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In the light of colonization, who were more experienced, strategized & fully successful

other than that of the superpower countries of USA, Soviet Union & the Alliance of Britain,
France & other European Nations. (T) They all have the common goal in them; to advance for
their own advantage and their selfish political ideology added to their cause. But Indonesian
President Sukarno speech during the Opening of the Bandung Conference on April 18, 1955,
seemed to become a challenge to these vital issues: a) the agenda of these powerful nations, b)
the strategy of the Five Prime Ministers who initiated the solution, c) and why this became
(a) The US Cold War policies of containment, the military confrontation with the
Soviets and the Alliance of Britain, France & other European Nations, all of these happened
because of one reason. (E) “Many who are in places of high power think, rather, of controlling
the world”. (A) These are nations hiding a multi-number of nuclear weapons beneath their
surface, these are nations who have the desire to make the world revolved in the palms of their
(b) On the other hand, these Asian and African Prime Ministers who were victims of
the colonizers for a very long time have come to the point in their life that they had met together
to resolve the issue. (E) “The Five Prime Ministers did not make threats. They issued no
ultimatum, they mobilized no troops”. (A) It was possible for them to resolve the conflict
without resorting to violence. These Asian and African nations were tired of wars and the
destruction brought by it, that’s why instead of acting violently towards one another, they chose
for peace.
(c) The solution of the Indo-China conflict was successful because of how the Asian
and African countries settled the matter. (E) “Instead they consulted together, discussed the
issues, pooled their ideas, added together their individual political skills and came forward with
sound and reasoned suggestions which formed the basis for a settlement of the long struggle in
Indo-China”. (A) The peaceful talk resulted to the ceasing of the war. It was possible for Asia &
Africa, why it was very unachievable to other continents?
To set aside selfish political agenda and personal benefits were President Sukarno’s
beliefs and that through cooperation and understanding between nations, the long-time conflict
between countries will be resolved and the success of preserving peace and unity will be

*President Sukarno of Indonesia: Speech at the Opening of Bandung Conference, April

18, 1955, Bandung, Indonesia.