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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Schools Division of Lipa
Marawoy, Lipa City

Detailed Lesson Plan in English 8

Content Standard: The learner demonstrates concrete understanding of the prosodic features of
speech, study and research skills, making sense of unfamiliar words, using non-linear texts to
show relationships between ideas through oral literatures of selected Afro-Asian countries and
informative texts to familiarize oneself with the tradition and values that will guide him/her in
knowing his/her identity as Asian.
Performance Standard: The learner presents an informative and creative exhibit to show the
different traditions and values of selected Afro-Asian countries.
Learning Competencies: Discover literature as a means of understanding the human being and
the force/s he has to contend with.

I. Learning Objectives:
The students must be able to:
▪ Identify the elements of the story.
▪ Collaborate with group mates to accomplish the assigned tasks.
▪ Demonstrate appreciation of the significant human values implied in the story.

II. Subject Matter:

 Topic: Shakuntala by Kalidasa
 Source: The Voyage of Communication Learner’s Module 8 pp. 94-103,
 Materials: Multi-media, white and red cartolina, colored paper, markers, cheap board, oil
pastel, and manila paper
 Values Integration: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not
proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no
record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects,
always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres.” Corinthians 13:4

III. Learning Procedure

Teacher's Activity Student's Activity
a. Greetings
“Good afternoon, class” Good afternoon Ma’am, Mabuhay!”

b. Prayer
“May I request all of you to keep standing and (The assigned student lead the prayer)
let us pray.

c. Checking the cleanliness and alignment of the

Please make sure to align your chairs and pick (Students align their seats and pick-up the
up any pieces of papers or candy wrappers on pieces of papers)
the floor. When done, please be seated.

d. Checking of attendance
“Is there any absentee for today” None Ma’am

e. Checking of assignment
“Do we have any assignment? None Ma’am

f. Vocabulary enhancement
Class, I always tell you that having a good
vocabulary is essential for confident
communication. That is why I prepare an
activity called “The Mystery Words.” This will
help you to increase, strengthen and enhance
your vocabulary skills for personal growth and
exploring the language.

All you have to do is to rearrange the letters in

bold to form the correct word for each item
Yes Ma’am
Are you ready? (Volunteered students do the activity)

1. Magical words that are said to cause

trouble or bad luck for someone.


2. A sign that something will happen.


3. To be unwilling to do something because

of doubt or uncertainty.


4. A circular or spiral arrangement of

intertwined material.


5. Something that is difficult to remember.


Thank you! You may now be seated!

Class. Let us give them 5 claps! The students clap five times.)

Please read altogether the vocabulary words

starting from herald. (The students read the vocabulary words.)

I will be giving you two minutes to copy the

vocabulary words and their meanings on your (The students copy the vocabulary words in
activity notebook. Make sure you will give an their activity notebook.)
example sentence in each vocabulary word. I
will check it tomorrow.


Let’s begin this class with a game on naming

famous movies which touched the lives of
people. This activity is what you called “Great
Movies to Name.”

I will read the famous lines of the main

characters from these movies and be ready to
name each of them. Give the title of the featured
movies on the space provided.
To help you in identifying these movies, their
photos are provided here also.

Are my instructions clear?

Yes Ma’am

(The students raise their hands to be

recognized by the teacher. The students do the



One More Chance

Romeo and Juliet

Starting Over Again

Processing Questions:
1. What is your overall impression about Ma’am, the movies above are about love.
the movies above? Most of the movies have happy endings and
one movie has a tragic ending which is
Romeo and Juliet.

2. How do these movies reflect realities in

life? They reflect realities in life just like survival,
love and heroism. Their love stories inspire
people to find and fight their true love.

B. Activity

Are you familiar with the movie “My Amnesia Yes Ma’am! It is a love story wherein Irene
Girl?” pretends to have amnesia after she had a
break up with her boyfriend Apollo.

Very good! Because of that Apollo tries to undo

his past mistakes with Irene through offering the (The students watch the movie trailer of My
best memories she could ever have. For those Amnesia Girl.)
who haven’t seen the movie, I could only offer
you a movie trailer of it. Please watch and pay

We know that Irene just only pretends to have

amnesia so that she could cover the pain that No Ma’am because there is another way to
Apollo brings to her life. Class, will you do the show or to express that we are mad and we
same? Why or why not? are in great pain due to his shortcomings, lies
or for whatever reasons.

Very good! What if the amnesia is real? This For sure, I will do even better the things he
time, you are in the shoe of the character had done in the movie.
Apollo. Do you still have the urge to erase the
mistakes you had in the past? Why or why not?

Good! People say true love is difficult to resist.

When you truly love the person, you will do
everything just to win him back. I know you
have watched, read and heard different love
stories already. But today I’m sure this will still
give you a romantic excitement.


The Guiding Path

The folktale is a story about
the people’s lives and
imaginations as they
Oral tradition struggled with their peers
and anxieties about the
world around them.
“Shakuntala” is an Indian
love story which discusses
the struggles, challenges
The text and how they overcome
these to strengthen their
How do Shakuntala and
King Dushyanta get
themselves into difficult
Look for situations? As you read this
Indian folktale, look for
how they get united as a


Directions: In this activity, you are going to fill
up the graphic organizer with the information
from the text.
The characters of the story are King
1. Who are the characters in the story? Dushyanta, Shakuntala, Sage Kanva, Bharata,
Sage Durwasa

It takes place in the forest and in Hastinapur.

2. Where is the setting of the story?
He asked for water but Shakuntala did not
3. Why did Sage Durwasa curse give him because she is on a hurry.

When King Dushyanta and Shakuntala need

4. How do Shakuntala and King Dushyanta to separate for just a short time because King
get themselves into difficult situations? Dushyanta needs to go back to the Hastinapur.

When he saw the ring all the memories flash

back, he immediately went to the forest to see
5. How do Shakuntala, King Dushyanta Shakuntala then he saw there a young boy
and Bharata get united as a family? named Bharata. Then they became complete


Directions: Fill out the boxes with the details of
the story. Share your work with your classmates.
Most fathers are similar to
Kanva nowadays because just
like my father he is a teacher,
How is Kanva similar to most a protector and a friend.
fathers nowadays?

Kanva adviced Shakuntala to

What advice did he give to his be careful of all the things she
daughter in relation with her
husband, her husband’s family,
will do and always have a
and the people around her? communication with her
future husband’s family.

The role of a woman as a

As described in the excerpt, bride in the story was to
what is the concept regarding
the role of a woman as a
be brave in any situation
bride? given to her.

Shakuntala stands for all that

is beautiful in Indian
What Indian traditions and
values were mentioned in the womanhood. She would risk
story? Relate it to Filipino her honour as a woman for
traditions and values. the love of a man.
The practices that are still
observe nowadays are
Go over the text again cooperation, modesty,
and list down common
practices that we still group harmony,
observe nowadays. generosity and flexibility.



Directions: Study the chart below; supply each
part of the chart given by the plot of the story
King Dushyanta was on hunt, while he saw
Climax Shakuntala, whom Dushyanta fell in love
with immediately. Their mutual attraction
eventually blossoms into a romance.

Rising action
One day when Dushyanta was away, a hermit
Rising Action Falling Action put cursed to Shakuntala. She was too
distracted by thoughts of Dushyanta to
receive him as a guest so he cursed
whoever/whatever she was thinking of. The
curse caused Dushyanta to forget all about
Exposition Denoument CLIMAX
Shakuntala greeted Dushyanta and she
discovered that King Dushyanta did not
remember her. She remembered that King
Dushyanta gave her a ring when they were
together; she realized that it was slipped off
her finger.

A fisherman returned the ring to the King he
had found and stolen from the Ganges. The
King suddenly remembered everything about

King Dushyanta and Shakuntala meet once
more with a powerful connection. They fall
back in love with each other and are blessed
with eternal happiness with Bharata their son.

Processing Questions:
The elements help me to understand the story
1. How do the elements help you because it serves as the brief summary.
understand the flow of the story?

The theme of the story is paying attention to

2. What is the theme of the story? details. Shakuntalah loses the ring because
she is distracted while attending to the
irritable sage Durwasa, and he curses her.

The elements contribute to my understanding

3. In what way do the elements contribute of the selection’s overall theme through
to your understanding of the selection’s giving the important details of the story.
overall theme?



Directions: Imagine how Shakuntala was like.
In your group, work on the task that will be
assigned to you. Then, analyze the other group’s
performance in next activity. Each group will
evaluate another group's output. After a minute,
the representative of each group will report their
evaluation. Use the following criteria:

Grading Sheet
Indicators Weight Raw
Content 4
Manner of Delivery 4
Teamwork 2
Total 10
When I said 1, stand up, when I said 2 go to
your respective groups, when I said 3 sit
properly and when I said 4 closed your mouth.

GROUP 1 – Based on Shakuntala, draw her (The students draw the image with a
image in a one whole cartolina with a dedication dedication to King Dusyanta.)
addressed to King Dushyanta.

GROUP 2 – Choose a song that best describes (The students sing a song that best describes
the love that Shakuntala has for King the love of Shakuntalah to King Dusyanta.)

GROUP 3 – Pretend that you are (The students make a love letter.)
Shakuntalawith undying love for King
Dushyanta. Write a love letter to him.

GROUP 4 –Deliver a short speech addressed to (The students deliver a short speech to their
your beloved who has already gone without loved ones.)
saying farewell to him or her.

I will give you eight minutes to do it. Are my Yes Ma’am!

instructions clear?

You may start doing it now.


Explain this verse:

Corinthians 13: 4-8

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it This bible verse shows of what love is and
does not boast, it is not proud. It does not isn’t, or what love does and doesn’t.
dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not
easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with
the truth. It always protects, always trusts,
always hopes, and always perseveres.”

Very good! In addition, this bible verse says that

love is patient, kind, rejoices in truth, bears up
under all problems, believes, hopes and
understands. Therefore, love should not be
envious, proud, boastful, rude, selfish, evil and

I know that you are all too young for love. But
love doesn’t only pertain to relationships with
your opposite sex. But it could be the love to
your family, friends and of course for God.

IV. Evaluation

Directions: Read each question carefully, and then select the answer that best fits the question.

1. Shakuntala discovered that King Dushyanta forget her. This is the ____ of the story.
A. Climax
B. Rising Action
C. Falling Action
D. Exposition

2. King Dushyanta saw Shakuntala while on hunt in the forest. This is the ____ of the story.
A. Climax
B. Rising Action
C. Falling Action
D. Exposition

3. The ring had been returned to the King by the fisherman. This is the ____ of the story.
A. Climax
B. Rising Action
C. Falling Action
D. Exposition

4. King Dushyanta, Shakuntala and Bharata get united for the first time. This is the ____ of the
A. Rising Action
B. Denoument
C. Falling Action
D. Exposition

5. A hermit cursed Shakuntala of whoever/whatever she was thinking of will forget her. This is
the ____ of the story.
A. Rising Action
B. Denoument
C. Falling Action
D. Exposition

V. Assignment:
Write a ten sentence meaningful paragraph which explains this quote “A happy family is but
an earlier heaven.”
Traits 4 3 2 1
Focus & Details Main ideas are clear Main ideas are clear Main ideas are The topic and main
and are well but are not well somewhat clear. ideas are not clear.
supported by detailed supported by detailed
and accurate information.
Organization The introduction is The introduction The introduction There is no clear
inviting, states the states the main topic states the main topic. introduction,
topic and provides an and provides an A conclusion is overview and
overview. overview. A included conclusion.
Information is conclusion is
relevant and included
presented in logical
order. A conclusion is
Word Choice The choice and The choice and The author uses The writer uses
placement of words placement of words words that limited vocabulary.
seems accurate. seems inaccurate at communicate clearly,
times. but the writing lacks
Grammar All sentences are Most sentences are Most sentences are Sentences seem
well constructed and well constructed and well constructed but awkward and
have varied structure have varied structure they have similar distractingly
and length. and length. structure and length. repetitive.

Prepared by:

Practice Teacher


Teacher III, English


Head Teacher III, English


Principal IV