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4 ETM MM ET aac Tigere time STUDENT'S BOOK My name is Hello, Tiger! &% Back to School % The Gingerbread Man Tiger Review 1 & Tiger is Lost iy Dinner Time Tiger Review 2 i The Sore Paw %& The Missing Skateboard Tiger Review 3 Mother’s Day Father's Day Teacher’s Day Picture Dictionary Cut-outs ‘ecmilan eavzatlon Carol Read * Mark Ormerod page ® page @ page @ page @® page page page page &) page page @® page @® page @) page () page page Tiger Time 1 Syllabus PR os ele ge) Pa eee et Hello, hallo, goodbye What's your name? ‘oor, jump. run, tiger Fei eet. es How old ore you? an | , 0, book, oa vege gal, a a: ai How many (tigers)? ring, col, sunny, wily, coud bot | 2. ao), 4 Back School bag, pencil pen, crayon, ruler rubbex, | Con | have this (pencil), please? Social Science: pencil case, sharpener Yes, of course. What we do ot ik drove gieg ab Putitin the bosket school (draw) at school. Do you (cing) ot echoot? Yes, ! doNo, | don't. My schoot uniform is (lve). 2 The Gingerbread head, eyes, mouth, nose, ears, arms, | Ive got (aims). Science: Mon hands, legs This is (the head). Our five senses: listen, smell, see, touch, taste This is my (nose). 1 (e00) with my (eyes). ‘We play (tog). 2 Tigoris Lost fathor, mother, brother, grandmother, | Have you get (Tiger)? Yes, Ihave/No,1 | Social Scionco: grondather, sister, baby, fomily haven't Different families ‘ount, uncle, cousin, emall, big This family is (big). Who's this? This fo my (coust ive wth (my mum and my brother. 4 Dinner Time pes, eggs, mushrooms, mik corots, | I ovelike/don lke (bee). Science: potatoes, cheese, sausages Do you ike (cheese}” Yes, I doJNo, Ident. | Food we eat ramibos 1-201 Put (corrots) in the omelette. i (Bonanas) are (fruit). (Bonanas) ore onimats, es, meat ; peony frat, vegetables, meat, | Frm (lon). (Beat) is (meat (Beef) is from onimals. 5 The Sore Paw parrot, snake, elephant, monkey, grate, | Ive goto sore (paw). Seionce: frog, crocodile, mouse Gan you fia me; plaans? Kayeomy: How we move wolk, run, climb, jump, swim, iy Icon't/Yes, of course I con. A (giratfe) con (run). Icon (ump). Con you (fy)? Ye Icon s20 a (mouse). fs (brown). © The Missing cor, doll ike, scooter, skateboard, te, | Where's my (skateboard)? Is itinon/under | Science: Skateboard board game, computer game the (tle)? Yes, tis No, isnt. Motericts wood, plastic, metol, paper ‘The (car) is infor/under the (book). My (pencil is made of (wood). Inthe hokidoye, I ploy wih my (bike). Festivals Mother's Day: Have you got o bosket? Yes, I. Ive got © basket, bracelet, card, flower, present Father's Day: book, coke, football, het, tie Teacher's Day: bag, mug, plont, sunflower, T-shirt uellow basket. Hoppy Mother's Dau! ve got o present. I's for my dad. What i it? Its 0 (footbol). Happy Father's Doy! What's yourname? Have you got 0 (eunflower)? Yes, Ihave. Happy Teacher's Day!