Most of the time, investment in people is not proper – it is an incomplete effort. People are
required to go for trainings, but they are never really told what those trainings seek to
accomplish. Unless it is linked to the performance or appraisals, employees take the trainings
very lightly. Thus, the purpose is defeated. Also, I think clarity on KRA is required. If KRAs are not
completely objective, it gets difficult for employees to understand how can they do better and
improve their performance”

“I feel we are hiring the same kind of people in terms of their thinking and approach to
problems. It does not promote diversity and competition and restricts the flow of ideas. The
senior people in the organization seem to more driven than the younger ones, who want to get
out because their progression path isn’t clear. They eventually get higher designations ads pay-
cheques but little or no value add”

Implementation of Change

For Hotelivate, it can be said that the human talent and organizational capabilities are not
compatible with the future needs of the organization. This points out to a new organization
structure – one with a proper reporting structure, delegation of work and performance-based
appraisals. It is required for people to adopt new mindsets, learn and adapt new processes and
practices and maybe adhere to a different set of policies. This change may be viewed as exciting
by some employees and threatening by others.

It is important that Hotelivate establishes dedicated organizational leaders, both at the top and
throughout the organization. It is also necessary to keep the employees in loop and updated
during the process change. Lines of communication should be open, and employees should be
able to ask questions and voice their concerns. If they don’t understand what’s going on, they
may grow resentful which may slow the change process. Eventually they would realize that the
change is beneficial for their career progression.